The taxi driver: 1st story

My story with the taxi driver start when I was 29 years old and I was quite at peace with the idea that I was not a very successful person. I wasn’t the most handsome man, I was 185 cm, about 100 kg, blond, or what was left of my hair was blond, anyway I looked like they say a man should look… a little better as hell.

Moreover, due to my special appearance, it was normal that I hadn’t had many relationships and I didn’t even at that time. The house I lived in had a lot of deficiencies, especially since I didn’t even have a place to take a shower, because I lived in a block disconnected from the heat and water due to the arrears.

At work, it seemed to be a little better, because I was doing what I liked and even if I was often still at the office at 10-11 p.m., it didn’t bother me very much, because there I had the opportunity to take a shower before going home and I liked the fact that I was the last one to leave work so I didn’t have to explain why I had to wash there every night.

One evening I got to work at 11.45 pm and when I wanted to go home I realized that I had to call a taxi because I had no way to catch the last subway to get home. I dialed the number of a taxi company and was told that I should be in front of the building in 7 minutes. I got off and was waiting impatiently for the taxi to go home because I was a little hungry and feeling quite tired. I thought it was good that I had taken a shower before calling the taxi because the tiredness I felt had passed and that way I could avoid falling asleep in the taxi.

Waiting for my taxi driver

Exactly 7 minutes after I had called the taxi company, I saw a yellow car heading towards me in the driveway and I was grateful that it wasn’t late, because, although it was summer, it was quite cool outside and I was a little cold.

– Good evening, I said when I got into the car.

– Good evening, you are Mr. Claudiu, right?

– Yes, I said and indicated the address I wanted to reach.

– Do you want to make a good impression on your girlfriend by perfumed and dressed up, the taxi driver asked me, while starting the car.

– I have no one to impress, and in a few words, I told him that I had no one and that I was heading home after a rather tiring day.

– Maybe it’s better that you don’t have anyone, because I’m married, but for 6 months since my boy was born, I haven’t met my wife in bed.

– I don’t think it’s a problem for you to find someone instead of your wife because you look quite good (he was a man about 38-40 years old, dark-haired, tall as I could tell, with very well-defined masculine features, with green eyes, thick lips, a really handsome man and exudes quite a lot of self-confidence and virility), and since you have this job, I think you meet quite a few girls who will help you as long as you don’t meet your wife in bed.

– It’s not really like that, as what I would find are experts who want money and I can’t afford to give money for a sex match instead of buying diapers for the child.

Then followed a discussion about what kind of people he meets in the taxi, what kind of behavior they have, and in general trivialities. At one point, without thinking too much, I asked him if any client had told him that he wanted to give him oral sex.

taxi driver

– Why are you asking me this, do you have something in mind… he said smiling at me.

Only then did I realize why he was smiling at me and I told him:

– I have nothing in mind, my face turned red like cancer.

– Too bad! Anyway, unfortunately, no one proposed this to me.

– And just don’t think that I would propose this to you! Anyway, I’ve never done anything with a man before, and especially I don’t think I’d do anything with someone whose name I don’t even know.

– I am Cristi, and you can call me by name.

– Ok, I answered.

– You should know that I haven’t done anything with a man either, but I thought that I haven’t done anything with my wife for a long time, you said that you don’t have anyone, and I think that you haven’t had any action either for a while and…I don’t know….maybe we managed to console each other.

– If I had looked a bit better, younger, more feminine, I might have thought you were serious, but I’m quite calm like that and I see you’re very joking, I said smiling…even though I was a little excited.

– I’m not kidding at all. I thought that we would simply do each other a favor.

– I still want to believe that you are joking.

Then he, I’ll probably realize that he’s not kidding, took my left hand and put it on his hard cock to the maximum as he felt through the thin material of the shorts he was wearing.

– How dare you take my hand and put it on your penis, I said rather angrily, although instead of withdrawing my hand I was squeezing his cock.

– I see you don’t dislike Claudiu, because even though you say you don’t want to, your hand betrays you and I also feel in you the desire to feel good with each other.

Saying this, the taxi driver turned to the left and entered a small and completely unlit alley. When I got there, even though I had withdrawn my hand from his dick, he took it out of his pants and said to me:

– Please, Claudiu, at least masturbate me a little because my balls hurt so much at my status and I will do the same for you.

– I’m ashamed to do this, I said, I don’t even know you.

– It’s better that way, we masturbate, I’ll take you home and we’ll never see each other again.

– I timidly put my hand on his dick, and during this time he also took the boy out of my pants and rubbed it lightly. I felt good and I liked to touch her and to feel his touch on my cock.

– You have a very big and very thick dick, I said.

– It’s not really that big…I think it’s about 20 cm, but it’s a little thick.

– It’s big compared to mine (I had it about 16-17 cm), and I’ve never held another dick in my hand, but yours.

– I would give anything to touch her with my lips, which are so fleshy and sensual, he told me.

I was very excited and started to feel a crazy desire to take that big dick between my lips, so I put my shame aside and leaned towards the taxi driver’s dick, parted my lips a little, and started to take his dick gently in my mouth.

At first, the taxi driver let me kiss him and lick him lightly at my own pace, then when I felt her getting thicker and vainer, the taxi driver started asking me to open my mouth more to put her a little deeper in my mouth. Although I opened my mouth as much as I could, I don’t think more than half of it went in, especially since it was also a little curved.

taxi driver

The taxi driver began to pump his dick in my mouth at first slowly, then faster and faster. I looked at him and saw him smiling and he seemed really happy, and I began to suck the taxi driver’s cock more and more and feel that I was satisfying him. I started to lick his balls and suck them in turn, alternating between sucking the cock and the balls.

– I really like the way you suck my dick, the taxi driver told me and pumped faster and faster. At one point I felt that it passed my throat and that I wanted to vomit, but instead of taking it out of my mouth, the taxi driver held it like that in my throat telling me that I had to stay like this for a while to get used to it. Then the taxi driver stuck it more and more between my lips, and several times I managed to touch his skin with my lips, which meant that I had managed to swallow all that huge dick, as I saw it.

The taxi driver had started to increase the rhythm very much and alternated, taking it out from time to time and hitting me with it on the lips, on the tongue, on the face saying:

– It’s so good, no one has ever sucked me with such dedication. I love it so much I wish we could do this all the time, the taxi driver said.

At one point the taxi driver told me that he wanted to finish and because he noticed that I didn’t really want to take the sperm in his mouth, he took it out and finished on my lips and face.

– Thank you Claudiu, the taxi driver told me and started to rub me too, I ejaculated very quickly because he was extremely excited after I sucked the first cock of my life.

– Cristi, you can take me home as soon as possible, I said rather ashamed after what had happened.

– I want to offer you a glass of juice and make friends because what you did for me was fantastic and I feel the need to thank you somehow.

– I’m quite ashamed.

– You don’t have to be, because I felt the same desire in you as mine, and I liked it very much. Not even a professional has managed to suck her better than you and I want us to become friends and feel this good every time we have the opportunity.

Even though I was ashamed, I liked to suck the taxi driver’s cock and we went to drink coffee and juice, after which he took me home. Of course, the taxi driver didn’t let me pay for his ride and I decided that the next day he would wait for me and when I left work to bring me home…but that can be the subject of another story.

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