Mom, got you!

It wasn’t just hot for October, it was hot, period. I and my mom always complain. My first semester at community college was going well. I had gotten into the habit of going to the library to study between classes; sometimes I would hang out in the cafe with friends. This morning, however, I felt uncomfortable. The previous week had been normal in October and I think some maintenance genius decided to shut down the air conditioning system. I almost fell asleep twice in Economy.

My sweaty white blouse gave everyone a pretty good view of my pink bra. Fortunately, I had a two-hour break between economics and American history. I would never make it through Mr. Broughton’s loud lecture if I didn’t do something to wake myself up. A quick dip in the pool seemed like the perfect thing to do.


I knew my mom didn’t have our pool closed yet. He was at work until now. I figured I had just enough time to catch the bus home, take a quick shower, change clothes, and drag my sweaty bottom back to campus for a few emotional words about the Paris Treaty. Looking back, I was wrong in many ways.

The bus stopped a few blocks from our house. With the heat and humidity, it felt like we walked several miles before we reached our driveway. When I saw the pool guy’s van parked out front and my mom’s car in the driveway, I cursed. Of all the days to close the pool for the winter! I calmed down a bit when I realized that he probably made this appointment weeks ago.

She had been pretty busy the past few years trying to raise my brother and me and working at her real estate job. My father, I think, still managed to send him some money, but it hasn’t been easy for him since he moved. She was still quite pretty, her red hair was natural and she kept herself in good shape. I inherited her red hair and elegant frame, but I was beginning to give up hope of ever matching her lovely 36 C’s.

So, OK, it was probably a quick bath. I decided to settle for a cold shower and a change of clothes. Sometimes you have to accommodate. Sometimes you get restless. I didn’t realize how restless I was about to become.

I entered the house and without a word headed for my bedroom. I figured mom was probably in the back with the pool guy. My bedroom window faced the pool. I quickly looked through the curtains and froze.

My mom has some fun

I expected to see mom in the back with the pool guy. What I didn’t expect was to see them naked. Pablo was only a few years older than me. His dark Latino body rippled with muscle as he sat behind my naked mother and nuzzled her neck. She was moving her bare ass in his legs.

Her large firm breasts trembled slightly with her movement. It looked like her pink nipples were high. Although her legs were together, a patch of red pubic hair peeked out below her belly button. I backed away from the window a little.

At this time of day, I knew my window would reflect the sunlit pool. I was invisible as long as I wasn’t stuck to the glass. Personally, I don’t think any of them were that interested in my window. Pablo’s hands were now gripping my mother’s breasts, her body was arching forward and I could now see the red bush pushing her cunt.

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Watching Pablo’s glute muscles clench as he arched forward against the pale skin of my mother’s round ass, I realized he had a solid tan. You could see the tan lines on Mom’s bikini, but he didn’t seem to have any. I began to wonder if his penis was tanned. Although I still couldn’t see it, I imagined it must have been heavy. I started to feel a familiar warmth between my legs.

When he turned to kiss the muscular Latino, I got my first glimpse of Pablo’s cock. I was right on both counts. His tanned erection was tall, proud, and a little bigger than I thought it would be. My hand went down to my jeans and began to caress the caress between my legs as I watched the lovers run their hands over each other’s bare bodies. Mom slid up Pablo’s body and was eye to eye with his big brown erection.

Her lips wrapped around his shaft and I undid my jeans. As she sucked his cock, she gripped his ass tightly and dug her fingers into his strong muscles. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped a hand into my panties. Pablo’s body swayed as the sucking intensified. After a few minutes, he pulled mom back and kissed her deeply. Their legs were grinding as they kissed. I pushed deeper into my panties, running a finger along my wet slit.

They whispered something together and then mom put her hands on the tall wooden fence that surrounded our back yard. She leaned forward, her long red hair covering her face and spreading her legs. Pablo reached between her legs and caressed her pussy for a few moments. His hard cock was pressed against the crack of her ass. Then she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her red fringed pussy. My jeans and panties slid to the floor. I slid my fingers into my wet pussy at about the same angle Pablo entered mom. The three of us started to fuck each other.

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The hard brown cock slowly slid in and out of her wet pussy, her pale fleshed ass swaying against the gentle thrusts. My fingers matched the rhythm, plunging deeper as Pablo pushed deep, sliding slowly, deliciously out of her pussy as he pulled back, and then thrusting deep again.

Their pace and my pace quickened. My brain was spinning, how it was building deep inside me. I imagined myself being made by Pablo, I imagined myself dating Pablo, and I even had flashes of being Pablo as a motherfucker. Everything spun together in my rush to climax.

Mom’s hair swept the deck, her fabulous ass high in the air as Pablo’s hips pushed against her again and again, faster and faster, until I felt my knees start to shake and a powerful orgasm shot through me. he rocked my whole body, making me fall over. The bed gasping for air. I lay there with my jeans and panties around my ankles for a few moments, completely worn out.

When I got up to look out the window again, Pablo’s tanned body was sprawled over Mom’s paler form. He kissed her neck lightly.

As I headed for the shower, I wondered if my mother’s orgasm had been as strong as mine. I hoped so. She worked hard. She deserved some relief from the tension. If a quick bath with Pablo did the trick, I was fine.

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