Perverted Sex on the Plane with a Virgin

After the semester exams were over, I was heading home to spend a few days of vacation with my family. And I wanted to hame some sex with someone. I was waiting at the airport for my flight which was due to leave around 19:40. Boarding call started around 7 pm and I boarded my flight and adjusted my bags. Suddenly, a sweet and melodious voice hit the walls of my eardrums. I turned around and saw a girl with a thick ass and medium-sized breasts asking me to help her with her luggage.

Her excitement and nervousness made it clear that she was on her first airplane flight. When all the passengers were on board, I realized that there were not many passengers and the plane was quite empty. So I tried my luck. I asked her if it was her first flight. At my question, she smiled a little and offered me the seat by the window, so I could sit next to her if I wanted. I logically had no way to refuse it.

Then the flight attendant came and asked us to fasten our seat belts. The plane took off and I felt the tension on her face and then probably out of fear, she held my hand. After a few minutes, after the plane took off, the tension on her face disappeared.


She initiated the conversation, because I’m not the type to take notice too easily with people I’ve known for a short time, and she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him I was single but had a brief relationship in my freshman year of college. She had an expression of amazement and caressed my cheek with her hand, to which she told me that she had none at all (to take this step, he must be a super attractive man). And it seemed that I was an attractive man in her eyes, LOL.

Thinking about sex

Somehow, my mind kept thinking about having sex with a virgin because I thought she was cute from the first meeting. We had a very intense conversation, he openly shared his thoughts with me, as if we had known each other for years.

She asked me to move my legs because she wants to go to the toilet. That’s what I did. When she came out, she asked me to come to the toilet after a few minutes. Excited, I waited in my seat for a while and then followed her to the toilet. The door was open, so I went in and there she was, in yellow underwear, and at that moment I knew what was going to happen.

I closed the door and grabbed her closer and kissed her, thinking about sex. She was kissing me all over my sensual and deep body, like a lioness in heat. He slowly removed my shirt and jeans. Then she sat on the edge of the sink and I knelt down, ready to take a look at the pussy. It was superb.

I moved my head closer to her pussy and gave her a love “bite”. She moaned, but then lowered her voice so the crew couldn’t hear her. I took off her panties and started to have sex with her pussy.


I could feel the pleasure I was giving her by the way he pulled my hair. She asked me to stop and I did. I stepped aside and she took my cock in her hand. He knew what to do. She was slow and comfortable taking my dick in her mouth to have sex. I waited a while, but the beast in me demanded action.

So I took her by the hair and pushed his cock back and forth to create rigorous friction. After a few minutes of oral sex, I finished in her mouth. She cleaned her mouth while I was busy slapping her bulging ass. Then he turned to me and kissed me again while rubbing my cock again. She wants some sex!

Then, without even letting her know, I slid my cock into her pussy. She cried out in pain and I had to hold my hand over her mouth. Then I started pushing it in and out with all my force and her eyes were watering due to the pain. But I was too turned on to feel sorry for that virgin girl. The sex has started. So I “buried” my cock deep in her hole, twisted her, and fucked her hard.

After a few minutes, I was ready to finish. I took my hand from her mouth, grabbed her throat hard, and kissed her hard while pulling her with all my strength towards me.. and I unloaded my hot cum inside her pussy” she was no longer a virgin”. She was bleeding there and I had blood all over my penis.


The pleasure of having sex with a virgin is more painful, but for this to happen on a plane, it’s risky and we could have been caught. I cleaned her and me up with the wet wipes and we both got back dressed. She left before me and after a few minutes, I also went and took my seat.

When we came back she smiled and said you are a gentleman and I wanted to give my virginity to someone I feel comfortable with.

EA: Did you like the kink of having sex with a virgin?

ME: I said that both you and your smile made me adore those minutes in the bathroom. Now we are in a relationship and I like spending time with her.

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