Sex with my mother-in-law’s sister: I fucked her until she finished 3 times

I was on a business trip and on Friday at lunchtime I left for home, meanwhile we live with my in-laws in the same yard but separate houses, on the way home I stopped at my mother-in-law’s sister because she was going to come and stay with her for a week.

Ionela, that’s her name, she’s a 42-year-old woman, she’s a few extra kilos tall, but everything is in place, breasts and a big ass, always arranged, made up….
I reach her, she was still packing, I asked if I was in a hurry, I told her no, she served me coffee, I wasn’t hungry, it seemed to me that she had lost weight since I last saw her, after she finished she also sat down to drink a coffee, didn’t you notice, my dear, I lost weight, you don’t say anything, I got up to see her better, yes I did, you look even better now, you’re getting younger, hmmm that’s what I like to hear, you’re a sweetheart, and kissed me on the cheek.

I got along very well with her, she liked to give her compliments, and I also led the discussions to sex….which she liked enormously, she responded instantly to any sexual discussion.

She changed to leave, when I saw her my breath stopped, a fitted yellow dress, her breasts and butt seemed even bigger, high heels made of red lacquer, my goodness, you look so good, how can I calm myself down, I ask her, they do you manage with a woman …..or I have to teach you.

In the car we were discussing the relationship with her niece, and of course also her sex life, of course he was in her environment, he wanted to know everything, how I shoot her, if she sucks, if she swallows……..
She has been divorced for 7 years, but as you take her with sex, as you should have no problems, she told me that she is fucked me with a 19 -year -old, she has a huge dick but she does not know how to use it … ..but he likes to teach it, otherwise with toys.

I was trying to hide my erection but it was getting harder and harder, she noticed and continued talking about sex, how to fuck with that little one, that’s what she told her.
I still had a little until home, my wife and mother-in-law were waiting for us, my wife hadn’t been fucked for a week, I had my dick fucked all the way, I had a great desire to fuck.
Later, the mother-in-law and her sister took her to the other side, we took a shower and retired to the bedroom, we fucked all night with small breaks, she screamed, she screamed, we did it in all positions, at five in the morning we fell asleep, we woke up at around 11:00 and of course we continued where we left off, I fucked until she finished three times, the slut wanted us to stay in bed all day and fuck each other, as we finished she would suck and in a few minutes I would fuck her again, I kept it like that until the evening.

The in-laws decided to make a barbecue, and at 6 o’clock we started to make a fire, barbecue, drink… ionela was in a long thin dress, she was talking with my wife, I was talking with the father-in-law, the mother-in-law was busy making salad…. the wife went to help her the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law served us wine, we were talking, the father-in-law with the barbecue, he asked me what you did all day, I didn’t see you, you made love, yes dear, we fucked all night, and when we woke up we continued, hmmmm and she licked her lips, I think you answered, you went all the way with her cock, I realize that you broke up last night.

Next to such a woman, how can I not stand up, I’m also human, yes dear, I understand you, you know I want you to fuck me, he whispers to me, I’m all wet, would you like to fuck me? I also like anal, God, I felt like I was getting off, I’m going to satisfy myself with the vibrator, I can’t anymore, be nice, do you want me to send you a picture? You tell me who to fuck with, yes? He turned and left, after 2 min the picture, 3 vibrators… the red one I write to him, after 2 min the picture with the red one in the pussy and the black one in your mouth, I like it in threes he writes, would you do it with me and my wife your

Reka rode me and was in control, she put her vulva on my lips, she was fresh, she smelled like coconut shower gel

My mother-in-law’s sister shows me that she is a perverted whore, after 20 minutes she makes her appearance, I serve her with a wine, she whispers, “I had 2 orgasms, I’m glad, I’ll propose it to my wife, let’s do it threesome” , and my whore likes perversions, she licked her lips and left, my wife brought me a wine, we were both sitting and talking about last night, we both had the desire for sex again, she sat on my leg and put when your hand is on your dick, hmm, you’re eating my pussy, I feel like ……, if there weren’t any, I’d fuck you here on the terrace, ooo yes I want to, and let my aunt look at us, she asks? Yes, we let her, or we invite her to participate, she really likes hmmm says the wife, the truth is that she looks good, as a woman I look at her tits and her ass, she’s really the bomb and she’s sure to fuck well, you fuck the girl with me on aunt ?

Yes dear, she will fuck both of them, surely she is a pervert as I see her, do we invite her to go to town with us tomorrow night? I only accept if he sleeps with us afterwards, my plan seemed to work

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