Crowded because of Karina

I came back from Amsterdam with Maria in mind! The woman had kind of stolen my thoughts, she had liked me, she had driven me crazy and I couldn’t concentrate on anything, it was like I was floating! In a way, I was glad that I had no way to contact her, I didn’t know her phone number or even her full name, but on the other hand, I would have liked with all my heart to see her again. But, in the end, it was better that way!

In Barcelona everything was fine, work was going well, Shadia was watching me from the shadows so that I wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the past and I felt very good because I knew I was protected. I rarely saw her, being gone all the time for money and combinations, something I never understood!


How the hell can you not have time for anything, run like crazy after millions, but not have time to spend them and enjoy them?! I was a champion spender, many times in my life I squandered money that had not yet been produced and my poor father once told me that if I had calculated, how much I produced in my life, I would have been a millionaire in euros!

Was right! But I have another principle, when I die, I want the casket to have two holes and bury me with my hands out so that everyone can see that I’m not taking anything with me! I think it’s important in life to live beautifully, not to accumulate wealth, it’s better to have experiences that charge you and make you evolve instead of bags of money and stress! Please, let’s get back to ours!

They had appeared in Barcelona and around some houses called “houses of friends”, in free translation. That is, a villa was rented, and posters were pasted with the address, date, time, and phone number. Those who knew what they were eating, called and announced their presence. There was an account in which a fixed amount was paid and from the collected money a DJ and all kinds of drinks were paid for.

The number of places was limited and young people of all nationalities gathered, who came eager to meet a new world, make friends, and have a lot of fun! It was very cool, people were uninhibited, they were having a good time, something like “Power Flower”, but nowadays. I wasn’t there personally, but some of my friends had arrived and they were extremely excited!

So, seeing such a poster on a pole, I called and reserved my place. I paid the money into the account and I couldn’t wait for the weekend to go to the party! Saturday evening, dressed casually, I set out for the place in question. I passed the guard at the gate showing him the proof of payment and walked into the courtyard… What can I tell you? The world is exactly as it should be, excellent music, a commercial house, drinks on the table and s, and no waiters or waiters.

Mostly young people, of all kinds, socializing beautifully, with the girls beaming! Some were already dancing, others were grouped and passed a bottle of vodka, and joints were walking from one to another, and what’s more, it was a dreamy atmosphere. A pretty brunette lady came up and approached me smiling, revealing some white, flawless teeth:

-Holla, you’re new, I haven’t seen you before!

-Holla, that’s right, I’m a “virgin” as they say…

– Not literally, but even if you were, you don’t stay like that for long, you know! and laughed loudly.

– My name is Karina, I organized everything, I want you to know a few simple rules: you don’t care what others do and neither do they care what you do, as long as you don’t disturb others! No one is forced to do something they don’t want and, most importantly, NO means NO! Otherwise, have fun! and went away to meet other guests.

I got something to drink and mingled in the crowd to see those pleasant people who only knew how to smile. No one was frowning and everyone had come to have fun. They greeted you with their eyes when you passed by them and gladly invited you to have a drink. Good energy, good music, beautiful people, what else, the perfect recipe. After a while, I sat down on a bench near the pool, and soon a couple, African in color and she a slim, shapeless blonde, asked me if they could sit down.

– Normal, really, please! My name is Andrei! and I extended my hand to the black man.

-Juan, she is Gilda! the boy answered me. They were not a couple, they had met then and each told the story from his own home. I talked with them for a while and then I left. I stopped next to a group of three girls and two boys who were watching something on a phone and commenting, laughing heartily. They integrated me immediately, I drank some cheap rum with them and moved on. It was almost midnight and the drunk people were already dancing in the pool.

The DJ had adjusted and gave the best he had to give. The music was soaring, I was getting drunk and I was living the perfect atmosphere to the fullest! Everyone in the crowd, all half undressed or completely, danced, sang, screamed, and threw themselves into the water, in a word, fun!! I felt two thin hands embrace me and my small body moved with me. It was Gilda who had “lost” Juan and found me by the pool.

I turned to her and she kissed me in a flash… then we continued to dance like crazy and empty glass after glass. She caressed me all over my body and kept telling me that my abdomen drives her crazy, she licked my back and at one point she got rid of my shirt and stuck to me. Karina, the organizer, approached me drunk and laughingly said in my ear:

– I told you that you are not a virgin! Look how you combined! and he moved on without letting me answer him.

Gilda’s hand had already entered my shorts and was caressing my penis through the material of the boxers! It was crazy, everyone was kissing, groping, and two or more would disappear in the villa or the yard, sheltered by the lush vegetation or the outbuildings.

I returned to Gilda and realized how short she was, I don’t think she was more than 1.50m tall! Small and thin, she got a little excited and kissed me with fire! It wasn’t my style, what women I used to fuck, Gilda, normally I don’t think I would have ever noticed her in my life! But now it was a different situation, my cock had risen and my head was coming out of my panties; Gilda pulled my hand and I followed her to a small wooden cabin that served as a storeroom.

– Let’s go in! he told me and closed the door behind us.

He immediately sat down on his knees and took off my pants and panties in one movement! He brought his lips to the cock and greedily swallowed as much of it as he could; he moved his neck a few times and took her out to spit on her head, looked a little, and continued to suck her.

It was barely enough, so he sat down on the bed and with one hand he was holding my penis, swallowing it loudly, and with the other, he was masturbating at speed! She didn’t suck it badly, I liked her little hand that barely covered my member! He got up and turned his back:

-Fuck me, I want to feel your thick penis!

pexels dainis graveris 4745146

I wanted to fulfill her wish but she was too short! I grabbed her and lifted her in my arms; she fit her dick in her wet pussy and I started to move her up and down, she, poor thing, not touching the ground! Foarte stramta, o futeam dupa bunul plac si nu indrazneam sa i-o bag pe toata! As small as it was, I was afraid that it would break!:))) She lubricated more with every movement and took me deeper and deeper, screaming like crazy!

– Wow, how you penetrate me! How I feel your thick cock in my little “peach”! I want you, fuck me, please!

Her legs were around my pelvis, supported by my arms and I was moving her freely! I put her a little, just the head, to drive her crazy and she started screaming, pinching me, and urging me to “break” her dick! Suddenly, the door opened and we found ourselves inside with Juan, who I think had been waiting for us and decided to enter, strengthened by groans:

-You’re not upset, right? he asked slowly and began to kiss Gilda who was still perched.

I would have answered: “I’m not upset, June, just don’t screw my mother”, but the words were superfluous! Gilda came down again and started sucking us both in turn! He loved to move from one to the other, spit the dicks in a row, slap each other’s lips with them, moan and rub their pussy! The African’s penis, almost as big as mine, had risen and penetrated between the young lady’s lips, while she masturbated me! Then he was sucking me and pawing Juan!

The black man couldn’t resist any longer and put her on all fours, spread her buttocks, and put her in! He moaned loudly and so that he wouldn’t be heard, I stuffed it in his throat as much as he could! Juan moved quickly and looked at me smiling, happy to say hello! He held her tightly by the hips and thrust into her like a madman, I was afraid he would break her!

After a while, he signaled to me to switch places; I found her pussy biting the juice and the sliding was amazing! I moved long, from tip to bottom, and when I went all the way in, Gilda screamed with her dick in her mouth!

I will always choose Karina

The door of the coop opened slowly and another couple entered! Incredible!! Karina with a man behind her, both dead from drunkenness, stopped with their backs to the door and looked at us; in a short time, Blonde (I don’t know what the boy’s name is and I’ll call him Blonde :))) knelt next to Karina, lifted her leg her short skirt and started to lick her! She wasn’t wearing panties or she had lost them somewhere!

She continued to watch the scene caressing her breasts lazily; he moved his pelvis instinctively, slowly, contradicting the tongue that made its way between his lips! It wasn’t bad at all! I was penetrating a tight pussy with the placer and I watched as one of them gave tongues to a beautiful young lady like Karina! And we all barely knew each other!

The organizer keeps looking at me, trying to fix me, and every time she succeeds, she provocatively sucks a finger! He signaled to me that he wanted to fuck me, and when I agreed, he picked up the blond, kissed him briefly, and said:

-Look, you can fuck this little one! Replace Andrei! Blonde took off his shorts and with his semi-erect cock, he started to move in Gilda! Karina sat down on her knees on a wooden box and I positioned myself behind her. He turned quickly and took my member in his mouth tasting the blonde lady!

Karina had a phenomenal sucking style! She walked his tongue around his head, watering it with saliva in abundance, he went down to the bark and sucked them in turn, then he came back and swallowed almost all of it, he pretended to drown making exciting noises from deep in his throat!

I had gripped her head and I would not let her remove it, I was moving in the mouth; she liked it a lot, she gasped, moaned, rolled her eyes, excited! I turned it over and fit it in her pussy; I gently pushed into the tight vagina, enjoying the warmth I found! The soft walls enveloped my penis, squeezing it hard and I entered it deeply, where I stopped, straining my penis! Karina bent over and started to fuck me faster and faster; he liked to take it all, without losing an inch!

The little blonde screamed! Juan struggled to put it in her ass while Blonde gave him a blowjob! I think the rosette was a virgin and the black man kept spitting on her, penetrating her with his finger, trying to make room for himself! I took my turn sitting on the box and Karina immediately mounted me, moving at speed.

He was extremely cool, the kind of woman who loves the dick and wants to take advantage of her to the fullest; I admired her heavy breasts that swayed to the rhythm, I caught her nipples between my fingers, turning them with power! The young lady tensed up, and took her hand to the lice, massaging it with determination; he increased the pace and I felt her tensing up, how her pussy was tightening and the orgasm came over her, making her tremble with her whole body!

He slowed down a bit, and got out of the cock, just enough to turn around and put it in again! She was standing on her feet and moving like a feline, letting me admire her firm buttocks and narrow rosette!

Gilda was lying on her back and Juan managed to penetrate her ass, but only his head entered! He moves slowly, spitting continuously to lubricate her. Blonde, at her head, with his almost pale cock, held her by the neck and thrust it between her lips! Beautiful black-white contrast! Juan’s cock seemed huge compared to her small body, I don’t think there was any chance he could put it all in, I think he would have broken it!

He moved fast and I could hear his moans every time we entered him all the way! I grabbed her hands, got up, and forced her to sit upright; now, standing, I had freedom of movement and Karina was at hand, sorry, my dick! And I started to give it to the brothers, without mercy! I was pulling her hands forcing her to give me strong counters, dead drunk as I was, I wanted to fuck her badly!

I supported myself well in my soles and penetrated her at the highest speed I was capable of! She was living at maximum intensity, shaking from minute to minute and the sap was leaking from her pussy on her legs, all the way to the floor. She was in a trance, I didn’t release her hands at all, I was even pulling her towards me forcefully like in a contest!

The others looked at us with obvious interest; I was pounding her lips with such force, that I am convinced that it was heard from outside!

pexels marlon hochmann 7215070 1

I was killed by the image of her labia molding on the cock with each penetration and very upset by this, I felt that the end was coming; the insane and prolonged rhythm led me to the inevitable: the tension rose to maximum heights and I released her hands, Karina collapsed on her knees, and I, rubbing my penis with power, released long jets of viscous and warm liquid on my lips and back Miss!

She was exhausted, she couldn’t even speak, and she collapsed for a few minutes until she managed to get up! He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder:

Wow, how was that! How you fucked me… I can’t believe it!

-Me neither! And with spectators!

– Yes, I forgot about them!

The black man and the blonde one were giving Gilda blowjobs trying to finish… I didn’t wait to see the end, I wasn’t interested. I exchanged phone numbers with Karina and left for home, the sun rising in the sky!

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