The most sexy Truth or Dare: big sister 2

The sharp-toothed January sun stingily sent its first rays of sexy light. A new day loomed over the small provincial town. One Monday, after the new year, a day when the world woke up to life, the inhabitants began to bustle up and down like ants fresh out of their nests, a day when we young people started school again.

The place where I studied was a school group that had the primary classes and the high school on the same premises. It wasn’t the brightest in town, but it wasn’t the last either. Our parents obviously chose it for reasons of proximity to home. Lest we get lost on the road or something, in a town where if you didn’t brake in time you were out of it.

It was so close to the schoolyard that every year at the closing ceremony I was the last to arrive because I always looked out the window to see if enough people had gathered for me to go or not.

We were approaching the school and a few tens of meters in front of us we each recognized our group of friends. Then the sexy Andra gave me a kiss on the cheek and hurried towards her 10th-grade classmates, looking back every now and then, just to give me a little smile and a wave.

She was wearing high-waisted, ankle-tight jeans that showed off her wasp midsection and fat bottom. I always gulped at these sights with my sister. I was the 8th, even though there is a 3-year difference between us. Ever since I was born I was more developed in body and mind and for that, my parents punished me with school earlier, because… why not…

At the age of 5, I had written my first “love” letter to my mother, all in capital letters and without spaces “ILOVEYOUBEAUTIFULMOTHER!”; I had solved the first algebra calculations playing tabinet, and I beat my father at rummy and poker, well, he let me beat him quite easily; my parents said without asking me: “Next year we will send this little one to school”.

To which the father with his ideas growls: “But let’s teach him to read well to get the first prize”. By the time the school year started I had already read enough SF literature. from the “2 lei collection” so I was stuck when the teacher put the first reading stick in my hand: “But what do I do with this one?” “You read with him!” “Well, I read without anything…”. Don’t think that I had too high grades, they quickly found fault with me, I wrote badly.

My doctor’s note had been spoiled by some poor war veteran, far too excited that his nephew was learning any nonsense quickly. When I got to the first calligraphy class it was a bit difficult to form it properly, so I stayed with it broken for the rest of my life.

sexy game

The people in my group were smiling at me, and they were waiting for me like statues in front of the school. The kind of moment when you see someone is too far away to talk to, but too close to ignore, so they all decided to smile and look at me like that for 34 seconds until I got to them, and I started faking slow running, just like you do when you cross the pedestrian crossing and you notice that the green light is flashing that it’s going away.

Irina smiled at me the most out of them.

Irina is my bank colleague and a good friend, a sexy one. We’ve known each other since 1st grade, from the time when we were little cripples, me with messy hair, her with bangs.

We basically met when we took that picture that everyone has, you sitting at the desk and smiling like a criminal, pencil case on the left, pen on the right, an all-white notebook half open for no reason, having a second pen in hand and pretending to write somewhere in the middle of the page, with the map of Romania behind and the picture of Ceaușescu or the coat of arms of Romania above the head, as appropriate.

I looked at her cheerfully and said “Hi”. I loved her, is sexy, but that was all. In addition to having stunning brown eyes and long, wavy, satin hair, her sexy breasts, and sexy bottom were starting to develop nicely for her age. She was always natural in appearance as well as in demeanor.

We had never argued and helped each other countless times with everything. I didn’t know yet if there could be something more between the two of us, or if either of us wanted something more than that, but I knew we were good friends.

In the first lesson, we had Romanian and the teacher gave us a quick test.

“-You have 30 minutes to write a composition about someone you love. I’ll put notes at the end. Start now!”

I was starting to sweat all over. I had no concrete idea. I was looking at Irina on the left and I could see that she was writing from dawn. How can I ask him to show me too? The compositions must be unique, it’s a damn test, you can’t copy it. I’m starting to write something though.

After 30 minutes, on the clock, the silence is cut by the harsh voice of the Romanian teacher.

“- The test is over! You will each take turns reading to me what you have written! Irina! You are the first.”

“I dedicate this composition to my bank colleague Vlad. We have known each other for eight years. Eight years in which we learned together, grew up, and went through beautiful moments, but sometimes also sad moments. I am grateful to you for being there when I needed you when I lost a parent, but also when I celebrated a birthday. I love the moments when we walk through the park in early autumn, surrounded by rustling leaves and chirping birds.

Autumn represented the beginning of everything. We were starting a new school year, learning new things, and meeting new people. Autumn was the most pleasant time to go for a walk with someone’s hand. We could hold hands without sweating. I like that Vlad always wore a hoodie or a leather jacket…”

sexy game

“-Thank you, Irina. It’s good. Sit down. Vlad? Are you done? I see you’re still writing… Please read what you wrote.”

I get up and am ashamed of the fact that I hadn’t written about Irina, I shake my head disapprovingly that I wouldn’t have finished.

“-If you don’t read now, I’ll leave you a little note. I’m listening to you!”

“The first time I understood who I was, I understood who she was. Then I knew love was raw, raw, simple in its form and depth. I realized that I am not alone, that I belong. Having someone or something is beautiful, but knowing you belong to someone is more than words can explain. It’s divine ambrosia and tasted slow. It’s your palm held in hers, so much so that you don’t know if you’re wet from her or she’s wet from you.

It’s your big arms cradling her slender shoulders Your rough sexy cheek caressing her soft skin One nose sniffing the other in parallel One corner of the mouth innocently stealing half a kiss from another corner of the mouth. It’s the tear that runs from her eye to your cheek, and then you quickly capture the others with your lips, addicted like a drug addict to their salty taste, mixed with sweet cherry grape.

Its the small nose and slightly swelling flesh and rhythmic like the chest of a sleeping parakeet. It’s the blue eyes that seem to be thinking about the rain, those little oceans where you can lose your mind but never hope. It’s the perfume you smell endlessly for fear of ever forgetting it, but no matter how far you are from it you realize it’s the only thing you always remember…”

I stopped suddenly. A worm of pleasure began its unannounced journey from the depths of the prostate to the urethra, and I felt new pollution wet my underwear as I read those lines in front of the teacher. My luck was that I was on the first bench, and the only people who could see me were the sexy Romanian teacher and sexy Irina next to me.

I was also embarrassed to look down to see if anything was noticed or not. I stormed out of the classroom without saying anything and went straight to the student restroom upstairs.

Sexy Irina came quickly behind me. He couldn’t go into the toilet with me but he called me and asked if I wanted to go home together to change clothes, which I did.

Being at home I go to take a quick shower. Irina had left us both for an hour so I had some time to recover. While I was washing I noticed that I didn’t close the bathroom door properly and it had opened a little. Being wet and full of soap, I had no way to close it without making a noise on the floor, like mom will get angry, you know?

There was no one home but the two of us. My people were either at work or at school, I had no one to call and I thought that if I called sexy Irina she would see me naked, exactly what I wanted to avoid, so I decided to continue my work, knowing that she had stayed in my bedroom.

I remembered the composition from earlier and started thinking about Andra again. The penis is a bit elongated like a snake, both from the thoughts and from the warm water. He wasn’t fully erect, but I wasn’t ashamed of him either.

When I turn around while cleaning myself in the shower I see Irina watching me with half her face behind the half-open door.

With a calmness that I didn’t expect to have either, I said a simple: “Hello?!?”

“-Can I come in?” the sexy one asked. And then he went in without waiting for my approval.

He sat down tactically on the toilet lid and while looking at the dangling snake, without drawing any facial expression:

“-What happened to you earlier?… At school, I mean…”

Then she also realized herself:

“-Of course, what a question. You’re a man now. I mean, I see you’re quite…manly…really. Who was the composition about?”

I have undressed in front of her washing myself in intimate areas and the only feeling that tried her now was jealousy. Do you hear, what is the composition about? It doesn’t matter that I’m sitting with the whirling straggler a meter away from her, who the hell is the composition about? That’s what the sexy one wanted to know.

I didn’t say anything. I got out of the shower and started drying off. Since she was sitting on the couch and the bathroom wasn’t exactly gigantic, I was now involuntarily waving my manhood quite close to her face as I toweled myself off.

“- I’m done. Shall we go?” That’s all I told to the sexy girl.

He went straight to the kitchen to get some water or something while I got dressed. Today sexy Irina solved an unknown in her life but acquired another. He saw me naked in all my glory, but he’ll be wondering for days to come who that composition is, and I don’t have the slightest intention of telling him any time soon.

In the evening, long after class, Andra and I wake up at the door with Irina and Matei, Andrei’s boyfriend from high school. Okay, they didn’t come exactly at the same time, but they were in sync with joy. Great joy when I was planning to watch a movie with my sister, now I have Irina on my mind.

The sexy game begin

After several tens of minutes spent by each couple in their rooms, Matei comes up with a brilliant idea to play something.

“-Let’s all go to Andra’s room, let’s play Truth or Dare! Sexy!”

Come to think of it, it’s not that boring. I was actually amazed that it was coming from the most honest man I had ever met. Beloved Andrei. Besides not being very intelligent, his only occupation was narcissism. Even the sexy girls didn’t spend as much time in the mirror as this man did.

If he wasn’t in the mirror, he was at football. If not even there, it was within range of the beasts. And then he would return to the mirror. Okay, I’m a hypocrite too, I’m talking about him glorifying Narcissus when I worship Oedipus. Haha.

The four of us were sitting in a circle on the floor of my sexy sister’s bedroom, with a plate and bottle in front of us as if preparing to summon Marquez’s spirit. Spin Matthew the first of the glass and guess where it lands. Fits me, exactly.

“-Truth or dare? Come on dare we already know you’re a virgin,” said Matei, laughing to himself at his own joke.

I nod my head, what was I going to do? I knew he was making me kiss Irina. She was already moistening her lips as if she was getting ready to give oral sex.

“-Kiss Irina. Haha. Sexy!” Matei … classic.

pexels nicolas postiglioni 807005

I approach my sexy colleague from the bank and start to French kiss her as I also saw that it was getting better. It was not for nothing that I stayed up after midnight on weekends, to catch good movies on TV. Those without visual metaphors, the explicit ones. While I was kissing Irina, I looked into sexy Andra’s eyes and saw her smiling, but it didn’t look like her smile, it was like she was smiling sadly.

Instead, Irina had become very smiling. I had remained calm, I had foreseen this moment and there was no surprise.

Now it was my turn to spin the bottle. I also made it a surprise. Matei now. What a challenge to give him to feel good. Obviously, kissing her on the face with me didn’t make me feel good. I hated the fact that he touched this brute in this life.

I was thinking of having him leave the room naked for his parents to see, or I know what the hell was going through my head. But I decided to prepare my ground for the future and knowing his kind of extreme reasoning, I said to sacrifice a pawn, to win the sexy queen.

“-Kiss Irina!”

Know. They all rolled their eyes like it was a murder or something. Even Matei was surprised. Not bothered, just surprised. He grabbed poor sexy Irina by the head as if he was kissing the bride, and pulled a suction cup on her mouth so I thought he would also suck her soul out.

It was Irina who was now smiling falsely. Matei grinned at the fire mother. Andra wasn’t quite in her waters. And I was trying to keep a “poker face” because, in reality, I had won three times.

One: I drove the first nail in the coffin of the relationship between sexy Andra and Matei. Now the matter was more precarious with this disguised treachery. You could say it was a game but it’s still betrayal. Second time: I hope sexy Irina understood better that I am not very interested in her as a lover, but only as a good friend.

Matei spins the bottle again, thirsty, he was overexcited, he liked the game, he was in his element. He too, in his stupidity, had gotten where he probably wanted to be.

And to my luck, the luck of the day, it falls again with the tip on me. Matei let out a grunt of joy. I was already convinced that it felt like a wedding.

And the third win, no, I hadn’t forgotten it above but I wanted to arrive at the right time, Matei tells me as I hoped he would:

“-Kiss Andra. Hah hahah hahah hahaha haha. What a sexy game!” Moreover, he was choking on saliva, laughing evilly.

In my had: “Fucking legend!”

The matter had become serious even for me. If until now I had done everything with the confidence of a plastic surgeon, now I felt like I was at the first communion. I didn’t know whether to bow and kiss, or kiss and bow, where to start, and when I get the liquid.

Sexy Irina was a marble stone. Matei was grinning like a devil. I was swallowing hard as if I had a lump in my throat. And Andra smiled at me in the warmest possible way, took my head in her hands, and brought me closer to her face.

Now everything was happening in slow motion for me. I was first greeted by her classic complex scent of all the sweet and good things in the world.

The hair on my body stood up like a domino effect, like when you walk an electrified ruler across my skin from bottom to top. A new worm was squirming in my prostate, and a flock of butterflies in my stomach as if nature positively approved of everything that was happening in those moments.

Her sexy, soft, velvety, fleshy lips touched mine in a minimalistic game of catch, like what happens when you eat too much ice cream and want to finish it too quickly. Her nostrils flared for air, and her wet, warm tongue tasted mine, transferring saliva from my sister’s mouth to mine. Divine sap that I sipped greedily, like a thirsty man who has reached the gate of heaven.

I didn’t dare put my tongue in her mouth yet, but I was receiving all the gifts she was offering me without resistance. Perhaps out of Oedipal instinct, and being on the side that Matei and Irina could not see, I cupped her sexy right breast with my left hand.

As long as I managed to catch that generous breast. And I squeezed it a little, wanting to feel its consistency, its elasticity, its warmth. The touch of a sexy breast calms me enormously, and it still does today. 

Maybe I needed a little calm, I needed to feel something familiar that I had once felt in someone else, a return to my origins in order not to lose my grip on the current reality, to control my shaking hands, or my stubborn heartbreak in the chest.

Out of the inertia of events I lightly passed my thumb over my sister’s nipple. Then she pulled back nicely, smiled at me, and kissed me on the forehead, as if wanting to convince those present that it was just an innocent, family kiss, without any sexual connotation. That it was just a childish sexy game of “Truth or Dare”.

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