The 1st “Fuck Mouth” between the Night of Years With My Husband

This is my first story so I think I should give some background. My husband and I are 27 years old, married for 5 years, and together for 7 years. He always said he likes my… mouth.

I truly believe that part of what has made our marriage so strong is how much we do for each other, especially sexually. He plays with his tongue on my ass, fingering me until I scream, etc. Instead, I’ll paw him, “swallow” him…let him penetrate my ass…(he has a foot fetish) The only thing I’ve never let him do is “pull” “his face.

Until tonight.


R.I.P to my mouth

I told him very early on in our relationship that he can put his hands on my head when I’m down on him, but not pull me up and down by my head. I had a bad experience with my ex-partner and I said I won’t try this again anytime soon.

My husband has never tried to push this boundary (God I love him). So we were on the sofa, we huddled in the living room and we remembered some incidents that amused us. He had the whiskey I got for Christmas and I was sipping on the wine he got me. We were relaxing and laughing, enjoying the warmth of our living room in the last moments of the year.

“Hey,” he said with a sly smile “remember the new year 2018?”

A mixed smile crept across my face as I remembered it, we were celebrating the New Year 2018 alone and together, I gave it my head and timed it, so it came into my mouth right when the years passed.

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“Of course” I replied, “do you want to do that again?”

He downed the rest of his whiskey and started to get up, but I put my hand on his chest and told him to stay seated. I gracefully slid off the couch and knelt in front of him, glancing at the clock. There are 15 minutes left. I started playing with his cock through his sweatpants. I wrapped my fingers around him and began to slowly jerk him, planting small kisses on the head of his cock.

With that, I slipped his penis past the open mouth and closed the mouth gently. I slowly began to move up and down as I danced my tongue under his cock as it slid deeper into my mouth. Soon enough I felt his hands grab my head, but like the perfect man, he began stroking my head as he jerked my cock slightly faster.

I continued this pace for a while, speeding up a bit as the minutes ticked by and stroking his balls. As I took it out of my mouth to breathe, I looked at my watch, I had 5 minutes left. Time flies when you’re having fun haha. I started sucking him faster, making the sound he loves so much and listening to his adorable moans of pleasure that only my mouth can give him. Once he returned my hands to my head, however, a thought entered my mind. One that had never been there before.

I wanted him to give me, as they say, “fuck mouth”. Wordlessly, I placed my hands on top of him on my head and pressed down. He looked at me and asked, “Are you sure?”

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“mmmhmmm” was all I could say in response with my mouth full.

He started slowly, not squirming in my mouth, but pushing my head down and lifting it up. He did this for a while, the look of shock and pleasure on his face was so cute. As I tapped her leg to tell her I needed a breather, I looked at my watch again. One minute to midnight. Shit.

“Fuck my mouth baby”, I said, shocking him and surprising myself.

With that, he grabbed my head and rammed his cock down my throat. He held nothing back at this point, holding my head down and thrusting me into his mouth relentlessly. For my part, I just tried to hold on to his legs and stroke his balls occasionally when I could. I kept my lips wrapped around his cock as tightly as I could as I stiffened and moaned in pleasure. I couldn’t believe I got turned on while this was happening.

Finally, I heard the telltale signs that he was going to finish, a very special moan that he reserves for just that moment… his balls tightened and his hands gripped my head tighter and the last time he pulled me … that was it. I swallowed a lot but kept some in my mouth to show him before swallowing the rest.

I wiped my lips and went back to sit next to him on the couch. We shared a New Year’s kiss after we were done and he went to pull my pants down, wanting to “reciprocate.”

“Nuh uh” I said “that was for you baby relax now”

“I love you,” he said softly with a smile as he pulled me close

“I love you too,” I replied as I buried my head into his chest.

And then we fell asleep because we are old lol. But yeah, this is finally my first story here and probably won’t be my last if you don’t like it. We have 7 years of experience that we are willing to share with you…

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