Swinging with my mom

[Hi, my name is Farhan. I am 19 years old Muslim boy living in Canada with my family which is my mother, my younger brother, and my younger sister. This happened recently and I thought I would share this experience with the world. When my mom and I talked to each other it was in Urdu but I translated a bit into English to understand because xnxx is mostly based in English. This was before Ramadan.

Before I start, I have a rather thin body, black hair, and brown eyes. I am 5’8 inches. My mother has long black hair, and brown eyes and is 5’7 inches tall. We look different from one another, mainly because I look a lot like my dad.]

Mom sighed as she washed the dishes while I grabbed a coke from the fridge.

“What happened?” I asked. “You’re always sighing like you’re bored or something.”

“You know, I miss having your dad around.” She said.


It’s true. It’s been almost a year since dad died. My mother was 40 years old and now she has to live a life without a man to talk to. It was very emotional for her to lose her husband and I miss having dad around to have fun with mom. They always used to wash dishes, go for walks, and watch Indian dramas together. Now I have to do all that is right, but she needs her husband for sure.

“You’re not thinking of getting married again… are you?” I asked, curious.

“No way, I’m too old for that,” she said giggling.

“No you’re not, I’ve seen a few men over 60 marry women as young as 20,” I said.

“I don’t want to get married again,” she replied angrily.

“Do you need someone to take care of you?”

“What do you want to say?” She asked

“I mean, I hope I’m helping you by being there for you like I am right now. What I mean is that you need… hmm, how should I say, pleasure with a man?” I asked. I was kind of embarrassed when I asked that.

Mom looked at me trying to figure out what I was saying.

“Like you need a man in bed.”

– Not. I mean… um… I thought about it. She said: “I don’t want to masturbate because it’s so haram, but I need someone to give me something, some kind of relief. It’s boring without Sunil (my father’s name) around”.

I thought for a moment. “I have a good idea!” I said.

Mom finished washing the rest of the dishes and wiped her hands. “What the?”

“I can help you find a man, like online for speed dating and sex, if that’s what you’re looking for.” I explained.

“No. I’m not… I mean I want a man to like, you know, please me, but I’m afraid to be alone with them. It’s haram for that to happen because it- something unexpected could happen.” said the sad mother.

“Hmm, how about I be there with you?” I asked

“What the?”

“Yes, we can become what people call swingers together. I’ll be there with you the whole time, watching over you while you have fun with the man. It’s really good.” I said hoping he would think about it.

“How do you know this?” She asked.

“Actually, no. I mean, why not try. I’ll be with you in case something bad happens.”

The mother was silent but nodded at the idea and somewhat agreed with it.

“Okay we’ll try tomorrow, just for fun if you don’t like it we can leave and if you do we can stay.” I said.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So I found a swinger club that night and bought condoms at the local Shoppers Drug Store. I thought about buying Viagra or penis enlargement, but decided against it because I didn’t think I would find a woman to have sex with. I just wanted to help my mother find a couple who can help her with her sexual needs.

We discussed that I would pretend to be her husband. If at some point we said our veto word, “biryani,” we would undoubtedly stop whatever we were doing and apologize.

I love my mom!

The next day after dinner, mom and I went to the Swingers Club. My mother told my brothers that we were going to visit our cousin. They didn’t suspect anything.

It was a long drive to the Swingers Club, but I hoped it was worth it. I walked in and it was just like a nightclub you see on t.v in all those movies and tv series. There were girls kissing girls, couples dancing, and alcohol being served, everyone seemed to be smiling and having a great time talking and socializing with each other. They were all naked, which was strange to be around at first, but then we got used to it. Lots of tits, chicks, and donkeys walking around.

We went to the lockers. “What are we doing here?” asked the mother.

“Well, we have to take off our clothes and put them here.” I said pulling out a small lock I had.

Mom looked very uncomfortable. I took off my shirt, pants, and briefs and put them in the closet. Mom was wearing Salwar Kameez with a headscarf called hijab covering her hair and neck as seen here:

She sighed and began to remove her clothes. There was no one near us and it was quite quiet here. I watched my mom take off her clothes and tried not to look, but I couldn’t help but notice her lean body, big and slightly saggy breasts with big nipples. Her vagina was hairy, but I could see the small banana-like curve starting when I looked at her legs. Her big chubby ass. She said she wants to keep her hijab on while they rock. I told him he could.

I took my mom to an empty table and we both looked around naked as the couples enjoyed themselves. The music was not too loud. I used this to talk to my mother.

“So you see someone you like?” I asked.

“What do you want to say?” She said.

“I mean, these people are willing to have sex, well, most of them. Do you see a man you like?” I hoped he would say yes and point to any man so I could find his wife and introduce us. Or maybe we could do a threesome without me and mom doing any incestuous acts.

“Um. I do not know.” she said.

I can tell mom was nervous. She looked far down and did not seem to be looking at any man.

“If you see someone you like, let me know.” I said, I hope.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I came here for you.” I explained. “I’ll see you like I said I’d help you.”

“No, I mean you see someone you like.”

“I see so many hot girls.” I said smiling.

“How about the blonde by the table over there,” she said, pointing.

I looked over her and took her in, she was about 5’11” and pale. She probably had B cup breasts, but they didn’t look very large on her long frame. Her bottom was almost non-existent, but she still had some padding. Her mound was unkempt, her blonde hair forming a solid bush above her pussy. Her face was more chiseled in nature with solid lines defining some of her features. She was pretty though, but would have been near the bottom of my list. She looked to be in her 40s, just like my mother.

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I looked for her mate and found him. He was about 6’0” and had a thin frame. He wasn’t bad looking either, but he wasn’t super hot. His brown hair was a little longer, but not too long, more of a boy band cut. Of course I looked at his dick before I agreed. It was going to be inside my mother and I wanted to know what it was equipped with. He had a more average sized cock, as he was already hard, it was easy to say, about 5 inches long and a normal sized girth.

I looked back at my mom and told her I thought they would be a good match. I picked her up and led her to the white couple. We introduced ourselves.

– Hello, my name is Farhan. I said as I shook their hands.

“My name is Nimra,” said the mother.

“Oh hi, I’m Steve and this is my wife Amanda,” the man said.

“Oh hi, I noticed you when you came in, you look so young.” Amanda said.

“Oh thanks, this is actually our first time going into a swingers club.” I said.

“Cool, what do you think of Swingers so far?” Steve asked.

“You’re all naked, which is good.” I said smiling.

The 4 of us had a quick chat before discussing sex. They asked what kind of sex we like. My mom said she just wanted us together and men and women to have sex, she didn’t like girl to girl action or cum in mouth or face. It was well done by Steve and Amanda.

Mom also explained that both she and I should use condoms because she could get pregnant. The couple laughed and said that almost everyone uses condoms in group sex/swingers to protect themselves. Mom also explained that she didn’t do anal, and Amanda said that most swingers don’t do anal with other people. (FYI, anal is not allowed in Islam.) We both talked more about our bodies and lives before they readily agreed to rock with us.

They said they were going to use the bathroom and get a room and left.

My mom and I looked at each other and knew we were going to end up having sex with this couple tonight. It was a bit disturbing and I was also a bit excited. Can not wait.

When they returned we headed to a dimly lit private room and that’s where things really got going. I felt Amanda’s hand wrap around my cock. I looked down and saw the blonde sucking my cock, taking my soft cock in her mouth and instantly pleasuring me until I had an erection. She was good at oral sex.

There was a king size bed in the room and I saw my mother and Steve holding hands and walking towards the bed together. He climbed on top of her and started kissing her lips and body softly. I was glad that he was more shy in nature, I wanted my mother to be able to control the situation. I saw his dick rubbing against my mother’s belly. He looked like he was having a good intimate moment.

I looked down and the women slowly pulled their mouths off my cock and stood up. I carried her to the bed and pushed her on her back next to my mother. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her lips, body, neck and breasts very passionately like her husband used to do to my mother.

I looked over at my mom and noticed that it didn’t take long for her either, because Steve was now down next to her hairy pussy eating it. I did the same, kissing Amanda from his lips and kissing her bit by bit down to her pussy. I used my tongue to lick her vagina completely from bottom to top and finally suck her clit. Amanda moaned.

I got off Amanda and laid down next to my mother. Amanda took the hint and reached over me and looked at her husband who was next to him and winked at him. He started sucking my cock while the man ate my mom. Mom and I groaned together as this happened. Amanda was only the second person to ever suck my dick and I suspect this was the same situation for my mom with Steve.

I bent my face and kissed my mother on the cheek, over and over. I wanted to continue kissing her, but between both of our moans it was almost impossible. I was content to hold her face next to mine and hold her right hand with my left. We were both moaning loudly and enjoying the moment.

Amanda and Steve at the same time rose above us. Mom watched intently as Steve put on a condom and Amanda tossed one to me. The man lined up his penis with my mom’s pussy and his wife lined up mine with hers. I felt her slowly begin to descend on my now 6 inch circumcised cock and heard my mother gasp as the men’s cock entered her tugging. She gripped my hand tightly and closed her eyes, breathing in and out of her mouth.

I squeezed my mother’s hand and moaned in pleasure as this woman took me slowly, up and down, up and down. I reached out with my right hand and cupped his cheek. Finally mom let go of my hand and I looked over and she had placed it on Steve’s hips, begging him to fuck her. I couldn’t believe my mom was taking his dick up her pussy, it was so hot to watch.

It was clear that his women preferred the softer sex, while my mother liked to be fucked. She definitely took the weight of his penis.

He was forced to pull her hard and my mother started screaming. Amanda looked at me taking both of my hands and we locked our fingers with each other; she continued to ride me slowly and steadily which was very hot and I enjoyed her pleasure on top of me. Her saggy breasts bounced in rhythm as she pulled me. I looked at my mother and her breasts were doing the same thing but much faster, bobbing up and down together.

The next two minutes were Amanda and I moaning softly together while my mom and Steve moaned as they fucked each other.

Mom was breathing hard when the husband pulled out, so did his wife, and we decided to do the dog next. Mom was lying in bed sweating profusely, I think she had an orgasm. I pulled Amanda off my cock and put her on all fours. I saw Steve pull my exhausted mother off the bed and place her on all fours next to his wife.

The man and I rubbed our condom covered cocks against each other’s face. My 6 inch brown cock with his 5 inch uncircumcised white cock was hard and ready. If only he knew he was about to take my mother again. When I found the tight entrance to Amanda’s vagina, I lined up my cock with his wife’s hole and entered her tunnel. This time I have to dictate the pace.

I cupped both of her big, firm cheeks using both hands, then put them around her hips and started pulling her faster and faster. She hesitated at first too, but soon started moaning in pleasure every time I slapped her ass and pulled her towards my cock.

Steve was gentle with Mom at first, but then I heard Mom say, “Faster!” He started slowly at first but with every scream from my mom he got a little more confident. I couldn’t believe that mom wanted this man to fuck her fast and hard. It was incredible to watch.

His wife started riding his dick and I could feel it. I grabbed her blonde hair and rubbed my hands through it, feeling the soft curls around my fingers. My 6 inch dick was hitting this woman and I felt my cock start to pound into her pussy. My balls were getting ready to shoot my load really hard into her this condom, but I pulled my cock out of my pussy and pulled the condom off.

“I will eat.” I said.

With that she went back to her still puppy form as I laid back on the bed. She grabbed my hard-on with both hands and fucked my manhood, rubbing my balls with one hand and caressing my cock with the other. Damn, it felt so good. I moaned and said, “I wish!” as I shot a stream full of cum into her waiting mouth. I felt so many pumps in my mouth that I didn’t know if she could swallow my whole load.

But she kept pumping and pumping my babies in that tunnel until I couldn’t pull anymore. She opened her beautiful blue eyes, looked at me, opened her mouth showing me the white mess I made, closed her eyes and swallowed it whole. It was the most intense feeling in the world.

He rolled his body over me and bent his head down, kissing me on the lips. Now I know my ex didn’t like kissing after I came in her mouth, but this girl did and it felt like we had an intimate moment. Maybe I’m weird and sentimental, but it almost felt like a spiritual gift when she did that and I wrapped my arms and legs around her slim body and had the longest tongue kiss ever.

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After we were done kissing, she told me to hug her, which I did, licking her and watching her husband do my mom, still puppy-style. Mom moaned loudly as Steve continued to pump his unnecessarily large shaft into her wet cunt.

Then he slowed down and lay on his back next to the two of us. “Get on me, ride me.” he said.

Mom did just that, climbing over his cock, opening his pussy and thrusting into it.

“Ooooohh.” Mom moaned as Steve grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them as she rode him.

This is when I started to notice my mother. Her thin body now sweaty, her large breasts left with two large, pink areolas covering them, her moans, her moans, how she seemed to enjoy this moment. Then he did the impossible! She removed her hijab and tossed it across the room, unleashing and revealing her long black hair to the couple.

– Woah. Steve moaned as my mom started riding his cock even harder and faster bouncing his cock up and down like tomorrow. His moans were followed by my mother’s moans and they were having the most intense sex with each other in their entire lives.

“I’m about to cum!” he muttered as he closed his eyes. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuck me!” He screamed as mom moaned and continued to ride his prick. She continued and moaned one last time before coming to rest completely on his cock and leaning down to kiss him. I watched as his big cock slowly shot the remains of his load and limped out of my mom’s pussy.

They shared a soft kiss together before his mother got off him and lay next to him. Amanda got up and crawled over to her husband on the bed and removed his sperm-filled condom. She turned it upside down on her large breasts and rubbed it for all to see. What an amazing sight. My ex never did that!


After a few minutes, we all sat on the bed and talked for a bit. They said we were very good, especially since it was our first time here. They asked if we felt any jealousy or something. I said no, and my mother agreed.

My mom said she liked watching me (her son) get pleasure from another woman and she liked being able to have sex with another man. Amanda and Steve said we really enjoyed it and asked if we wanted to do it again. We agreed and exchanged phone numbers. All 4 of us gathered our clothes and put them on together then left together. We said goodnight and parted ways.

“Do you want to try this again sometime?” I asked my mother.

“Categorical.” She said.

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