The sister on a naked day

“So Sandy wants some fuck. Been there, done that,” I said with a smile. Sandy flicked her middle finger at me and laughed.

“Well, I need a break,” I announced. I got a washcloth for sister Cindy to clean her face of the double facial, then pulled up a chair at the end of the bed. “I think I’m going to stay here and direct. Hell, all three Monroe brothers are naked on my bed. Let’s begin. Johnny, up on your back and let your sisters get to work making you hard again. Sandy, see how much of this you can get down your throat.


“Cindy, how about paying some attention to your brother’s balls?”

The sisters stood on either side of their younger brother. Sandy grabbed his growing cock and gave it a few strokes. Then she knelt down and licked the head of his cock, sucking it and slowly working it into her mouth. Meanwhile, Cindy fondled her brother’s ball sack, then proceeded to lick and suck a testicle into her mouth. She worked from one to the other, then licked his balls and the area below. Sandy had managed to fit a few inches in her mouth. Coming up for air, she said, “I guess I’m not a professional whore like my sister.”

Anyone favorite sister

Cindy looked up from where she was sucking Johnny’s balls and smiled. “Practice”. Johnny propped himself up on his elbows, his head thrown back amazed that the two sisters were paying attention to him like he never had before. Sandy finally licked Johnny from base to head and said, “I need some of this, now.” Cindy moved aside so her sister could ride with their brother.

Sandy guided Johnny’s cock to her pussy and rocked back pushing his cock through her pussy lips into her vagina. She rocked back and forth, slowly getting used to the feel of his cock and enjoying the sensations that rocked her body. She managed to get about 6 inches in and seemed content not to push it. Standing, she could feel her brother deep inside her. Getting off Jimmy, Sandy laid back and told her brother to pull her good and hard.

Johnny stepped between his sister’s legs and placed her legs on his shoulders, then folded her legs back, opening her wide for him. Cindy reached out and pointed her cock at their gaping vagina sisters. He pushed forward and entered Sandy, making her cry out. “OOOOOOOH DAMN IT” “Give it to me.” Fuck me hard bro, hard.” Jimmy easily complied by thrusting into his sister again and again. The effort was draining me just watching. Johnny was relentless. Sandy’s breathing was ragged.

“Uh, uh, uh, oh shit. Yes YES YEEEEES” as an orgasm tears through her. “MORE, more. aaaaaaaah”

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Johnny had a sheen of sweat on him as he continued to punish his sister’s pussy with his long hard cock. Then he tensed, pushed himself fully against Sandy’s body, and held for a moment. At that, Cindy reached out and squeezed her brother’s balls. Johnny screamed “Oh shit” and unloaded everything in him into his sister.

Cindy kept up the pressure as load after load was deposited into Sandy’s love canal. Sandy came again from the exertion and fell back exhausted. Cindy let go and Johnny pumped a few more times to make sure his sister got every drop she had. Then he reached down and kissed Sandy. True brotherly love.

“I have an idea,” I said looking at Cindy with a devilish smile. “Let’s make it a hell of a Monroe. Why don’t you clean Johnny of Sandy?”

“Really? You want me to go to my sister’s hair removal?”

I responded with a small huff and a shrug.

“She’s let you down once or twice before.” And I think it might be hot to watch.

“Hmm, Sandy? What do you think?”

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“Oh, I was really screwed. Good job, boy. I just need to lay here and recover. If someone wants to clean that gallon of cum out of me, I’m not complaining.”

“Okay then, I’ll try,” Cindy said cautiously as she looked in my direction. Johnny moved to the end of the bed to watch this action. I climbed into bed to get a better look. Sandy lay on her back exhausted as Cindy climbed between her sister’s legs. Johnny watched in a bit of shock as Cindy leaned forward showing us her tight ass. From this point of view we could clearly see the pussies of both sisters presented to us.

Cindy’s had opened up a bit exposing her lips for us. Sandy’s was spread wide with a good amount of Johnny’s crack now flowing. Cindy stuck out her tongue and took a big chunk of her brother’s cum. Moving closer, she dipped her tongue into her sister’s vagina, letting more cum in as her sister’s vaginal muscles pushed more out. As the cum dwindled, Cindy simply pressed her face up onto her sister’s pussy, tugging at her inner lips, licking all over to get every drop

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