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I had spent a few days with Suzana and Karina and I felt sick and tired of everything. These days pass very slowly. When they left, I felt really liberated, I was really happy. These girls had such a big appetite and were so inventive, that you needed a lot of strength to face them. I admit, I really liked the experience, I’ve rarely met girls as open and hot as some porn starlets! Not only did they not refuse anything, but they even came up with ideas that scared you!

I fucked their ass like I had never fucked anyone before; last night, Suzana, who until then had not really served anal, wanting to “fix” herself after a traumatic experience, wanted me to just fuck her ass all night! Exhausted after so many evenings spent with them, the numbers were long and torturous. I let go hard, every time, at the last number I fucked her because I thought we were both passing out, actually I couldn’t finish!


In the end, they both sat down on their backs on the bed and I fucked them in their mouths in turn, at a dizzying pace, I took breaks in which they kissed each other crazy, something that turned me on terribly and I managed to finish their girls masturbating at speed! What can I tell you, after they left, I think I slept continuously for a day and a night!

After I recovered, I decided that I had to leave the house to loosen my bones and spend some time in the magnificent sun of the capital of Catalonia. I walked lazily on the seafront, ate, drank a coffee and chose a secluded sunbed so I could relax to my heart’s content. When I got hungry, I chose a nice terrace and headed slowly. In a short time, my phone rang, it was B very effervescent:

-Hello Andrei! Did you get out of bed or are you still a vegetable?

– I got up… with difficulty, but I got up! What do you say?

-And do you feel in shape? That’s how you should be! I got in touch with some nice Romanian girls and I decided to take a friend and see you tonight. Do you come in or do I call C?

In fact, I really wanted to speak in Romanian and have a good time.

– What the hell, is that how you know me, cunt?

– Perfect, then boss, see you tonight!

We want that slowly

Both arranged, I left home around 10 in the evening, very curious to meet the girls. B had told me that I was cool, that he worked for I don’t know what distribution company and was walking all over Spain looking for new clients. They were staying in Barcelona for a week and after work, they wanted to take advantage of every free moment and have as much fun as possible.

We went to the appointed place and after an hour of waiting, when we were getting ready to leave, convinced that we had been burned to death, a sweet voice was heard:

-Millions of apologies guys, I lost track of time, Barcelona is fascinating!

I came back and was pleasantly impressed; two young ladies, one blonde, the other brunette, petite, with long hair and very tanned. They approached, we got to know each other and sat down with us at the table. Oana, the talkative, voluble, open blonde, talked more. Ioana, the brunette with an angelic face, long hair, blue eyes, was quieter and liked to listen.

-And how do you like Barcelona? I asked to unfreeze languages.

– That’s what I was telling you, it’s magnificent! I feel overwhelmed! answered Oana after downing half a glass of Cuba Libre.

– I don’t know where to look faster! I think I could live here without any problems!

You know how it is at these meetings, two to two; everyone analyzes each other and tries to discover who is compatible with whom. Although I like brunettes and Ioana was gorgeous, Oana attracted me with her style of being. She spoke coolly, she had some girlish tics that made her very interesting. I didn’t realize her body very well, she was wearing a steamy red dress, shoes with nail heels, just the way I like them.

So I focused on her and the pairs formed naturally. At one point, the discussion was divided and everyone was talking to his “pair”. Time passed quickly, the glasses were emptied as well and we decided to go to the disco. All four of us were dizzy and we were walking in each other’s arms, holding each other; at the big panarama disco, the girls on the bar, on the tables, lascivious and provocative dances.

Oana came closer to me and turning her back, clinging to my cock, began to move her balls sensually, pushing her ass forcefully into my penis, which was beginning to grow in size! Through the thin material of the dress, her full forms felt damn good, something that drove me crazy; she stopped from time to time and turned to kiss me, then continued her dance unhindered.

My cock had risen to the maximum and was throbbing hard in my pants! She had a whore’s face, with big, fleshy lips, eyes with black mascara, I could imagine how I would put it on her neck until the tears flowed. She was drunk and when she turned to kiss me, she let me see her face transfigured by excitement, her gaze lost, I was biting her thick lips with force and I was forcing her to continue feeling her buttocks on his cock.

We couldn’t resist any more and we understood from each other’s looks that it was time to go. B and Ioana immediately followed us and they were clearly excited, eager to get to privacy faster.

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I slammed the door against the wall and pushed her brutally onto the bed. She moaned loudly and delighted with the treatment, letting me understand that she liked to dominate her; the dress flew and sticking her back to the bed she raised her pelvis inviting me to take off her tiny bikini! I didn’t let myself be asked and discovered a small peach, with brown lips, sweet and juicy! She pulled me towards her and took off my pants in a hurry:

– I want to suck you, put it on my neck!

It was as if he was reading my thoughts! I grabbed her by the ears and she frantically searched for my cock’s head with her lips open. He embraced me halfway and urged me to fuck her in her mouth! I was moving slowly enjoying the image of the molded lips that would have moved much faster if I didn’t stop it.

He opened his eyes from time to time and looked at me lost in pleasure, spit on the penis and then continued his race! I pushed deeper holding her tight and forcing her to receive me; I could feel myself sliding down my narrow and warm neck, I was enjoying the moment. I took it out and walked it slowly on her lips, then I slapped her hard, staining her tongue!

He moaned loudly and rubbed his lick with two fingers; I put it in again, deeper, and held it tight until I felt his balls running down his beard; I loosened her up a little, looked her in the eyes and entered her again, deeper, almost to her back! She was motionless and let me do what I want with her mouth, she was super-excited and as if she had entered a trance!

Soon her beard was touching my skin, I pressed her neck hard until she struggled hard, suffocated, trying to free herself. He was moaning loudly, spitting out all the accumulated saliva, the mascara was running down his cheeks, but it didn’t stop! As he regained his rhythm of breathing, he took it from the end, looking for the head of my cock with his mouth, more inverted.

She masturbated continuously, her underwear was wet, and I think she had “a hundred” orgasms!! From the other room, Ioana could be heard screaming loudly, forcefully penetrated by B.

I laid her on her back, spread her legs apart and fit my hard member between her small labia. I pushed slowly and although she was very excited, I found her extremely tight! I entered slowly, centimeter by centimeter, until I was completely inside; he breathed deeply and began to moan, pressing on my buttocks, trying to impose my rhythm.

The wonderful sight: her small, fine body, worked in the gym, the face of a drunk whore, with the black flowing on her cheeks and her hair wet from the saliva that had flowed from her hungry mouth! I liked to fuck her, it drove me crazy that she was tight and that she felt me ​​with every penetration; I pushed faster and faster and her moans intensified! I clung to her and kissed her madly!

Our tongues joined for a long time and I felt the need to anomalistically possess her. I turned her on her stomach, I caught her legs between mine, I fit my penis in her hot pussy, I caught her hands behind her back and I started to penetrate her long, pressed, taking her all out, then entering until at the end. A pleasure ride, actually! He struggled but I held his hands tightly:

-Mamaaa, you kill me, Lord how I feel … how do you fuck me … Do you want to faint?!

Suddenly he crossed to the other side:

– Fuck it! Break it! I want to pass out on your cock, put it up my throat! Do not stop! Moooorrrr….!

It excites me to the maximum! Caught in the moment, I fucked her hard, mercilessly! I sat back, pulled her over me with her back against my chest. I caught her by the legs and my dick slid easily into her hard pussy. I was in control! O futeam lent bucurandu-ma de caldura vaginului ei, peretii calzi imi invaluiau penisul. It was purring slowly, then when I stopped the movements, the moans also increased, and when I plunged into the maximum speed, it screamed like a madman speaking in a pig-like manner:

– Fuck me like an animal! Animal! You want me to die! How do I feel, woe is me, what a thick dick you have!

Her words strengthened me to the core! Holding her tight by the legs, I penetrated her at the highest possible speed; I could feel her warm fluids running down my skin and after a long moment of silence, in which she tensed up, just pushing me hard, she let out a howl from the depths of her soul, started shaking uncontrollably and pulled herself out of my hands, falling inertly next to me… I let her live the moment kissing her tenderly on the back…

He recovered slowly and searched for my lost lips; we kissed like two lovers, in silence, and her small hand found my penis and began to rub it slowly. He motioned for me to lie on my back and silently bent down to suck me quietly. It was different now, he moved his tongue slowly from top to bottom, I could feel his lips tugging along the length of my cock, small kisses made my spine tingle.

He had calmed down, he sucked it slowly, he slowly moved his face away to look at my erect member, then he moaned silently and continued to suck me. I felt his warm tongue walking on my skin, disappearing one by one in the welcoming mouth! Sensational! At the same time, he continues to masturbate me slowly, spits on my head, and waits for the saliva to run down to the testicles, for his hand to slide freely…

He caught my head in his mouth and pawed me with one hand, and with the other he was massaging my balls! He knew what he was doing and could feel my feelings, he lowered his lips more and more, the movements of his neck became stiff for the moment and let me think he was drowning, exciting noises coming from his hot throat! He was coming back to the top and I could feel his tongue rolling around the glans…

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I thought I was going to explode! He felt me ​​and stopped looking me in the eyes; her facial expression had changed, now she had a haughty face, like a woman who leads the hostilities and who knows that with a simple movement of her tongue or hand, the “victim” will empty instantly! But he had another plan…

He climbed on top of me and we kissed for a long time; she rested her lips on my penis and moved slowly, drenching it with the sap of her femininity. When he felt that I didn’t have much left and I was done, he softly whispered to me:

– I will ride you as I want! I want revenge…

He grabbed my hands slowly and from the movement of his pelvis he tried to match her… He moved deliberately left-handed, prolonging the moment to drive me crazy; when he felt the tip between the lips of the tight pussy, he clung to me and moved slowly, whispering in my ear:

– Now you do as I say… I’ll fuck you slowly, the way I like it… you’re in my hand!

She suddenly got up and put her pussy on my face, pleasantly surprising me! He parted his lips with two fingers:

– I want to feel your tongue inside… With a little luck you can taste my juices…

I kept my tongue out and he pressed hard into it, using me to his heart’s content. He was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples hard. She was dominant and I liked it, the moans appeared, her muscles tensed, and with great pleasure I received her internal sweetness directly on her tongue… she stopped trembling again and very carefully pressed her vagina to my mouth like not to lose a single drop… Sublime!

The penis that was about to explode also came down, it slid easily into her perfect pussy! With his hands resting on my chest, he moved faster and faster…

– Mom, how do you feel, it’s so bad, I like to have you inside me, I would fuck you endlessly!

I felt that I was getting close to the end, no matter how much I wanted to hold on! This girl was sensational! The warm and fine walls of the pussy drove me crazy, her words strengthened me even more, the end was near:

-Aaaaa, fuck me, come on… I want to feel how you fill me… God how eeee! Come, now, with me…

What more can I say… if I were a stone, I couldn’t resist! I felt it go up my spine, through the skin and forcefully rush outward. When he felt me, he thrust deep and tensed his vaginal muscles with power, moving his hips slowly, letting me release in waves! Incredible! I ejaculated with such intensity that I thought I was lifting it to the ceiling. We kissed beautifully, both calmly, without haste; we stayed in each other’s arms, falling asleep in a few minutes…

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