2 dick in The Blue Lagoon

It was past six o’clock when Vic woke up his dick full of enthusiasm and energy. He looked out the porthole of his little cabin and saw the sun rising majestically from the sea with reddish-golden sparkles. Their ship was just leaving the busy tourist port of Valletta and heading for Gozo, the northern island of the Maltese archipelago. A very beautiful day was coming for him.

He had to accompany a client of his, Mr. Francisco Ramos, Paco for friends, to dive in the famous Blue Lagoon near the small island of Comino located between the two big islands, Malta and Gozo. Vic had known Paco for 4 days when he came to sign up for the fitness program that Vic was leading on board the Ruby Princess cruise ship. Vic was surprised by the request because his program is mostly attended by ladies over 30 years old, either due to his fame as a former gymnastics champion or rather attracted by the older posters that showed him in various gymnastic positions from his era of sports glory.

Anyway, even though he no longer practices performance sports, Vic was a very attractive young man, with an impeccable, well-made body and a blond Adonis head that took the breath away of all the ladies who saw him. So almost all of his fitness program, an average of 10 hours a day, exclusively on Sundays and days off the ship, was occupied by the ladies who wanted to become supple and graceful during the four-week cruise.

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She worked with groups of 12 ladies, as much as the largest of the gyms allowed. For Paco and 4 other men, he formed a group outside his normal schedule, from 19 to 20.30, taking the time allocated to Gunter, a colleague of his with less success in public.

Among his duties as “sports manager” is accompanying clients in the scuba diving activities scheduled during the cruise. Vic does not take care of training tourists, that is taken care of by others, Princess Diving School, which at the end of the 7-day course also grants a diver’s license. Vic accompanied experienced NAUI-certified divers, so this activity was really a great pleasure for him and not an additional chore due to his job.

In the meantime, the ship is advancing with sufficient speed to the north, along the coasts of Malta, revealing wonderful and unforgettable landscapes. Ruby was supposed to arrive in the small port of Mgarr in the south of the island of Gozo at 9 o’clock. There, he leaves the 26 divers with the boats and their companions in the water, then he heads to Dwejra Bay, in the west of the island of Gozo with the rest of the tourists to admire the splendors of this islands, known in antiquity as the island of the nymph Calypso, where they will enjoy the unique landscapes and images of the Azure Window.

The divers were going to leave with the lifeboats to the islet of Comino to the famous Blue Lagoon, where the crystalline and transparent waters to great depths rival the Polynesian Blue Lagoon from the movie of the same name. Paco, being a rich and demanding client, requested his own inflatable boat and a personal companion, expressly requesting Vic, to his great joy.

It was getting close to nine o’clock so Vic called Paco in the room and called him to deck 4 where the disembarkation took place and where the diving equipment and the few inflatable boats were prepared for those with pretensions. They had to move quickly since the allotted time for parking in the small and crowded port of Mgarr was only 15 minutes. 10 minutes before the stop, Paco made his appearance smiling, equipped in a blue neoprene suit, the last scream.

– Hello Vic, sorry for the delay but I had to stop by the barber shop because at the last minute I realized that I was unshaven.

– Mr. Ramos, as a formality, we just don’t go to women!

– How do you know I’m not running into a seductive siren? With an Adonis as attractive as you are, we could even seduce Calypso.

– Paco, why would Calypso prefer me and not you, who are Ulysses embodied?!

The cheerful and friendly dialogue of the two was interrupted by the serious voice of the charter officer who through loudspeakers announced the docking of Ruby Princess and gave orders and instructions to the stewards and sailors regarding the disembarkation. The two took their diving equipment and followed the solid and bearded sailor with a pirate’s look who was carrying the inflatable boat and the oars.

Following the bearded man, they climbed into the largest of the sloops moored at the quay especially for them, the one that also carried the inflatable boats. In the meantime, majestic as a swan, the huge cruise ship left the port to the cheerful and sharp whistle of its sirens, asking for a clear way to go out to sea. Shortly after, the three boats also left the port heading towards Comino, accompanied by a noisy flock of seagulls that seemed to wish them a good journey.

Not long after, they saw the sharp and rocky shores of Camino Island, then turning to the southwest, they headed for the Blue Lagoon. It really had the color of azure and was incredibly transparent. There was no other boat in the lagoon at that time of the morning, so they had the whole sea to themselves.

– Vic, have you been here before?

– This year is the first time, but last year I went three times because last year Princess Cruises included Malta three times in its cruises.

– So you know the location well? I want you to take me to an isolated place with deep water and a quieter and wilder beach. I don’t want to be with all these beginners who get excited about any fish they see in the water.

– OK boss, at your command, but we have something to row.

– What time do we have to return?

– At the boat at 11.30 and in the port before 12, when Ruby returns with the rest of the tourists.

– So we have enough time! Give biceps oarsman!

The two left the noisy and enthusiastic group of divers, boats, and lifeboats heading towards a group of rocks that embodied a stone portal raised above the sea. The sea was calm and quiet and the sun high in the sky shone softly and warmly. Passing the stone gate, they found a beautiful cove that ended with a small beach whose fine and white sand sparkled blindingly in the rays of the sun and the waves that slowly died out on the sand.

Full of enthusiasm, Paco began to equip himself professionally assisted by Vic, who then also equipped himself. They then dived into the deep and incredibly clear water. A fairy tale aquatic world opened up below them. A few meters deep rose the white rocks covered with grasses and seaweed of all colors, from greenish yellow to maroon red and even indigo that undulated elegantly in the beating of the sea currents.

Among them, playing cards or swimming lazily and solitary, a lot of beautifully colored fish of many species, but also some graceful but dangerous jellyfish that Vic tried to avoid by making signs to Paco, who was enchanted by the landscape.

After a few moments of accommodation and admiration, Paco began to swim around Vic, enveloping him in a kind of strange dance, touching his body gracefully, so playfully, or passing between his legs and rubbing his broad shoulders Vic’s gender. He immediately understood the meaning of the water game but also the time Paco spent overtime in the fitness classes, being alone only with Vic and looking at him so insistently and greedily or the persistent requests to accompany him to the shower of the fitness room to be washed on the back.

Dick party

So Paco was gay and wanted Vic without knowing that Vic shared the same religion. Paco’s game continued with even more momentum and Vic also joined the game, simulating loving hugs or contacts on the back as in a real sexual act. Both were cheerful and happy, excited to the max so they quickly forgot about the wonderful landscape in which they were frolicking. Suddenly Paco rushed up, signaling Vic to follow him. Coming out of the water, Paco took off his breathing mask, and with his voice hoarse from effort or maybe excitement, he said to Vic:

– That’s it, we’re tired, let’s go to the beach!


– OK boss.

In a few minutes, they reached the country by boat. Without waiting to pull her to the shore and take off his diving equipment, Paco pounced on Vic and, being a higher idea than him, embraced him there in the water in a wild and hard embrace, kissing him with great passion. Consumed by the same burning passion, Vic responded to the kisses with great warmth and tenderness.

After long and hot minutes, the two unclasped from the stormy embrace and quickly got rid of the diving equipment, remaining absolutely naked and natural on the small deserted beach. Both had their tools extremely excited and hardened like two spears raised in the wind ready to attack.

Swallowing dick hard and sipping it with eager eyes, Paco knelt in front of Vic and covered his dick with his lips, very carefully and tenderly, delicately revealing his thickened and pink glans, bubbling now with so much excitement.

Then she started to lick dick, pushing the foreskin as low as possible with her tongue and exposing Vic’s wonderful and shiny glans. Paco continued his licking dick along the shaft, up and down, centimeter by centimeter, and at the base, he met the small but firm skins, naked and shiny like two fat summer plums.

Overwhelmed by desire, Paco took each plum in turn and sucked his dick it for seven minutes in a row, as if wanting to empty them in this way of the puss that was trembling impatiently in them. Vic was in the ninth heaven wanting to enter Paco, that’s why he grabbed his hairy and wet head and tenderly guided his mouth to the tip of the dick.

Paco understood quickly and swallowed the whole dick at once, which was not a small one dick, entering deep into his throat. Then a back-and-forth movement began, accompanied at the top of the dick by a tight and strong suction, which made Vic feel currents up to the crest. Paco was a true master at sucking dick, so Vic, who had been with him for a few days, quickly came close to orgasm.

– Dear Paco, do you want my seed in your mouth or do I ejaculate it outside?

– I don’t want it in my mouth, but I like you to cum whit your dick on my face, is that possible?

In a few minutes of energetic pumping from the bottom, Vic reached the peak and, quickly removing his dick from Paco’s dick, he emptied himself in several jets, long and warm, of thick seed on his face, which sat happily with his mouth agape and his tongue besides capturing Vic’s life-giving drops from dick.

Then Paco, full of gratitude, spread his thick mask over his face and chest, thanking Vic for finally making him happy after so many long and torturous days of waiting for his dick.


For his part, Vic felt indebted to his wonderful partner who brought him such moments of maximum pleasure and ecstasy with his magic dick. Vic lay down next to Paco and started to caress him tenderly and lovingly. Paco was a young man of 30 or 35 years old, with a well-built body, beautifully sculpted muscles under his bronze Iberian Moorish skin, and an amazing dick.

Without being short, rather tall, he was lithe and agile and it was clear from his post that sports and the fitness room were on his daily agenda, although as he told Vic he was an extremely busy person, being the general manager at a branch in Barcelona of an important Spanish bank, but also the grandson of its president

He was also from the south, from Andalusia, a fact that explains his olive skin and the appearance of an Arab with curly hair, but he had settled in Barcelona since the years of his studies there.

The vigorous and masculine body was completed by a beautiful head with black hair well ringed in small and dense curls and a wide and virile face, with intensely black eyes and a masculine mouth with thick and very sensual lips. Their sensuality was accentuated by a black mustache, trimmed short and very carefully.

When he was freshly shaved, i.e. daily, Paco’s face took on blue hues due to his abundant but extremely short shaved beard. His body was covered on the chest, abdomen, and legs with black and curly hair, but not abundant, enough to have a virile and exciting appearance.

The truth was that Paco had bewitched Vic with his body but also with his honest and direct way of being and behaving. And his dick. Overwhelmed by a powerful effusion and excited again, Vic sat down on top of Paco and began to kiss him passionately. Feeling Paco’s dick hard and empty, Vic quickly moved on her, took her in his beautiful and sensual mouth, and started to work Paco with his dick like a real artist.

– God Vic, I thought you would never start again. I was dying of impatience and I really wanted to ask you to take your dick in my mouth too.

– Listen, Paco, actually what kind of gay are you?

– Basically versatile, but obviously I prefer to be active, on top, and above all to give it down there. What about you Vic?

– Obviously versatile, but with real active males who know their job, I like the passive role, “bottom” as it were.

– My God, how wonderful! Vic, you are mine from now on! Vic, do you want me too? Do you want my dick?

– A little patience my dear. To know each other better.

Saying this, Vic continued his work with even more passion and professionalism, bringing his partner to the height of excitement and unexpected pleasures. Paco’s dick was more special, pleasing Vic a lot. It was quite long, suitably thick, firm, and stony, with a brown glans and a sharper tip at the tip spilling gently over the narrower shaft of the pulley.

As black as it was, pointed and raised up almost parallel to the belly, Paco’s dick looked like an arrow, “my dearest dick” as Vic had christened it on the spot, being enchanted by it. The arrow was showing signs of emptying and Paco had reached the peak of ecstasy:

– So, suck my dick well, take it all in your mouth, God, how skillful you can be, dear Vic, you drive me crazy, ah, ah, I can’t take it anymore, God, how good it is, and how glad I am that the seed mine goes straight into you. Vic, you really like to take my dick and seed inside you. God, how wonderful it can be and how glad I am to be able to make you happy, my dear Vic. Know that I really feel honored that you accepted my seed in you.

Vic, for his part, was at the height of ecstasy and pleasure, eagerly swallowing Paco’s thick and warm seed, greedily collecting the last drops from the sharp tip of his wonderful arrow. Then because he hadn’t started yet, driven by Paco’s impatience, Vic turned his attention to the incredibly large and thick skins, hairless and blue-black, as if they were buffalo skins.

Meticulously, Vic began to lick his dick, then he took one testicle in his mouth to suck dick, but he hardly succeeded because they were extremely large, hard, and swollen. A real wonder like Vic had never seen before.

– Fantastic Paco, you have some extraordinary skins that I like a lot. Real huge bull balls and dick.

– This is our great advantage over the Iberians, they are very coy!

Paco ended the episode by bursting into a healthy and sincere laugh, then pulled Vic on top of him and started kissing him with passion and love. From a short overturn, Paco reached on top of Vic, covered his head with both hands, and, looking directly into his eyes, begged him:

– And now my dear Vic, the great moment has come that I’ve been dreaming of since I met you. Will you let me fuck you with my dick and down like you said you like it too? Please allow me to prove to you that Paco is also a real active male who knows his trade and who wants enormously to possess you, thus making you happy.

– OK boss, but only with protection on dick!

– Obviously, my dear Vic!

Then, in two movements, Paco extracted the condom package from the chest pocket of his diving suit, thus proving how much he premeditated the act he hated to take place. He placed the package on the sand next to Vic’s elongated body and said:

– Vic, allow me to prepare you a little. I am convinced that you will like it as I will surely like it too. You should know that I am an expert in rimming.

– Oh, I love Rimming, I can’t wait to see you!

Saying this, Vic lifted his legs up, wrapped his arms under his knees, and pulled them over his chest, revealing all the splendor of his ass, pink and round like a ripe summer peach. Paco, in turn, started kissing her buttocks and greedily biting them like juicy fruit.

– Be careful, my dear, it hurts, have mercy, see that you will only leave me traces!

– OK Vic, but why are you afraid of traces? Do you have anything planned for tonight? I was hoping that from now on we will spend all the nights together so you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

– A little patience, let’s get to know each other better.

– Damn it, Vic, you always do it like that with someone you know better. Well, when can we get to know each other better if you don’t want to be together?

– Don’t worry boss, Vic will find a solution, you’re just my client and the rule of the company is to fully satisfy our clients!

Pleased with the answer, Paco started working with the language like a real expert. He didn’t miss a centimeter and slowly approached Vic’s rosette, which was slightly parted, trembling impatiently. Paco entered with his tongue and Vic was overcome by a slight thrill of pleasure that gradually increased as Paco accentuated the tongue massage. Then a maddening game began for Vic, Paco going in and out with his tongue, as in a true penetration, deeper and deeper.

Vic was in ninth heaven. After a while, Paco collected a quantity of saliva and deposited it at the entrance to the rosette, then massaging with a finger for better lubrication. He repeated the operation two more times, increasing the number of fingers to two and then to three. The digital message increased the excitement and tension of Vic, who began to breathe jerkily and in an increasingly accelerated rhythm.

– I think I am sufficiently well prepared. Let’s get to work. Go on my savage Spanish stallion!

– Thanks for the compliments, Spanish stallion yes, but I’m not really wild. Please put your calves on my shoulders. It’s perfect!

With one skilled movement, Paco penetrated Vic, entering briefly with his dick all the way to the root. Then a slow and exciting back-and-forth began, Paco’s sheathed arrow glinting, intermittently, like steel in the direct sunlight. His movements sped up slightly, increasing the excitement of Vic who was moaning overwhelmed with pleasure. Paco leaned harder and harder on Vic, bringing his legs almost horizontally, thus increasing the pressure and the hardness of the penetration, to the immense satisfaction of Vic, who, as he had said, wanted an Iberian stallion on top of him. After about 10 minutes of pumping Vic was finished, being on the verge of exploding.

– You made me crazy with pleasure, my dear, and I’m afraid I can’t resist anymore.

– OK Vic, do your job because I’m just at the beginning. With me in charge, you will empty yourself a few more times!

Before Paco finished the sentence, Vic exploded in several strong and thick jets, drenching the chest of Paco who was standing over him. But Paco held fast and wanted more. He laid Vic on his side, hugged him from behind with his left hand, and with his right hand he lifted up his upper leg to be able to penetrate him more easily from behind. They were in the 33 positions, so much preferred by Vic in bed, when he was sleeping happily in his partner’s arms with his dick stuck in him.

Paco diligently started his work and the dawn pump again. At that time, Vic’s dick came to life and began to fill with juice and rise up. Vic was in ecstasy again and squeezed his buttocks with pleasure, trying to hold Paco’s long and rocky dick inside him. Both of them liked this game, but especially Paco, who had reached the peak of ecstasy and risked emptying himself early.

– And you are crazy dear Vic, you managed to make me finish too early. Stop, please, with your persuasive ass game, because you made my dick crazy, and stop listening to me! Get into the goat position, on your knees and elbows!

– OK, boss! At the customer’s disposal. Hello, did you like the phase with the clench, do you want me to do it again?!

Without answering, Paco nervously stabbed him in the back, short and strong, leaving all the weight of his body on Vic. Paco was practically stuck to Vic, who was holding him back and could feel his whistling and hot breath on the back of his neck. Paco started banging his ass furiously, like a desperate man, his dick went in and out in a dizzying rhythm, Vic felt an overwhelming heat in his ass that slowly rose, slowly throughout his abdomen and then higher, the place was so big that he felt he was about to lose consciousness.

Paco could barely breathe, but he did it, squealing with pleasure while riding Vic with power. He regretfully felt that Paco was about to let go, but he was happy that he managed to bring his partner to the supreme state of ecstasy.

– That’s it, my dear Vic, I’m going to beat myself up, you raped me, but I don’t want to empty myself in the sack, I can do it outside on your buttocks.

– No Paco, if you resist a little longer, I’d better suck your dick! How do waste seed goodness?

On the date, Paco pulled himself out of Vic’s red ass and carefully removed the condom, and then greedily grasped the tip of his dick which immediately began to vibrate throwing thick and abundant jets of semen into his welcoming mouth. Vic greedily swallowed Paco’s warm offering, which drove him crazy with pleasure, extracting everything, until the last drop, and finally licking the glans dating from the miraculous sap.

– Your juice was very good and tasty, but especially a lot of it. You have an excellent production with such tasty barks. At the first opportunity, I want more. Now I understand the story with the advantage of the Iberians, but also why you are at the top of female preferences.

– Good luck, my dear. When do we start the second half?

– It’s already late, we have to get to the lifeboat. We will decide on the next round tomorrow at the gym. Today you have a tourist program on Gozo and you will return on the ship after 11 o’clock in the evening, and since I am not included in this program, I think that you will wander in the afternoon around the harbor with some of your colleagues.

The two got dressed quickly, pulled the boat into the water and both rowing quickly reached the lifeboat. Helped by a sailor, they took the boat into the lifeboat which set off at speed towards Gozo. On the way, Paco found the saving solution. A terrible migraine made him stay on the ship, while Vic reserved the afternoon for his correspondence and radiotelephone conversation with his family and loved ones. Both of them were making big plans in their minds to continue from now on the boat “diving” as a couple, starting in the wonderful blue lagoon.

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