The girl I anally dismembered has gotten her revenge

Hi! I told you last time how Alice after I broke her ass, took revenge and fucked me in my ass, but the story between us continued for several good years with many adventures. And in this field I think she was the woman of my life

We kept talking that I would like to fuck her with 1-2 or even 3 more men. She squeaked a bit, not being used to it, but on the other hand, you could see in her eyes that she would like it.

Before, we tried with a bodyguard from Prosperi on September 13, we all worked there and we knew each other, but it didn’t really work out because when we wanted to do it senvis started to cry, please, we stopped then and that was only a month Later I went with her to the sea. What to tell you I was a fool where I would come in the water countless times in the beams in the room I will not say and look so in the morning after you just crossed the cycle and eat it very loud.

Nu you could even stand next to her without getting up) please, I didn’t even get to hold her in my arms because there were 5 men next to us.

It was morning and there was no one on the beach, so individuals put ropes around our necks and took us to the men’s showers, there he beat me up and they put her on her knees and started to un- to blow in turn. Then I thought and said to them: guys, we’d better go to the room and have a civilized fuck, give us something to drink, give us each a number because there are 6 of us and we can do it every day

Please, they promised me that’s what we do, and we left for their hotel room.

There, things went differently, the boys were very careful with her, 3 of them were young, they had the right dick, somewhere between 18 and 24 cm, one was long, like 25, but also thin, and one caught my attention, I think it was 30 cm, but he had a very big head. Thick, without exaggerating, I think it was the size of a mouthful of coffee.

I thought that until then she was given to my surprise this time Alice did wonderfully. She started with the three kids and me of course I just gave her tongues and warmed her up. she masturbated on a kid and in 5 min maybe even less she finished at the same time I had the two of them fuck her one in her pussy and one in her ass….
I will come back with details after it is published, and if of course you want it too

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