OMG, 2 times I fucked my aunt

I was 17 years old and had recently been divorced by my aunt, my father’s sister. There is no question of being a beauty, or at least pleasant to look at, but I wanted to fuck, the opportunity arose and I didn’t take it into account. Pussy is pussy and Marcela is very drunk after her man lease without fuck her. She drank a kilo of wine and half a brandy and came in on me determined to fuck me.

She had a hot pussy, beautiful tits, and a big ass, and my cock was raised like a crowbar while my aunt worked to lick my balls. She got up on top of me, put it on the hole, and let herself down with a cry of satisfaction.

She turned over her top in which she had been dressed when she invaded me, letting the breasts dangle on my cheek… Up to the back!!! Always eager, and always fucked me all night without actually realizing with whom he fucked. It wasn’t until morning, when the steam of drunkenness dissipated, that Marcela didn’t want to get off me.

The moment I fucked my aunt

…My niece, what a nice dick you have! …I have never met such a good one! Hang on, let me fuck her a little more! Don’t take it out… Mihaita, mother, it reached my neck. He contorts, moves quickly and vigorously on the shaft of the cock, and doesn’t even let me breathe…he swings his nipples on my cheeks trying to stick the nipples in my mouth, one by one, suffocating me with pleasure. She was insatiable as if she hadn’t fucked me all night.

…Wait, wait, I’ll be back! My aunt struggled, sighed, and twisted but managed to ride me with his back to me. He leaned forward a little, resting her palms on my knees… all of his dick went in… he gave a jerk…


…That’s it….so, so, push it, it’s good! Strongly urged, I pushed and I thought that Aunt Marcela was having a seizure… she was shaking and struggling, using it and raising her rhythmic ass. She was gasping for effort, babbling incoherently and suddenly I heard her shout…

…Sperm, give me sperm, fuck me little one…and I didn’t know myself anymore…I don’t know how much seed I spilled into my aunt…I only know that my dick was pulsating throwing rivers of sperm inside her. I arrived home drunk from fatigue and happiness… I was a man… I had fucked a woman, my aunt, who in fact had fucked me wildly, without a bit of mercy.

Only after two days, when Aunt Marcela called me and told me in a faint voice that she was waiting for me at her place, my appetite was unleashed again. I arrived in the evening, Aunt Marcela was dressed only in a dressing gown, through which the girls and dads were rebelling and trying to get out.

My aunt pulled me straight to the bedroom and started to undress me… my dick was made of hair and when she took my panties down letting them dangle, Aunt Marcela marveled again… she jumped off the robe and pulled my hand… I both fell on the bed next to us.

…Well boy…you are a treasure! Come, come and put it in me! My aunt pulled me over her and put it in her hole alone. I pushed hard, maybe more than I should… my aunt moaned loudly and covered my lips with her suction cups, squeezing my neck. I was a prisoner, I couldn’t move but I didn’t need to either, Marcela was doing everything crazy with pleasure.

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My aunt had a devastating orgasm that left her almost out of breath… she didn’t let me come out of her for a single moment… she was squeezing me with her legs and palms, pressing on my bum… my aunt mutters slowly and moves her head happily…

…Don’t take it out…give it to me one more time!…how big and loud, Mihaita, mother won’t let me!…let me go back…on my back, mother, that’s how it all goes in…off God, like I don’t want to let you off of me anymore…fuck me, mother, fuck me…my aunt turned his back, raised his ass and with his head propped in the sheet urged me hoarsely…

…Put it in, and all of a sudden, fill me up!

The whole day before, thinking about the fight with Aunt Marcela, I had reproached myself that I wasn’t active enough, that I wasn’t energetic, that I had to push her hard, to stop looking like a child. And now, stuffed all the way in her pussy, up to the neck, I was pulling on her because I had made Aunt Marcela scream and cry…

…You want to kill me, push more with mercy, she’s so good! OOOFF God…I’m dying God, as I wanted! I was going in and out of her without taking into account her cries, I was fast and inverted as I intended, without suspecting how much she liked my aunt.

That’s what my aunt wanted, that’s what he liked! She had another orgasm long before I came into her… she got over it and continued until she felt that I didn’t have much left…

…Wait, wait!…my aunt slowly pulled out of my cock, threw me on my back, and, entering between my legs, rushed with his mouth into my cock, which was soggy but excited…

…MMMMMMH, how good it is! MMMH…put it all in!…give it to me and I couldn’t hold back, I ejaculated in her mouth without taking anything into account…she was swallowing and gurgling with pleasure, making moans of satisfaction…she swallowed everything, licking the cock from the base to the big and swollen head, then he sucked what was left on the pipe… when he finished he looked up… he was smiling satisfied…

…I will remember until I die…!! Come again… because I like it with you!!!

I left Aunt Marcela’s as if I were floating… I was happy and satisfied.

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At the end of the week, the parents informed me that we have guests… another aunt, with her daughter who was taking her university exam, and they will be staying with us. Adina was beautiful, tall, and thin but with very large and beautiful breasts. Brunette, seemed frail…after the exams, she wanted to stay in the capital for another week, but her mother left and I was delegated to drive her everywhere.

This went on for two days, in the hall, after my parents had finished their work, Adina came into my bedroom only in her nightgown and without hesitation threw herself into my bed… she took me in her arms and kissed me long and hard on lips… she got up immediately and I was fit the moment she pulled me over her…

…Come, I can’t anymore! I stuck between her thin legs and with my dick pulled out, I held her in my hand and felt her on the crack, I penetrated her suddenly…

….OOOOOOOH how big it is, and how good!! We both started to move in unison, we felt good and I buried my face between her big boobs…

…OOOOOH how good you are doing, how good it is…faster Mita, I want faster. It was a completely new situation, Adina was moving frantically and it was obvious that she didn’t have much experience, but she was excited… she was pulling me hard with her big palms inside her, moving her nipples between my cheeks and exciting me terribly with sharp nipples entering and exiting me between the lips.

He had a beautiful orgasm, not loud or tumultuous…only that during the entire time that the orgasm was going on, he didn’t stop kissing me and squeezing me between his crossed legs behind me. Slowly, slowly, she untied her legs, her kisses gave way to rapid breathing, and at the end, with her hand on my cock that was still erect, she stroked and groped it along its entire length…

…Daddy’s is not that big…yours is thicker!

… How do you mean “father’s”, I asked surprised and annoyed…

… Well, yes, because my father made me a virgin three months ago. Then he went to Kuwait and I haven’t been fucked for two months. That’s why I came across you…I like a dick, I’m dying for it.

To be honest, I was speechless. Later I asked curiously…

…Your mother knows, did you tell her!?

…Yes, I am stupid.! And the adventure would have continued if his mother hadn’t called to tell him that his cousin Gelu had arrived from the army, on leave.

And I still wanted to tell you more, so I take this opportunity. I’ve always liked girls, women with beautiful shapes, round breasts, big, stony breasts, and thin waists, but I wasn’t necessarily looking for such models, it wasn’t very simple.

My conductor, for example, was a specimen of the breed, tall, supple, with a thin middle, raised breasts, and endlessly long legs. Everyone’s balls were flowing, not only the nine students but also all profiles, regardless of age. Only he didn’t want to fuck himself. Divorced, courted by men with money refused without arrangements, no one knows how she likes it. Until spring!!! See comedy!

The whole Ju-Jitsu batch went to Predeal in May. We had a triangular with Poland and Ukraine. At our restaurant, we were served by a waiter, Pavel, a nice and well-made boy with whom I got along well and who asked me for information on how and in what way he can join a serious club.

And as we were sitting at lunch one day, waiting to be served, I was masked by the curtain and the drapery of the window next to which I had the table, I heard a knock on the window and Pavel motioning to a woman who was waving her hands. To fall under the table… was my conductor.

In the evening I approached Pavel who told me that he had been having an affair with her for a few days and that she had approached him when he arrived at the resort, staying in another hotel. Had the first day of the competition, Pavel supported us with passion, and when I left he was waiting for me.

…Dude, I have a proposition. The guy with whom he fucked now would like to try a night with two guys, over two days go! He asked me if I couldn’t find someone who would agree. Wouldn’t you like to try?…the girl is beautiful and she fucks well. What do you say? I accepted and at 9 o’clock in the evening, I went to his house.

He had a two-room apartment in the city. When the director (Gina) saw me, she didn’t let it be seen how surprised she could be. The three of us entered a semi-dark bedroom with a pleasant atmosphere and when she saw me undressed, the teacher was pleasantly surprised.

Be careful Mihai, don’t break me because you are very big. And if Pavel showed signs of fatigue after two good fucks, I was very lively, which the teacher immediately appreciated. 

I was fucking her in the back, she was hardly breathing and moaning. I told Pavel to come in front of her to fuck her in the mouth.

The surprised professor took her to the grave and scolded her until she came back to Pavel, who started to fuck her neck. During this time I didn’t stop penetrating her, I filled my hand with the liquid that leaked from her and I smeared it well on the rosette…how she managed to get out of Pavel’s cock I don’t know…I just heard his voice…

… Mihai, slowly don’t break me… put it in me slowly! I fixed the pulley head to the rosette and pushed…

…MMMM…MMMH…with Pavel’s dick stuck in her throat, the teacher seemed satisfied, I continued with the perforations. I heard Pavel screaming, spilling his sperm into her mouth, the teacher swallowing happily. Pavel had withdrawn into her, the teacher had swallowed everything and I heard her voice…

…Mihai, give me a suck…please! Come in my mouth, just take it out slowly! I took it out slowly, and the teacher turned around and covered it with my mouth… it didn’t go all the way in. I stuck it as far as I could in her throat, Gina noticed, she took what was left in my hand and slowly started to masturbate me.

I felt something cold on my hand…I turned my head…Pavel was trying to put a glass of white wine in my hand…I took it and knocked it over my head, the second one followed, Gina was still sucking. His hand continued to masturbate… I could feel the excitement taking over me, I let it go a little longer and let out my sperm in long, strong, and warm jets.

It was too much, she couldn’t swallow it all…rivers of sperm were running from the corners of her mouth, on her chin, spilling onto her breasts. He smiled at me with his eyes and with his whole face warming and opening his eyes as a sign of thanks… the happy noise!

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