The big sister on December 31st

My big sister long black hair gently caressed my face, played with my small childish face, and protected me like a living casemate whose diaphanous and amorphous walls randomly expanded and contracted in all directions. We both giggled, not just innocently, and perversely tickled each other’s sensitive and erogenous areas with our fingertips.

It was a game, a kind of battle of forbidden eros, we were teasing each other to lasciviously caress our righteous hearts.

She was gently going down with two fingers from under my chin down to my abdomen, simulating a playful little man stepping militarily on my skin glistening with sweat. I could feel my big sister’s wet seat sitting over my erect cock. It moved slowly but steadily. I was holding her shoulders with both hands, as if wanting to calm her down a bit, to postpone the inevitable for a few moments, but she didn’t stop moving.

My big sister continued to make my bare glans slide feverishly between her wet buttocks, with no specific destination, she was simply rubbing against her sweet privates and that was it.

big sister

My big sister large breasts with pronounced areolas and hard nipples also swayed with her long locks. I raised my head from time to time to somehow touch them, at least with the tip of my nose, with my lips, to sniff them, to breathe their perfume of a young deer, to taste their slightly salty sweat, the offering of open pores, to feel the sweetness of much too large nipples for such a young age.

My green eyes looked into my big sister’s blue eyes, like endless stars communicating from a distance only through their warmth and light. We were two micro-universes longing for each other as we entered each other. My abyss faced her abyss, my fire fed from her fire, and my Milky Way collided with her Andromeda, like ancient worlds sacrificing themselves on the altar of fertility and creation to make way for a new, complete entity, androgynous, perfect, a whole.

In a final, decisive moment of sweet pressure in the pubic area, I tried to stop my big sister, to hold her in place, for fear that something unprecedented would happen to me, but her slippery bottom would not stop, it continued to caress my phallus greedily, he continued to demand his offering from me.

At that moment I sighed deeply and felt the pressure dissipate in sticky jets, and the pleasure and heat spread from my scrotum to my abdomen, and then throughout my body, activating every nerve ending like a Christmas light set to light up. , zone by zone, until the whole tree lights up in the most beautiful colors.

I was awakened from my sleep by the aroma of the cake. I looked down and saw the wet stained pajama bottoms. It was my first nocturnal pollution that I experienced, but not my first erotic dream with my big sister. It was morning, the eve of the 13th Christmas of my life and I had just ejaculated for the first time thinking about my big sister.

I felt guilty. My dirty mind had made it all up, and she certainly didn’t think of me that way either. I sneaked to the bathroom so my mother wouldn’t see me, who was usually very attentive to every detail.

I changed into my pajamas and put them at the bottom of the laundry basket, hoping no one would notice. I was very ashamed of what my mother will say if she sees the stain on my pants. Being there I notice my big sister’s underwear carelessly left on the floor. I gasp a little at the thought of what his mother, who is a bit harsh, will do to him when she sees him throwing them around like that.

I’m about to take them and put them in the laundry basket when a stupid thought crosses my mind. I gently bring them to my nose and start to smell them. Contrary to appearances, they smelled better than I expected. They had a light floral and body lotion scent, mixed with something new, I didn’t know what, but nice to smell. I put them in the basket and go from there.

There was a commotion in our house. My mother was all stuffed into cakes, sarmales, roast pork, baklava, and all kinds of other goodies. I was going around her to taste, here and there, something from the kitchen. I have always been greedy and couldn’t wait to finish eating.

I quickly got into the Christmas spirit through the aromatic scent of orange peels left uncovered on the hot radiator, the sweet smell of warm dough, the smell of stewed and chopped pork, and the bright colors of the cookies all woke me up, every time, the joy of the holiday. And now I remember with emotion our old kitchen, with large windows with wooden frames painted by us by hand, which steamed every time my mother cooked intensively.

I would go to the window and watch the condensed water vapor gurgling on the glass and my first thought was to draw something. After I finished my work, I would call my mother to come and see the sinister men with stick bodies and big, round heads staring back at us and grinning mischievously. Then I would wipe everything with one hand and leave the window to steam again so I could draw later.

Moments with my big sister

There were only two children with my parents, me and my big sister. She was 16 years old, and you already know about me. Being busy with cooking, my mother asks my sister to take care of sorting and washing clothes. When I heard this I felt like the sky was falling on me and my ears were about to catch fire. I thought she would now see my pajama bottoms and that sounded worse than her own mother seeing.

Recently woken up from her sleep, Andra was wearing a rather short nightgown. Her mother was always admonishing her not to leave the bedroom like that, but my big sister didn’t seem to care much about it. She wasn’t very shy in her own way. I tiptoe to the bathroom after her and start watching around the corner to see what’s going on.

My big sister ​​was bending over the laundry basket to get them out of there to sort them or something. She had a rather generous ass, in contrast to her thin middle, and straight black hair that reached her buttocks when she stood upright. Being bent over, and because of her bulging buttocks, the shirt she was sleeping in, which was so short, had risen far too far, allowing me to see her bare behind.

I felt my erection visibly grow in my pants. I hide opposite in the work toilet so as not to be surprised by someone in the hallway because I’m looking at my sister bent over doing laundry. After a few minutes of looking at her white panties covering a small round bump, and my big sister’s bottom stretching and bulging as she rose and bent, I gently stroked myself in an unsuccessful attempt to calm my erection. , but at the same time refusing to look away from this rare spectacle.

Towards the end, I notice that she takes my pajama pants in his hand. My big sister stands up and stands still for a few seconds, holding them with both hands and looking at them. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I thought I was going to pass out there. I was convinced he would go straight to my mother to show her what he found. I didn’t know which way to get out of the house faster so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact with both of them when I had to explain what happened.

But in reality, she brought it up to her nose and smelled it. Then my big sister said, without turning to face me, while he was still treating me with my bottom partially exposed by the shirt slightly cinched in the middle:

“-Keep calm. You are a man now. This will remain our secret.”

She knew the whole time I was there watching her. I whirled out of the service toilet, hitting the door frame, the door, everything, and bolted to my room.

A week went by without us saying almost anything as if it was all just in my imagination. I couldn’t open this topic with her, but I couldn’t open any other topic with her. I really didn’t know what our relationship would be like from now on.

On the morning of December 31st, I was in the kitchen helping my mother cook again. Okay, so much said helping her, more confusing her. There were pots everywhere, dishes, and bags of stuff. The only free seat was the one I was sitting on. Andra comes to make herself some tea, also wearing an equally short shirt.

I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, being very hot in the house. Having nowhere to sit, he comes directly to me and smilingly says:

“Are you stepping aside or holding me?”

And my big sister sits down without me saying anything.

She was practically sitting with her bottom bare right on top of my legs. I could feel her body heat transfer from her to me, skin to skin. He put a hand on my neck and took a small taste of the warm tea.

“Do you want to?” my big sister asked me laughing.

I gasped, and all I could say was “What?”

“Tea, silly. Do you want tea?” “But know that I don’t feel like making another one, drink from the cup with me.”

As soon as my lips touched the dirty cherry-flavored grape spot on my sister’s teacup, a strong shiver ran through my stomach and I hugged Andra tightly.

“Hey, don’t worry I’m not falling,” she said giggling.

I already had a new erection that was seriously thrusting into her ass. But she pretended not to feel anything and continued to hydrate me with tea until nothing was left in that mug.

“Do you have any business in the bathroom?” “I’m going to take a quick shower!” Andra says, rising slightly from my feet.

I quickly pulled my shirt down to cover my erection as much as possible and watched as she briskly walked out of the kitchen without looking back.

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