Suzana and her craziness

It was in 2005, in Spain, my second home. Busy with business and urgent matters, I ran for about two weeks without seeing my head. There was a time when business was going well and I wanted to make the most of it! I was sometimes in Barcelona, ​​sometimes in Madrid, and sometimes in Santander. I flew to Valencia, rented a car, and drove a thousand kilometers a day!


Tiring, but at the same time very profitable, something that gave me the strength to not sleep at night and to make a lot of money! I was young and resisted, determined to fill my pockets, yes actually, the safes, because my pockets were already full! What times, I get goosebumps when I remember!

After such a period, I returned to the capital of Catalonia, eager to take a well-deserved vacation of a few days. Shadia was away in Bogota, so I was going to do my hair exactly how I wanted. I decided to start with a day at the beach and I chose an exclusive one, where rich foreigners came, who spent a lot of money enjoying the sun’s rays on yachts and luxury sunbeds

It was entered based on membership, I had a card, of course, and all the waiters knew me for the fat tips I left each time. Lounging in the shade, we enjoyed an excellent Cuba Libre, reading an action book. After a while, I decided it was time for a bath in warm water and after a few laps in the sea, I sat down on the lounger with a towel on my head.

I heard female voices and listened to what they were saying hidden under the soft doormat; two English women were laughing and telling each other how they had spent the night before. I put my head out and happily, realized that they looked gorgeous (too good to be English) and they had chosen two deckchairs next to me and were waiting for their mattresses to be brought.

Soon they sat down and began to talk and talk. I ordered a rosé wine with ice and asked the waiter to serve the young ladies, who, to my surprise, did not turn their noses and face, but even seemed delighted and raised their glasses, turning around curious to see who had sent them the bottle.

Suzana, my favorite

I bowed in the air, then I went, like a true gentleman, to introduce myself. The girls, Karina and Suzana, were very voluble and eager to have fun. Karina was Serbian, and Suzana was Hungarian, students in England, I had anticipated that they couldn’t possibly be English, what they looked like! Their parents were rich and had rewarded them with a dream vacation for their academic results!

They invited me to pull my chaise longue next to them and we told each other stories while the glasses were emptied and tongues loosened. After the second bottle of wine, the girls had become more than sociable and they were in no mood. They were moving continuously to the rhythm of the music coming from the speakers and at one point, Karina said she wanted to go into the water.

Happy, all three of us, ran towards the waves like children seeing the sea for the first time! We frolicked, we splashed, we ran, and inevitably, we touched, held each other, and touched each other! Suzana had some tits… Oh my god! I think one of the biggest pairs of breasts I’ve seen! Full, strong, and unexpectedly straight!

The girls, enraptured by the drink, got rid of their bras and I loved to hold them in my arms and feel their young bodies, the breasts that were struggling on my chest, and the smooth, well-groomed skin! Karina, unexpectedly, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long, letting me feel her salty taste!

Suzana didn’t let herself go any lower and stuck her paws on my back, she also embraced me with her hands, kissing the back of my neck! It was clear, there was going to be great madness, of a rarely seen quality! I could feel it, I couldn’t be wrong, my instinct told me that I only needed my dick to hold me, the rest came naturally!

The girls would have been more daring, for sure, if there hadn’t been such a large audience! Everyone on the beach, waiters, bartenders, and tourists, looked at us with great attention, some more on the face than others, but we were the main attraction!

One of my hands “slipped” into Suzane’s panties and I was extremely happy to find some big labia, sticking out, but she also enjoyed my caress just as much. Uncoiled by me, she remained motionless for a few moments, enjoying the fingers that roamed over her clitoris. Karina, sensing what was happening, also approached, like a screen in front of the curious:

– Yes, I know you are not wasting time! he told us smiling and without waiting, his hand disappeared into his friend’s briefs, accompanying mine! That’s the idea! I liked it! Our mouths joined in a crazy kiss, he caught my tongue between his lips and sucked it slowly, simulating oral sex.

Again, my characteristic luck was “hit” at a time when I needed it! All three of us were a bit fired up, but we had to calm down and get out of the water. I lingered a little longer until my penis fell asleep and I could go to the sunbeds, where the girls had ordered another bottle and were waiting for me with the glasses ready.

We drank and talked until the evening when the staff started gathering to prepare the beach for a DJ who was going to perform later. We hardly parted, setting the time at which we were going to return to dance, drink, and certainly, continue the party in a luxurious hotel room!

Back at the villa, I took a hot shower and got myself perfectly dressed in record time! The girls didn’t stop with messages and pictures of them naked in the shower or dancing around the room, they sent me kisses and hearts and Suzana sent me the address of the hotel asking me to buy two bottles of rum and go get them. I complied and within an hour I was knocking on the door of the luxury apartment rented in a residential complex.

pexels andrea piacquadio 3765107

Suzana opened the door for me… Fratilooor, I held my breath involuntarily… In panties, on high heels, with a glass of champagne in hand, her limp hair, left loose on her shoulders… Extraordinary woman! The huge breasts, free to see, the bottles were about to fall from my hand!

– Come on, take courage and come in! Sorry for the outfit, you caught me between rehearsals, you know how we girls are, it’s harder to decide!

– Stay calm, you were so beautiful you couldn’t accept me! And I took her in my arms, she rewarded me with a long and pressing kiss.

– Hey, what are you doing, you’re tricking me and starting without me. I have to keep an eye on you! Karina intervened smiling as drunk as her friend. She also approached and they kissed very sexy, leaving me to admire the tongues that merged with great pleasure, I am convinced that it was not the first time they did this something told me that these things happen often! And I was right:

– We love each other, I hope this doesn’t scare you! Suzana told me languidly while Karina sucked her nipples…

– Do you think you scare me so easily? I answered smiling.

– I don’t know what to say, many people clicked and didn’t have any reaction, they looked at us fearful of the situation.

-There, let’s see what happens and draw the line at the end!

I poured rum into glasses while the girls went about their business. They had warmed up and, passing over the jokes and games, they had reached “serious” things. Karina, lying on a large armchair, with her legs as far apart as possible, watched excitedly as her friend sucked her nipples and slowly lowered herself onto her abdomen.

The tongue leaves warm strokes behind her and after lingering a little at the navel, she continued to descend slowly… Karina’s moans grew in intensity, and when Suzanne’s lips touched her labia, she screamed outright!

-So baby, lick me like only you know how! Wow, how do you feel, suck my lick, take it between your lips, caress it!

I approached and sat down on an armchair, right next to them. I wanted to see all the action perfectly; Suzana, also excited, runs her tongue from her clitoris down to her anus, then goes up slowly and sinks into her friend’s narrow slit, making her moan and contort. He climbed up and caught his big lick between his lips, sucked it, licked it, played with it, and at the same time, two fingers explored his insides! Karina reached out and grabbed my penis:

-Undress! he commanded me in a hoarse voice.

I immediately complied and sat back down on the armchair. I felt the soft hand embrace my penis and begin to slowly slide along its entire length. In a short time, he turned on his side and bending down, spat on my penis, looked me straight in the eyes and his tongue went in a slow race on the glans while Karina continued to lick it!

He went down to the shells and they disappeared one by one in his warm mouth, leaving me to experience some extraordinary sensations! There was a chorus of moans, Karina having three fingers in her pussy, which she moved quickly. I grabbed Suzana by the head and directed my cock like a stone towards her sweet mouth, she sagged a little, for the artistic impression, then she took me deep into her throat!

He stayed with her in my throat for a few seconds, saliva was running down my dick next to my lips, then I released her from the strait, she slowly withdrew and when I came out completely, she spat again, very profusely! And he took it all over again: the cock deep in the esophagus, I held it tightly until it choked, I released it, it moaned loudly, excited, and then continued to suck me, with greater selflessness!

We moved to the enormous bed… I lay on my back, and Suzana continued the sensational blowjob, sitting on her knees between my legs. Karina, without informing me in any way, put her wet pussy directly on my lips! Standing on top of me, he spread his big labia with two fingers revealing my pink inside:

– Lick me nicely! I want to feel your tongue inside!

Brothers, I don’t know how many can boast of such incidents, but I felt super lucky! The two young women with bodies of goddesses, well drunk with alcohol, used me as they pleased, with maximum pleasure, and offered themselves to me on the tray!

So I didn’t let myself be asked; I plunged my tongue into Karina’s pussy, quietly massaging her vaginal muscles, eliciting strong moans from her. He began to move slowly, massaging his clitoris with his fingers and moving until the rosette rested on the tip of my tongue!

My pleasure, what more can I say… I fucked her in the ass with my tongue and I could feel how the ring gave way more with each penetration! He liked the licking a lot, he screamed like crazy when I made room deeper, and grabbing my hair, he pulled me hard. Suzana stopped sucking and climbed on the penis sticking her lips to it; a slow come-and-go movement followed, accommodation, until I felt his warm juices lubricating my cock!

He adjusted it and… he let himself in it down, his lips touching my skin… Wow, what a hot and inviting vagina the young lady possessed! I strained the member with power, and Suzana flinched with every pulsation, moaning with power; and she started to move… up, down, eights, forward, back, she was driving me crazy with her movements, which intensified, as it was clear that she was looking for her orgasm! Karina gently held my ears and directed me:

– Yes, baby, yes! Lick my ass, caress my nerves, penetrate me with your wonderful tongue!

In a short time, her friend had a sensational climax! He increased the pace and masterfully used my member, he started shaking and screaming like crazy! He moved freely until he lived his moment to the end, then he got off me and bent down to taste a little; his penis disappeared between his lustful lips and he sucked me for a good few minutes… then he headed to the bathroom.

pexels alice 8761243

Left alone, Karina got off my face and sat on her back, holding her wide-open legs with her hands.

– Keep licking me! Play with my clit a little, please! Then go down where I like…

I caught his lick between my lips and sucked it with passion, then I subjected him to a crazy tongue shoot! I drew an imaginary alphabet, I licked her lips, I slightly separated them with my lips and I could feel how tense she was! I knew she was getting close to orgasm, so I went down to the anus! He raised his pelvis even higher, and spread his legs even further, offering me the most open gap!

With the tip of my tongue, I licked it all around feeling the striations of the brown ring! I went up from time to time and plunged my tongue into the juicy pussy, then I turned to fuck her rosette! It was downright crazy! She screamed like a madwoman, moaned, and couldn’t contain herself any longer:

-My love! How I feel your tongue! I want you to suck my ass! Suck my ass hole, I love it! Please…

I matched my lips and began, elegantly, to suck his bottom, something new for me too! I put two fingers in his crotch and moved them slowly while sucking his cock! He went crazy! He began to tremble more and more, pressing the back of my neck! She was moving uncontrollably, moaning, the blood was boiling in her until she raged!

The orgasm engulfed her devastatingly, the convulsions of her body were unimaginable, and hot juice was flowing from her pussy in waves, wetting my face! I licked her until she started to calm down…

Suzana, back from the bathroom, applauded us laughing!

– Well done, well done! Finally, you found a man to suck your ass! How long have you been waiting for this? How was it?

– Mom… I don’t even know what to say faster… God, how was it… I can’t believe what an orgasm I experienced!

– But the one that gave us so much pleasure, poor thing, remained unfinished! Wouldn’t it be nice to thank them properly? said Suzana and sat down on the edge of the bed. Karina joined her and they called me between them… Suzana grabbed my penis and pointed it towards her colleague’s lips, who, without much effort, swallowed it as much as she could, inviting me to fuck her in her mouth!

I moved slowly, enjoying the warmth of her mouth. And he took it out and let Suzana continue; he licked my head a little, spat in his characteristic style and his penis completely disappeared on his neck. After a few firm movements, I changed my mouth again! Karina sucked me and Suzana sucked my balls, they exchanged, and they licked me from bottom to top, where their tongues joined, they smiled, caressed each other, and started it all over again!

Suzana grabbed Karina by the back of the head and pushed her until his penis entered completely; I could feel his lips glued to the shell! Then, looking for my gaze, he said extremely excitingly:

-Fuck her in the mouth like a whore she is! Give it what it deserves! Fill her mouth with your cum!

At such a show, even if I was made of iron, I don’t think I could have resisted! I moved forcefully, like a madman! When we get to the end, Karina drowns easily, something that excites me enormously! He doesn’t move his neck at all, letting me sink in at will, to choose my favorite rhythm.

-Suck him, suck him properly, you little bitch! Suzana told her and grabbed her by the back of the neck even harder!

-I couldn’t resist anymore… The glorious end arrived well-deserved, waves of cum reaching Karina’s neck, who, after receiving half of the load, directed his penis towards her colleague’s face, masturbating me fiercely! Suzana received my jets carefully, then took my glans between her lips and sucked until the last drop! Epic, what can I say…

I didn’t go out to the party anymore. The ladies “used” me all night as they pleased, and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Karina’s ass was penetrated until morning, in every way!

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