I wanted to suck a 15 yo girl

I am a sucker, over 30 years old and I started wanting to such and fuck teenage girls. I met a colleague in the mall. She was also with her 15-year-old daughter, a sweet and sexy girl. They invited me to their place.

I didn’t refuse, they being alone, and me without my wife, who was at work. I arrived at Dora’s house, who, after changing into something comfortable, served me red wine and coffee. Dora is a petite girl, but super sexy, at 42 years old.


We talked, we drank and we had a blast. I kissed her on the mouth and laid her on her back. I pulled her panties and took her dick. I fucked her well until she had an orgasm. We woke up with her daughter, Geanina, next to us. Her mother said she wants me to initiate her too.

I love to suck women

I opened her dress and started to suck her tits. Then I went down with my mouth between my legs, to her pussy and I started to suck. She has a small, pink pussy. I licked her lips and went down to the rosette. She was crazy with pleasure.

Then I sucked her clitoris. I stood up and sucked his cock. He took it delicately and started to lightly lick her head. I pulled her head and pushed it deep into her mouth. He began to suck her with lust. He licked my skin and I pushed his head to lick my anus as well. She put her tongue in her anus, after which I laid her on her back, spread her legs wide, and started to put my dick in her pussy. She was wet with excitement, but the cock was tight and hard.


I could feel her vagina dilating. Her mother held her hand and encouraged her. He bent down and licked Gianina while I penetrated her. At one point, the girl screamed and writhed in pain, and a trickle of blood ran down my dick. I had made her a virgin. Then I started pumping her. She let go of her pussy and started having orgasms.

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The girl was enjoying herself on my dick, and I was crazy, feeling my thick dick tight against her pussy. I put a goat on it and took it on the back. He screamed and struggled with my cock. After two hours of fuck, I freed myself in her pink, filling her with sperm mixed with her cum. It was amazing to undress and fuck a 15-year-old girl.

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