My colleague Stefania


From time to time I stop by the office of a colleague, a friend who has an accounting firm, which also takes care of my records, to consult with him on various financial and fiscal topics. Through the offices, a bunch of women, of various ages, are buried in piles of files, lost in front of the computers. We greeted them, and exchanged a joke, sometimes, when we were talking about the company or when they had concerns about some operations.

On one of the occasions, while I was talking with my friend, a girl entered through the door of the office, young, plump, dressed in clothes that were a bit too tight. You could easily guess, not only the obvious breasts, and the slightly bulging belly, but also the pussy lips that seemed to be trying to show off.

I had seen her there before, but I didn’t know anything about her. He asks something, gets his answer, and then leaves. After her, I say to my friend: I would fuck you with this. He bursts out laughing: You’re stupid, that’s not even half your age. Then we forget and we’ll see about business. A few days pass and I receive a call from them: some documents were missing and the month could not be closed.

– OK, I say, but I have no one to send it today.

– Yes, but it’s a bit urgent.

– Come on, I’ll try to pass by myself, but towards the evening, until what time can I find someone there?

– Well, there are still a few girls left until around 20:00, because there is a lot of work.

– Okay, I’ll try to get there.

I do my chores and, almost at the limit, around 7:50 p.m., I join them. I find some girls, really, and leave the documents. They quickly look over them and are satisfied with what they receive. I leave and, on the way out, I stop at the toilet, because I felt like my bladder was bursting. While I was filling the urinal, I heard the door behind me, but I didn’t realize that I hadn’t seen any men in the offices. Suddenly, a woman’s voice behind me:

The colleague I want to fuck

– I hear you want to fuck me.

I’m stuck, obviously. I stop my activity and put my aggregate back in my pants. I turn around, a little embarrassed, and look at the swelling from a few days ago. He looks at me and says nonchalantly:

– I’m Stefania, your friend’s colleague and you can wait for me downstairs, I finish in about 20 minutes.

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Then it comes out. I stay for a few seconds without moving, with my pulse suddenly quickening, then I start laughing. I go down the stairs laughing at the comic of the situation, I go to the car, start the engine and let go. Then, I remember her tight clothes and light a cigarette. I decide to wait, to see what happens.

After about 15 minutes, I see her coming out in front of the building. He stops in front of the door looking up and down the street. The colleague doesn’t see anyone and seems to shrug his shoulders, then he turns and walks down the sidewalk. I get out of the car and she sees me, a few meters away from her. He tells me:

– I thought you were just bragging, but I see you are a man of your word.

Then she approached and entered the car, closing the door behind her. I also get into the car and look at her.

– I’m hungry, he says naturally, as if we’ve known each other for a lifetime. And I would drink some wine.

I am laughing again. I don’t remember being so embarrassed too often.

– OK, I say, after a break, let’s go eat something, I know a restaurant nearby.

– Better to order from you, she said.

Me, again a break. In the end, I say goodbye and head for the studio apartment that my wife and I keep for such occasions. We are an open couple and we decided a long time ago that each of us has the right to fuck another dick or another pussy when we need it, so we have a place to go on these occasions.

At the traffic light, I give a message, as I had agreed with her: I’m passing by the studio. To avoid worries and… agglomeration. He answers me almost immediately: free, increases!

– What do you want to order, I ask… Stefania?

– I have some ideas, give me the address and I’ll deal with it. At what time do we arrive?

– In about 15 minutes, I say, after dictating the address.

The colleague orders something, I don’t know what, and out of the corner of my eye, I see that he is playing with Glovo. I park and get out of the car. In front of the block, he turns to me and asks:

– How old are you?

– 49, I answer.

– It’s good, that’s how I like it.

Then the colleague enters the staircase and leans in front of the elevator. We were getting in the elevator, and he looked at me and asked:

– Are you always like that, shy?

– No, I answer, only that for about an hour I have been going from surprise to surprise.

– It was a surprise for me too, to hear the boss tell his wife, laughing, what you said to him in the office.

– Don’t get me wrong… I’m starting to apologize, somehow…

– You’ve changed your mind?

– No but…

– Okay, the colleague says, turns around, and waits for the elevator door to open.

I open it and invite her inside. He throws his coat and bag on an armchair, looks at me, and says:

– I’m going to take a shower.

After a few minutes, the colleague comes out empty-handed, searches through his bag, and, nonchalantly, lights a cigarette. I sit and watch how he relaxes on the other armchair. I admire their full forms, now released from under the tight clothes.

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– Come on, take a shower too!

I leave like a remote guide. When I leave the bathroom, she was just getting the order at the door. Just as empty as I had left it a few minutes earlier.

– Sushi, she says.

– I thank myself with a glass of wine, I say (I hate sushi, between us).

I watch her eat, I light a cigarette this time. She gets full, drinks thirstily from the glass of wine, then relax and looks me in the eyes, sitting on the armchair, waiting for my reaction, spreads her legs and caresses my fleshy pussy, covered by very short-cut hair. The colleague is not completely shaved or epilated, just very short.

The wine has its effect on me too, so I relax and the dick starts to show signs that it has understood what’s coming next. I approach her and make her stand up. He kisses me long and puts his tongue between my lips.

Our breathing starts to speed up, I feel his nipples instantly harden. I run my hands over her fleshy body and breathe harder and harder. I have a crazy desire to lick her pussy. So I push her back into the armchair and sit on my knees in front of her. He looked into my eyes, waiting.

I bury my head between my colleague’s fleshy thighs and kiss the thighs first, around the pussy, without touching it. Then I part her lips with my tongue and she flinches, moaning lightly. I look for her to lick and feel how suddenly, her pussy is flooded with juice.

I lick like crazy, everything I grab, the lick, the labia, I fuck her with my tongue, I return to the lick, juices flow in my mouth, on my face, everywhere, while she, with her head thrown back, colleague moans deeply and presses his hands on my head. I gently put a finger in her pussy and start to move it. The jet that comes out of her pussy a few minutes later takes me by surprise. I don’t have time to avoid it and I wouldn’t have done it. I’m so excited that I swallow a part.

Another part runs down my chin. My colleague’s fleshy thighs squeeze my head and I feel her buttocks contract uncontrollably. I continue. My dick is now stretched to the maximum, but I want to lick it some more. I continue. In all this commotion, my tongue caresses her lick, enters her pussy, slides down her asshole, and reaches all possible places and positions.

The second orgasm comes while I hold the lick between her lips and hit it with my tongue inside, pressing with a finger at the entrance to the ass. Her convulsions throw me aside. Gasping and still moaning, my colleague gets up, grabs my cock, and pulls me to the bed. He falls on his back, spreads his legs, and pulls them up, holding them with his hands:

– Cock in the pussy, now, I hear her order between her teeth.

My dick was already so swollen that I almost felt it was starting to hurt. I throw myself on top of her and enter briefly, in one movement, to the root. My colleague lets out a short howl and then starts to move under me. He lets go of his legs and pulls me away. I start to move like a madman, sometimes deeper, sometimes faster, and more superficially.

I detect how much I need to put in for her to like it the most and I start to move quickly, with a very short stroke, in that area. He raises his pubis in such a way that my dick rubs against the front wall of the vagina. He stands still and moans. He looked into my eyes.

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From time to time, my colleague’s eyes roll over, but he comes back and looks me straight in the eye. I blunder like crazy and I move quickly, going out and in only a few centimeters. Her sap floods the bed, I feel how it flows on the pieces, on my skin, it tightens and falls under me in thick drops.

My colleague lets out a short scream, his body tenses, his legs curl around me, and his whole body trembles spasmodically. I continue to move, as much as I can, contained in her tightness. The tension weakens, his legs fall to the sides and I hear:

– I want you to spray my cum on my pussy, my colleague said.

I am excited to the maximum and this last order brings me to the verge of explosion. I feel how my balls contract, I release the first jet in my pussy, then I quickly take it out and hold it in such a way that my sperm spurts slimy on her lips.

– Yes, my colleague shouted, like that!

My jets stop, and she trembles slowly put a hand between her legs, and massage her pussy with my sperm. They stay in position, watching how he spreads her everywhere, on her pussy, on her asshole, everywhere. I lean down and kiss her on her full belly, on her navel.

My colleague presses on my head, guiding me down, towards the smeared pussy. I obey, I feel the taste of the pussy, mixed with that of the sperm. He moaned lightly. I lick it lightly, my cock is still erect, and I am excited to the maximum, by the tastes and smells I feel.

I climb up slowly and kiss her on the mouth. My colleague licks the sperm from my lips, grabs my neck with his arms, and kisses me hard. My dick is rubbing down, I don’t know exactly in which position, everything is so wet and viscous there, that I can’t figure out the exact position.

– Still, sucking dick?

– Yes, I answer, it’s only your fault, and I laugh.

– Okay, my colleague says, that’s how it should be.

The goat is placed and the following command is sent:

– In the ass. Very slowly, but don’t stop if you type.

I rub my cock against her sphincter, and press lightly, and I hear her moan slowly. She moves too, I mostly stay put. He pressed harder and harder on the head of my cock. Everything is so sticky down there that you can hear small splashes.

She moaned for a long time and pressed suddenly. The cock’s head escapes into her ass. He remains motionless, trembling. I also remain motionless. Then I feel it, gently, and take it deeper and deeper. Her tight ass presses on my cock causing pain. She gets up, puts a hand under her, and starts rubbing her pussy. My colleague’s breasts suddenly tighten, she screams for a long time and I finish again, while she pushes herself and takes all my dick in her ass which tightens and pulsates.

We stay like this until my cock softens and slides out. I fall exhausted to one side. My colleague gets up and goes to the bathroom. He comes back and sits next to me. Our breathing slows down. I get up and go to the shower. I turn and sit on the bed. I pass my hand lightly over her body, over her fleshy thighs, over her bulging belly, over her now relaxed breasts.

I kiss her wet and she answers me. He stretched out an arm and grabbed my neck. We kiss lasciviously, caress each other and I feel her breathing hard again. I think that I don’t think I can do anything anymore and I try to calm things down. My dick is quiet, limp. But she looks into my eyes and says:

– It’s time to taste your sperm directly from the source.

And he goes down taking my cock between his lips. Patiently, like a breeze, he massages it with my lips and tongue. My dick shows signs that she’s not really that tired, but she doesn’t seem too eager to move on either. But she doesn’t give up. I feel the blood flooding my dick, which reaches 80%.

With one hand, my colleague gently caresses my skin and I feel how he presses on my ass hole from time to time, harder and harder. My breathing also quickens and, with the last of my strength, I explode briefly in her mouth. He sucks in his mouth, climbs again, and lies down next to me and I notice how he swallows.

– Nothing much came of it, he tells me, next time we’ll start with that.

– Will there be a next time, I ask?

The colleague looks at me, laughs, and kisses me. I feel the taste and smell of sperm again.

– Well, did you think you got away with just that much after embarrassing me in front of the boss?

Then, we both fell into a malaise bordering on sleep…

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