The host girl & her mother

I had only one thought, a fishing trip in our beautiful Delta, found a host, far from civilization, without a telephone, internet, television, etc.

I have two colleagues at work, sick after fishing, they were my team with whom I periodically went to the swamps of the homeland.

Military planning, full equipment, needles, razors, and quills!

Ready, we’re leaving in the morning, everything loaded in my car!

No more parts! In the evening, the two colleagues are called to work, and in the morning they will go to a product reception in Germany. Great grief, we advise you to leave.

At 4 a.m. the stupid guy on the phone starts ringing, I forgot to cancel the alarm!

That’s it, I’m going fishing alone, I’m not staying in the tent anymore, I’m looking for a guesthouse.

I stopped at a gas station to get a coffee and looked on the net for an isolated location, which I found, somewhere in the heart of the Delta.

I wait for the time to arrive, I call and a lady answers, very kind but obviously nervous. she has a guesthouse, and the host with 6 rooms last night informed her that the group that was supposed to come could no longer make it.

I asked her if she would accept me, and the host accepted but suddenly deflated when she found out I was alone. He remained determined that by the time I get there if he receives a more convenient offer, he will accept it and find me a host as well.

My luck and her bad luck, no one called, and in the afternoon, when I arrived, she put me up at her place.

At my hosts

So, my host was a relatively young woman, about 45 years old, beautiful, even beautiful I can say, with everything you need and as much as you need (sic!)

We met and host told me that he has been doing tourism for many years, but I am the first to come alone. I explained the situation to her in a few words, after which I left to check in and find a fishing spot for the morning.


When I came back I went up to take a shower and when I went down to the table I had a pleasant surprise. The host’s girl looked like Victoria’s Secret model, brunette with blue eyes, tanned, what’s up, she left me speechless!

The girl host excused herself that her mother had gone to the lake (that’s what they say when they leave by boat) and she started to set the table.

The problem was that the girl host wasn’t wearing a bra, it was a shame what she had on, and without wanting to, your eyes darted to her cleavage.

Fish meal, rainbow on the palate, pleasant atmosphere, I almost wanted her mother to stop coming, maybe she was out of joy with her little one. Small in quotes was about 20 years old!

I started to hug the girl, I think I was succeeding, but oops, she appears.

I was relatively tired, but I stayed with both of them. After about two hours, I had learned all the family’s history, I had become close to home.

In the morning I wake up at sunrise (don’t forget why I came, though!) and I go out to the beach to destroy it! On fish, of course!

After about 4 hours, the host comes with a coffee and informs me that a group will come, to the remaining free rooms. That’s it, she just didn’t keep the hostel empty for me.


I arrive at the guesthouse in the evening, suspicious of the silence. I go to take a shower and go down to the table. The host also appears and greets me respectfully, but it was obvious that she was full of nerves. I ask her what happened and she explains that the girl host made a mistake and the tourists left. She grabbed his daughter’s arm rather brutally and took her to the kitchen, where he scolded her.

After a short time, he came back and explained to me that the group that was supposed to come gave up because of the girl, and the amount of money lost is quite substantial. I invited her for a glass of wine and we talked some more, she was over her anger.

That’s what I thought, but I was wrong. She informed me that because of this, the girl host will be punished. I thought he was making her do some extra work, but the punishment was much harsher.

The host was going to be spanked! I thought he was joking, but he told me I could attend if I wanted. The idea turned me on terribly, so I said yes.

He calls the young lady into the living room and tells her that I will also witness her punishment. To my surprise, the girl has nothing to comment on.

The place of torture is the arm of the couch, where the girl leans with her hands in front and her mouth slightly up.

Mommy brings a hazelnut stick and approaches the girl’s bottom. In one quick motion, he pulls her sweatpants down to her knees. She had no panties on.

I forgot to specify that I was exactly in front of the sofa in question, so I had maximum visibility of the pieces and more!

The girl host had spread her legs slightly for better balance, giving a full picture of the situation!

Without a word, he raised the cane, and with a short hiss, it stopped on the girl’s cheeks. A slight scream and almost immediately a reddish streak appeared on the lump.

My mother looked at me, saw that I was starting to squirm in the chair, and continued the series of blows, quite hard applied. the girl started screaming louder and trying to cover her bottom with her hand, but that didn’t stop her mom from continuing to hit her.

I think he had received about 10-12 blows from the cane, the marks were clearly visible. Then I noticed an unnatural tremor in his mother, she was showing obvious signs of excitement. She was in a house hood, which had come undone almost to her panties, which I had noticed during the punishment.

Not caring that I was also there, he started to caress me under the hood. Then the unexpected happened!

I got up from the chair and walked over to the woman, who still had the cane in her hand, and began to stroke her back gently.

He didn’t protest, on the contrary, he untied his hood and turned to face me. Obviously, she wasn’t wearing a bra which made my arousal peak. I took off her hood and panties and placed her goat on the tile facing the ass she had kicked.

I undressed completely, my monkey was in a splendid erection, and with the image of the ass whipped in front of me, I went to work. I hadn’t let go of the cane and the girl hadn’t moved from the punishment position. I have some sexual experience with ladies, but multiple orgasms like this woman, less often!

I also finished and crawled onto the sofa where the girl was, still in the same position, to catch my breath. Msa collapsed on the tile, breathing and relaxing.

The surprise came when I looked at the girl, who I thought was suffering from the correction she received. No way, she had also reached a level of excitement that made me think. Would she have liked the punishment, or had the sex match I had with her turned her on?

The answer came immediately. Her mother got up and approached the girl with the cane in hand. I thought the second half was coming, but it seemed too much.

There was no other series of blows, she took her hood and brought a cream for the girl’s red-bruised bottom and asked me to open her pieces. To make matters worse, he took his pants off completely and invited me to get down to business. I originally wanted to take my panties off but was told she didn’t mind me hanging out with the monkey, which I did.

I moved closer to the girl’s whipped bits and began to massage them gently with the cream.

pexels roberto nickson 2486169

The firm, young girl’s lips, the girl’s movements, and soft screams brought me to a state of maximum arousal again. A fact that did not escape my mother’s gaze, who asked me with a look if I wanted her son as well. I touched her pussy, she was wet, she had also had an orgasm and I wanted to get to work.

He stopped me and appeared with a condom which he expertly fitted on the monkey and wished me good luck. the girl hadn’t moved from her original position, so that’s where the session took place. I also massaged her tits that had turned me on, nipples like chocolate candies, dreamy. He responded to my every movement with a short twitch and a soft yelp. The orgasm came almost simultaneously.

I pulled back and then the girl got up, I saw her in all her glory and she went to see her pieces.

She came back and sat me down from the kitchen, I drank a spritz and jokingly asked her if she was wrong, she is still being punished.

She replied that her punishment is different. She is impaled and whipped with a wagoner’s whip on her back.

I was speechless with amazement, and my imagination went wild.

I went to bed, in the morning I was supposed to go fishing, only it was the third day. And I stay for 7 days!

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