My Sweet Sue in ’82: into her and into me

In 1982 I was into a beautiful girl and I was living with her, a younger woman named Karen I was doing it as well as occasionally dating her best friend Carla. She was a few years older than Karen and both women knew what was going on but didn’t see a problem with it.

I also knew that Karen would occasionally disappear for a day or two using the excuse of going to Lake Tahoe to ski when she was actually somewhere else. I knew when there was snow up there and when it wasn’t. She was still dating an ex-boyfriend of hers somewhere. You know, it was hard to break the habits of the seventies and then we were all in our late twenties or older and sex was still very important.

Carla has been linked to some of the best smoking weed you will ever try in your life! She was also much better than Karen, though I avoided sharing that fact with her for obvious reasons. Since Karen also had her own successful business making and selling stained glass and artwork, she was often away when I wasn’t working.


We were into each other

Well, the three of us got together one evening and the truth came out. We decided that nothing would be solved by changing our behavior and we should always be honest with each other. That night I admitted that I still had feelings for an ex-girlfriend of mine. Karen talked me into going to call her. Her name was Sue and we met in the late seventies.

At the time, she was living just a few blocks from my house with her good-for-nothing boyfriend, who had once been my boss when I was the projectionist at the Cinema adult theater. We ended up in my bed the first night we spent together. She had argued with him that night, and he had fought behind her back most of the time they lived together.

I thought she was kind of attractive but we never got serious about each other because she was into cocaine and pretty hard drinking and was a neurotic mess after she finally moved out of her boyfriend’s house and went back to live with her dads. House. That’s where she lived when I bumped into her at work and she asked me to drive her home that evening.

He got a job at my dentist’s office!

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When I picked her up at work, she was getting into my little car when I quickly noticed once again that she had been blessed with a rack that any Penthouse model would have loved to own. She explained to me the past two years and admitted that she had cleaned up her act, and followed a diet of healthy foods and herbal medicine. She was proud of the fact that she had been working steadily for almost a year and a half, although she still wasn’t making enough money to get her own apartment.

She had regained some of the weight she had lost during her long period of chemical dependency and even had the nicest set of D-cups I have ever had! During the drive to her father’s house, I realized she was glad to see me because she needed someone to talk to. I informed her that I was now living with Karen and she seemed somewhat disappointed but hid it well.

I found out later that they had a serious argument. I then told him that my union has been on strike for several weeks and that I am not getting as much work as I would like. Then she asked me if I would take her out to dinner and a movie or something because her dad was going to be drunk when she got home anyway and she really needed a friend these days. I asked her if she had dated anyone recently and I saw a tear in her eye.

I decided I would take her to my favorite restaurant and when I opened her car door she jumped out and threw her arms around me. He planted a kiss that pulled my eyes back into their sockets! Her body had strengthened and she felt very good! Anyway, within ten minutes of finishing dinner we were back in the car and getting dressed in the parking lot! We decided to go get a motel room.

She sat on the end of the bed and parted her skinny thighs while I knelt between them and helped her as she squirmed a bit trying to get her panties off.

Body items like these always looked better lying on the floor. It took me a second to put my face in her lovely blonde fringed tuft and let my tongue discover my delicious slippery sauce. She moaned as my sharp tongue pushed between her swollen outer lips and made contact with the tiny folds of skin covering her clit. Her legs automatically opened and lifted as I began to do things to her that she obviously needed badly. I ate her delicious pussy for another minute or two as she began to squirm in earnest.

As soon as she grabbed my ears, I knew I had to pull her! I stood up and pulled off the rest of my clothes and gripped the aching pole firmly as I prepared to slide it into her. I positioned myself on top of her and let my head in and she gasped loudly as I forced a few inches into her. She was kind of tight and maybe she was telling me the truth that she hadn’t been with a man in a while.

One more hard thrust and my cock slid completely into her once familiar cunt. Being deep inside a woman is like no other feeling, and I mean that in the best possible way. Sue locked her ankles in the small of my back as I started to pull back. I started to pull her hard at that point and she kept up with me very well, although I noticed a few tears running down her cheeks and it made me feel guilty that we managed after such a long absence from one another.

“Why the tears baby?” I asked in a whisper as I thrust deep in and out of her.

“Oh, Ted…I’ve needed this for so long! I really have to come so bad!” She replied as she stifled a cry. She gave as good as she got and was wetter than any bastard I can remember. I guess the blood was draining from my head to you-know-where! I had a good pace going and she was about to come, as was I.

I hadn’t been with a woman besides Karen in a while and I knew I was going to have to fight to hold on long enough for her to go down first. Soon she unlocked her legs and spread them wide, letting out a loud moan as I felt her pussy contract in orgasm. I entered her as deep as I could and lay still as she squeezed me tightly as she came. Sue had always been a highly sexual woman in the sack and tonight was no different.

pexels budgeron bach 6533018

I felt her squirt her warm, slippery juice around my cock as she came down. After a few more seconds, I started thrusting again, pumping hard into her now hot glove. I was ready to squirt and suddenly felt her coming hard again. Her pussy clenched so hard I couldn’t believe it and I immediately lost it, squirting a huge amount of cock juice deep into her quivering, pasty white belly!

All in all, I wish we had started a serious relationship back then, but she had to go through that extreme girly phase she was in when we first met.

I liked to party, but I always got up and went to work, while she rarely did anything other than sell drugs. We had never met as a couple, but it wasn’t the last night we spent with the new Sue, trying to set a record to see how much skin we could rub against each other over the next few weeks. Sometime during that winter she called me and told me that there was someone new in her life and that what I had done for her as far as helping her regain her self-respect and learn to feel like a real woman without alcohol or drugs. something he would never forget.

I was only twenty-eight the second time we met back then and still had a lot to learn about a woman’s emotions. Well, some guys never learn…

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