Sapna takes a beating from mother

After mother and son said their last goodbyes, Rahul seemed to transform into a completely different person.

“Well mom, looks like your days of sucking your own son’s cock are over, huh?” he teased, knowing she was delighted with the humiliation.

Sapna’s pale face turned a shade of red at the blow.

“Answer me whore!” yelled Rahul as he slapped her right cheek with all his might, sending her sprawling on the bed.

She looked shocked for a few seconds but quickly recovered and said “If that’s what you want then yes they’re done.” Trying to give her son a smile.


She still hadn’t changed out of the kameez (Indian top) she was wearing and the dupatta was still around her neck. She had been wearing them earlier while they had a romantic dinner earlier that night. Her salwar (Indian pants) lay strewn on the sofa in the other room, leaving her lower body bare, her sons slowly dripping from her cleavage and onto her thighs.

Love of a mother

Rahul took a fistful of his mother’s long hair holding her head in place, straightened it quickly, and turned her pretty face upside down until her cheeks started turning red and blue. Instinctively, Sapna tried to shield her head from the oncoming barrage. Seeing this, however, made Rahul even angrier, and punched him in the big belly. Sapna’s belly was much bigger than usual at that time as Rahul had blocked his mother’s bottom for the last 3 days with an inflatable plug. Sapna doubled over, intense cramping pains assaulting her swollen belly.

“Give me your hands, bitch!” Rahul said positioning himself behind Sapna.

At that moment though, Sapna experienced a white hot flash of pain and was unable to respond. So, Rahul grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled her head back with all the strength he could muster. Screaming in pain, Sapna felt like she was going to break her scalp. She started begging Rahul to let her hair down, saying the pain was killing her. Holding his head in place, Rahul grabbed a smaller tuft of hair at the nape of his neck and in one swift motion plucked it from his scalp.

“I said give me your hands, bitch!” Rahul said, slowly but firmly, holding his head tight using his hair.

Sapna, obeying her son’s command, put her arms behind her back. Rahul then tied her hair to her arms with duct tape so that it was impossible for her to look anywhere but straight up.

Slowly, Rahul started pinching Sapna’s huge nipples over the salwar, resulting in a scream of agony from her a minute later. Rahul pulled his right leg over the neck space of his salwar. There were a few drops of blood on the nipple where Rahul’s nails had dug into the cracked skin. Rahul grabbed her nipple again, in the exact same spot, but with even more force this time.

pexels ketut subiyanto 4307930

Sapna started screaming in pain, “It’s going to stop beta, it’s going to break…” she cried.

Rahul immediately punched her in the jaw, silencing her. Feeling the urge to pee, Rahul grabbed the band of hair spread (between his head and arms) and dragged Sapna off the bed, throwing her to the ground. Sapna who was still dazed from the blow saw Rahul’s face upside down from the floor as her stuck head held her face upside down. Rahul then knelt on the ground and slapped Sapna’s fat breasts a few times to get her attention.

“Mom, I’m going to pee and you’re going to drink it all, understand?”

Through her dazed state, Sapna managed to answer “Yes, beta.” weak.

Making Sapna kneel on the floor, Rahul put his semi-erect cock in his mother’s mouth. Looking down at his mother’s lovely face, he saw her make the most shocked face. Closing his nose, Rahul started peeing on his mother’s neck.

“If you don’t drink it you will choke and die mom.” Rahul said but Sapna was already gulping down the yellow stuff like there was no tomorrow.

Rahul drank a lot of beer at dinner earlier, so he saved a lot of pee for his thirsty bitch and ended up peeing for a minute and a half straight. In the end, Sapna started coughing violently which forced Rahul to hold her jaw open with one hand as she finished peeing.

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“You damn toilet bitch,” Rahul yelled, slapping Sapna on her exposed right breast.

Coughing violently and making horrible noises, Sapna fell on the floor due to the impact. As soon as she hit the ground, Sapna started throwing up the noodles they had for dinner earlier along with all the urine her son had deposited in his stomach just then. Watching this show, Rahul was hard and started kicking his stomach to speed things up.

After she finished throwing up, Sapna was gasping desperately for air, noticing this, Rahul came back behind her and put a tight lock on her mother’s outstretched neck. In about half a minute, Sapna’s eyes rolled back and she passed out on the floor, lying in a mixture of her own vomit and her son’s recycled pee.

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