Miss West and Wendy

Wendy was led blindfolded by Miss West to a door at the back of the office. Miss West inserted a key and opened the heavy oak door to what from the outside appeared to be a storage room next to the main office. At the entrance, if Wendy had been able to see, she would have seen a small room, about six feet square, painted black, with metal rings attached at various heights along the walls and various points on the ceiling. The room was lit with spotlights angled in all directions.

Wendy stood in the middle of the brightly lit room. She was alone with Miss West while the other three women sat outside talking. Miss West turned Wendy to a corner of the small room. She then tied a tie around the cuffs at her wrists and pulled them up to the ceiling so that Wendy’s arms and body were outstretched. Wendy could barely touch the floor with her delicate feet.


Miss West stood behind Wendy and removed her blindfold. Without speaking, she left and closed the door behind her.

Wendy’s eyes reacted quickly to the lights and she was blinded for a few seconds. Once she regained full vision, Wendy cautiously used what little freedom she had to inspect the room. She managed to spin on tiptoe. She saw how small the room was. He saw the rings on the walls and ceiling. The black paint made it look like a dungeon or an interrogation room, Wendy thought.

She started to feel nervous again. What was going to happen to her now she thought. Am I going to get hurt? Am I going to be forced to do things to these women again? What will they do to me!? Thoughts raced through Wendy’s mind.

As soon as the door closed, it opened again. Miss West appeared at the door and closed it to be alone with her young employee.

Hello, Miss!

Wendy soon noticed that Miss West had items in her hand. She struggled to see them.

“Wendy, do you know what this is?” She supported a long, stiff leather peace with an attachment at one end.

“Miss West, is that a whip?” Wendy replied nervously.

“Almost Wendy. It is a harvest. It is similar to a whip. I’ll show you why in a moment. Do you know what this is Wendy? She held up a leather belt with a smooth red ball attached to it.

“Oh, Miss West, I think it’s a gag!”

“That’s right Wendy, well done. Here hold it in your teeth so you can taste it.” Miss West put the end of her leather strap between her front teeth and allowed Wendy to grab onto it.

Miss West continued, the gag hanging loosely from Wendy’s mouth.

“The harvest here will be used to leave marks on your skin, Wendy.”

Wendy stiffened in panic as Miss West continued.

“The notes will remind you that you work for me and that you are mine. They can mark you because they can or if they don’t think you’re working hard enough. Do you understand Wendy?

“Yes, Miss West,” Wendy whispered through gritted teeth.

“I’m going to give you the first grade now, Wendy, to see how you like it. If you can take it without whimpering, I’ll leave the gag out. If you make a sound, you’ll be gagged before the other ladies come to use you. Is Wendy okay?”

“Yes, Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West did it around Wendy to increase the tension. He wanted Wendy to be nervous and worried about being hit by the crop. As he circled her, he let the end of the crop caress Wendy’s stomach and ass.

On the young girl’s third turn, Miss West stepped back and focused on Wendy’s left cheek. He lightly touched it with his torso, then slowly pulled it back. She paused. Then, with an experienced hand, he slammed the top of his torso down to crash against Wendy’s soft skin. Wendy couldn’t begin to fathom how much it would hurt the crop. It knocked the breath from Wendy’s lungs as she let out a high-pitched scream.

Her pain echoed around the closed room. The scream was what you would expect from a woman in the throes of passion. He had never heard himself make such a noise. She experienced no such pain. His skin reddened and swelled within seconds. Tears fell from her eyes as the pain made her adrenaline surge and heat up. She lost the grip of the gag as she cried.

“Did you like that Wendy!” Miss West asked excitedly when she saw the distress she had caused Wendy.

“No! Oh no, I didn’t miss West! Please don’t do it again!”

With that, Miss West withdrew the crop and struck again in the same spot.

Again, Wendy screamed an ear-piercing burst to show her pain. The tears continued to flow as Wendy sobbed and fought her restraints.

Miss West moved to face Wendy.

“Wendy, you dropped your gag! You screamed when I told you to shut up and spoke inappropriately to me. You can say “Yes Miss West” when I ask if you like it!! Now you leave me no choice but to punish you!

Wendy fought her compulsions but quickly began to realize that the more she protested, the longer the punishment would take. She decided she had to bear the pain, say what she had to say, and get out as soon as possible.

“Lift your right leg so I can cut your inner thigh, Wendy.”

“Yes, Miss West, anything for you.”

“That’s better Wendy, good girl.”

Wendy lifted her knee and twisted it outward to expose the inner thigh of her right leg.

She struggled to keep her balance and used the tension on her wrists to maintain her position.

“When I cut you this time, Wendy, I want silence! Leave your leg like that until I tell you to put it down.”

“Yes, Miss West, anything for you.”

Miss West hit the softest part of Wendy’s leg. It hit her thigh just two inches below her bald vagina.

Wendy bit her tongue to control herself. The pain in her thigh was worse than in her back, but she knew another flare-up would only make her pain worse.

Without warning, Miss West struck again in the same spot. Wendy let out a lung full of air but managed to keep her vocal cords still. Saliva left his mouth in a spitting wave. Some reached the floor, while some dripped onto his chin and hung precariously. Tears of pain continued down her cheeks and mixed with saliva and dripped onto her bare chest. Miss West made patterns in the wetness and traced them to Wendy’s left nipple with the crop. She pushed and poked her nipple with the kit and then slowly and slowly started pounding her nipple until it became hard.

“Good girl Wendy. I knew you could take it. Lower your foot. Do you like Crop Wendy?

“Yes, Miss West.”

“I know you do Wendy and you will learn to love her as you get used to the pain she can cause. You know I’m going to put this ball gag in your mouth to make sure you don’t cry out in pain in front of my friends!”

Miss West bent down and picked up the gag. He shoved the red ball into Wendy’s mouth and caught the leather straps behind her head. He pulled it tight and looked at Wendy as she struggled to breathe and swallow. Saliva escaped the sides of the gag.

Once Wendy had begun to relax a little in her bindings, Miss West took her legs, which still had the silk bindings on them, and pulled them into the air. She maneuvered Wendy until she was facing a corner again. She pulled her legs up and tied her right leg to one wall and her left leg to the adjacent wall, forcing her legs apart at a ninety-degree angle. Her legs were now slightly higher than her waist, so her knees were bent. Miss West then replaced Wendy’s blindfold. She was now fully restrained, gagged, and blindfolded.

pexels inna mykytas 10179662

Miss West left the room once more to call the other ladies. Wendy was left alone with her legs spread and her arms tied up.

The three ladies followed Miss West back into the small room, desperate to see their new toy bound and trampled.

They were not disappointed by what they saw. Each of them commented on how beautiful Wendy looked suspended and naked with her legs spread.

“Ooh look at Wendy. What a whore is waiting there with her legs open just for us!”

“Look at her vagina. I think it’s wet waiting.”

“I think he’s going to rock like he never has before!”

“I can’t wait to let her drink my juices.”

“I want to taste his little anus while it’s so exposed!”

Miss West interrupted their conversation.

“Now ladies, here are the rules. Wendy pays attention because this will affect you too.

Since Wendy is my girl, I can tell when she’s coming. If she comes before I say she can, she will be cut. Wendy has to be quiet all the time. You can do what you like to it. You can use any hole and use any of my tools as you like. Once you’re done using the holes, we’ll move it so it can serve you to your heart’s content. If you’re going to cum, I’d like you to make sure as much of your cum as possible goes into her mouth.

Ladies, please go ahead and have fun!”

Wendy was hardened by the rules Miss West had given her! What were the ‘tools’ she thought? What if it hurts? I can’t speak to tell them to stop with this gag! What will I have to do with them? What are they going to do with my holes!?

The ladies moved slowly. They took their time to study Wendy’s empty form. They circled her without touching, silently deciding what they wanted to do to her first.

The lady that Wendy had undressed first was the first to act. He leaned over to Miss West’s tools and picked up a tiny whip. It could best be described as a “pocket whip”. It was only four inches long in total. The tails were about six inches long and made of soft leather.

He stood between Wendy’s wrapped legs and slowly began to prescribe whips on her inner thighs. Wendy’s body flinched at the shock of these first touches.

She kept a steady pace swinging the whip from thigh to thigh, alternately striking each leg. Once Wendy got used to the sensation, she found it quite pleasant. The skin felt soft and smooth and gave a nice slap when they landed.

The whip was worked along her thighs, the pace occasionally quickening, then slowing again.

Meanwhile, the elegant lady took a clear plastic vibrator from her tool bag. It was a big vibrator with ribs in it. She licked the length of the shaft and dropped to her knees beneath Wendy. She offered it to Wendy’s lips spread further into her hole.

Wendy sensed it immediately and only hoped that it was small and that whoever had ever used it would be considerate and gentle.

She let out a whimper from behind her gag as it was pushed quite firmly into her young vagina.

As Wendy whimpered, Miss West was immediately there to cut her off as punishment for making a sound. He cut the lower part of her right thigh, not far from where she was whipped. She flinched as the harsh blow landed.

The lady pushed hard against the strength of Wendy’s muscles, trying to push her away. Wendy was shown nine inches, leaving just enough for the lady to hold on to. Her hand hit Wendy’s pussy as she began to thrust the object in and out at quite a pace!

Wendy’s entire body rocked back and forth as her pussy was roughly used by the elegant lady.

The lady with the whip has now moved to Wendy’s body. He stroked his abdomen, then moved to Wendy’s breasts, focusing on her sensitive nipples. Her breasts reddened and her nipples reacted by stiffening and pointing up.

Wendy was not used to feeling such sensations. The whip was not painful. The dildo in her vagina was though! She wasn’t lubricated enough to take such a large phallus.

She rubbed at her sensitive insides and thought she might cry again.

Miss West and Sandra watched in silence as this beautiful girl was humiliated and abused. Miss West stroked Sandra’s bottom as they watched in delight.

Sandra pursued the young woman of her desires in this threesome with these two experienced ladies. He wanted her so much. He liked watching her suffer, but he didn’t want to hurt such a gentle being.

He walked over to the mix of women and knelt next to the elegant lady.

She stopped Wendy from swinging by placing her hands on the bottom of her face and gripping hard. He slowly moved his tongue to Wendy’s tight anus.

Wendy felt the soft wet touch on the delicate skin around her ass. It was a wonderful feeling and he used his best guess and correctly assumed that Sandra was finishing what she had started earlier.

The exquisite feeling on Wendy’s anus compensated for the pain the elegant lady was inflicting with the vibrator on her vagina.

The thought of Sandra dropping them in her ass started to make Wendy wet. Her pussy began to lubricate the plastic cock inside her and made her ruthlessness smoother and more pleasurable.

The elegant lady maneuvered her thumb so that, upward, it made brief contact with Wendy’s clit. Every seventh or eighth stroke she stopped, holding the vibrator deep inside Wendy as she circled her clit with her thumb and then occasionally pushed her face closer to lick it.

Wendy had never had two tongues working on her at the same time before. She didn’t know what sensation to focus on and her pre-em loosened, leaking onto the vibrator and into her anus, where Sandra was too excited to taste it.

“That’s it, girls! Has good taste?” asked Miss West.

The elegant lady was the first to answer as she continued to pound the vibrator home.

“Oh yes, she has very good taste for such a young girl. He better be ready to eat my vagina now that I’ve been so kind and licked his bud!

I bet you like to lick yourself, Wendy. Do you want me to lick you some more?”

Wendy nodded frantically and let out a muffled sigh through her gag.

“Would you like me to make you come with this big phallus Wendy?”

Wendy’s appreciative moans continued as she began to give in and breathe deeper.

“Now Now Wendy”; Miss West spoke again; “Don’t even think about coming yet! I didn’t permit you!”

Sandra’s tongue worked faster and faster at her anus, and the vibrator was thrust deeper and faster. The tongue on her clit worked more often as she was teased to orgasm.

The lady with the whip had now started using it on Wendy’s face. gently but relentlessly slapping his cheeks. It was almost frustrating for Wendy, but as her orgasm began to increase the focus and confusion sent her over the edge.

She shook her head from side to side to try to avoid the whip but also to try to get these women to stop. Her orgasm sent waves through her body. She knew Miss West would feel it coming and she dreaded the consequences.

pexels antonio friedemann 6698731

She moaned through her gag in a mix of pleasure and fear. Tears escaped her eyes again and the ball in her mouth nearly gagged her as the saliva from her increased state could not be swallowed.

Miss West stepped forward with the kit and motioned for the lady with the whip to move so she could stand between Wendy’s legs.

The whip was now hitting Wendy’s legs and ankles.

Miss West raised her torso and to the rhythm of her words clipped Wendy’s nipples. “I – HOPE – YOU – ARE – NO- HOW – ING – LADY – LADY!”

Wendy shook her head wildly. The attention to her holes continued as the orgasm drove her wild. Her whole body shook, her vagina tightened and she sucked on the vibrator. The elegant lady had to fight to keep control of herself so that she could continue at a frantic pace. Sandra pushed her tongue further into Wendy’s anus and stroked her ass as she did.

How Wendy made her so wet that the vibrator made a loud noise as it moved inside Wendy. Up he sent a spray of cum covering the elegant lady’s hands and face as she concentrated hard to make Wendy orgasm.

Wendy said out loud that she was gagged and it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Shut up Wendy!” ordered Miss West.

Wendy didn’t know the words now. All she could focus on were her thighs and her inner fire.

“Wendy, I want you to stop coming immediately!” Miss West looked like a school teacher yelling orders at naughty students.

He knew Wendy couldn’t control herself yet. In time, Miss West would train her to be more obedient.

“Shut up Wendy!” Miss West ordered again.

Wendy climaxed and her moans echoed in the room. She feared what punishment Miss West might administer for her disobedience as she slowly began to return to earth. Miss West asked the other ladies to stop.

The dildo was slowly removed and the four of them took great pleasure in inspecting Wendy’s fresh honey that covered the entire shaft. The lady with the whip being the only one who didn’t taste Wendy took the vibrator and slowly licked it and sucked it clean.

They all now stood ready to see Wendy receive her punishment.

“Wendy, you know I have to mark you now! I’m going to punish you first for breaking your silence and then for coming before I say you can! Do you understand Wendy?

Wendy admitted with a slow, fearful nod.

Miss West gently patted the cheeks of Wendy’s face. A few hits on both sides.

“You need to learn to control your noises, Wendy. I asked you to be quiet, but you disobeyed me!”

He then ran the crop up to her nipples where the strokes became harder.

“Don’t speak or make a sound unless told to Wendy! Do you understand miss!?”

The photos were hard and painful of Wendy’s already sensitive nipples.

Wendy nodded quickly, hoping the sudden answer would end her suffering. It didn’t happen and Miss West continued to rain on each nipple until they turned red.

“Now Wendy. And your little vagina disobeyed you, didn’t it?

Wendy nodded again.

“He released your honey before I was ready, Wendy.” That’s why it must be cut!”

Wendy shook her head violently and her body struggled and fought the compulsions. She knew her efforts were futile. She knew this would be the worst pain she could ever suffer. It would be excruciating to attack her hard leather lips. She struggled to hope that Miss West would go easy on her. She knew she had to accept the punishment and was eager to show Miss West that she wanted to learn, but she dreaded the pain she was about to experience.

He let his body relax and waited for his torso to receive him.

“One, two, three…” Miss West counts the harvest she has made. The first was soft and kind. The second and third were a little harder. When the tenth blow came, Miss West was using reasonable force to make Wendy suffer.

Wendy managed to stay quiet, but the pain she was in was like no other. The crop hit her labia, clit, and the skin between her hole and anus. Miss West’s places were precise and deliberate. She knew which parts of a young girl were the most sensitive.

He stopped at 15, recognizing the pain Wendy must be feeling. Wendy winced in pain, she felt it prick her pussy, and the sensation shot through her body. He concentrated hard and managed to stifle his screams.

After a few minutes of watching her writhe in pain, Miss West decided it was time to use Wendy’s mouth to service her and her friend’s vagina. She untied Wendy’s legs and gently lowered them to the ground, allowing the blood to flow back to them gradually. He then released the gag and asked Wendy if she liked the punishment.

“Oh yes, Miss West, anything for you,” Wendy replied.

Her hands were released from the ceiling and the other women gathered to help her into the next position.

They grabbed her arms and body and carefully laid her on the cold floor on her back. Miss West then clasped her hands together and linked her forearms together and pulled them so that her body was tight again. Her arms were caught in one of the metal loops that was only two inches above the floor.

With her body as straight as an arrow, two of the other women took Wendy’s legs and spread them, and pinned them aside with a spreader bar. They attached the spreader bar to a cable and ran it through a ring on the ceiling. Then they used the metal loops in the ceiling as pulleys to lift her off the floor.

The ladies looked at Wendy as she hung upside down with her legs spread so they could see right into her vagina. Wendy’s firm young breasts fell just slightly towards her face. The back of her head was still on the floor and her neck bent uncomfortably so the rest of her was at ninety degrees to him.

Miss West was the first to use Wendy in this position. She removed her gag so her mouth could be abused by her and her friends.

Miss West was standing over Wendy’s face, her legs on either side of her outstretched arms. He slowly lowered himself onto Wendy’s pretty face and began rolling his already wet pussy inside her. She felt Wendy’s nose hit her clit and her lips move with the force of her labia.

“Use your mouth to make me love the little one. I want you to drink my cum!” Miss West instructed Wendy.

Wendy realized it was Miss West and promptly spanked her mistress’ vagina.

While Wendy worked her pussy with her soft tongue, Miss West rubbed her bottom against Wendy’s nose. Pushing down as far as he could, he felt the tip enter her. She moved in a circle to arouse her anus as her young employee flicked her clit with a quick learning tongue.

Sandra, realizing that Miss West was enjoying her anal play, leaned behind Miss West and slowly began to finger the outside of her friend’s anus. Miss West raised her fractional ass so she could do whatever she wanted with her tight anus. Sandra wasted no time slipping a finger inside her and moving it to delight her friend.

As Miss Wests quickly accumulated and ensured that nothing was wasted. She allowed Wendy to cum and then fingered her hole to draw the excess build-up and let it drip into Wendy’s hungry mouth.

Wendy now enjoyed the taste and excitement of licking Miss West. She found it so perverse and against her better judgment that she felt so excited. This made his lap faster and more attentive to detail. She wanted her boss to come hard in her mouth so badly.

With her clit and anus playing with Miss West, they soon began to cum. She cradled her vagina in Wendy’s face and positioned herself to make sure her employee knew where to lick. Her juices flowed and a wave of cum left her pussy in a torrent as she moaned a wonderful sigh of pleasure. Wendy continued to lick and swallowed as hard as she could to take as much as she was offered.

Miss West rubbed her soaked pussy all over Wendy’s face as she came down from her excitement of leaving Wendy looking like she just had a hard workout.

When Miss West stood up, it revealed Wendy’s smiling face. He had a dirty but innocent smile on his face as if to say “I just made you a Mistress and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

“It was very good Wendy. I’m sure with more practice you’ll become an excellent employee,” remarked Miss West.

“Thank you Miss West!” Wendy replied, still smiling at her efforts.

The lady who had whipped Wendy now decided it was her turn to have some fun.

And she adopted the same position that Miss West had. Before allowing Wendy to lick her, she asked Wendy if she would like a 69.

With Wendy’s mouth only an inch from her pussy, she not only heard Wendy’s response but also felt her warm breath on her pussy.

“Yes miss, anything for you.”

With that she lowered herself onto Wendy’s mouth and wrapped her arms around Wendy’s frame and grabbed her ass cheeks. She pulled Wendy closer and buried her own face in Wendy’s fold, and the two women began to kiss each other’s vaginas.

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