Cake party. My 1st anal

The anal party had started some time ago when I arrived, so there was no need to greet everyone present there, and that was good because I didn’t know everyone.

I entered the yard and went straight to the party to give her a present, a low-cut blouse and a beautiful belt, quite expensive, but I had known Roxana for years.

– Welcome Claudiu, he said and hugged me.

I’m glad you could come, please sit here at the table next to me, showing me a chair between Anda and Adi. I told Roxana that I don’t know if I can make it or not because I thought that being alone I might not feel good seeing how others have pairs and I sit and look at them, but in the end, I decided to go because I thought my friend was more important than how I feel.

I sat down on the chair, poured myself a glass of brandy and we started to talk to each other at the table, about all kinds of topics, as happens at parties.

I had a light meal, then danced, then played darts with some of those present. I started to forget that I went there alone and I even started to feel good in the company of those who were partying with me. The hours passed and it was already 3 in the morning and only I, Adi and Roxana, and her boyfriend were left in the living room.

At one point I had decided to go to sleep myself.

– Sleep well, I said to the three of them, and then I went up to the room where there was the bed where Anda and her boyfriend were supposed to sleep, in separate beds obviously. The two of them seemed to be sleeping, so I also laid down in my bed and wrapped myself up trying to fall asleep. After a few minutes, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep because I can’t really sleep unless I’m sleeping in my bed.

I tossed and turned and for fear of waking the two of them I thought that I better go out and watch TV in the upstairs living room that I had passed on the way to my room.

I was in my panties and I said there was no point in getting dressed since I was only two steps away from the room to cover myself with the quilt from the bed when I reached the corner in the living room. I arrived, wrapped myself up and turned on the TV, looked for a movie, and started watching.

After a few minutes, I heard someone climbing the stairs. I turned the TV close to the minimum and turned to see who was going up. After a few seconds, I see Adi at the top of the stairs with an open bottle of wine and a piece of cake on a plate.


– What are you doing, do not sleep?

– No, I answered. I can not sleep. It’s like I can’t sleep and I went out to watch TV.

– What films?

– I have no idea, I answered. It was early when I started watching.

– Want ? he asks me, holding out the wine bottle.

– Yes, I’ll take a mouthful, I answered and got up on my bottom, pulling my legs with the blanket to make room for him on the corner next to me.

– Is the wine ok? He asked me and took the remote control. The movie is not good, let’s look for something else.

– Yes. It’s good, I replied after taking a good mouthful from the bottle.

Still changing the programs like this, at one point he also skipped the program with porn films. It only lasted a second, then he changed quickly as if he was scared, switching to the music ones.

– Porn films, music, and movies for one dollar at night.

– At this hour, whatever. Startups, music, and replays.

It- Better for some anal porn than not liking a movie.

– Okay! Let’s see what started it is then!

– Let’s see, he answered and changed the programs until he got to the one with xxx movies.

A brunette was sucking one of them with fire while another was anal her ass. All three moaned while the men matched their movements so that when the one sucking her was already with eggs on her chin, the one anal her ass was just starting the movement and when the girl took the stick out of her mouth the one pulling her ass was already with the stick stuck up to the spine. Basic anal porn.

My first anal

We were both looking there for a few minutes when I realized that I had woken up and was very sick. I could feel how the liquid was already lubricating my glans, which had already begun to reveal itself under the pressure of the elastic. I love anal porn.

I was trying to hide this from Adi who seemed to be looking detached. He handed me the bottle of wine to take another mouthful and happily I took the bottle and took another mouthful with the idea that maybe I could take my mind off the movie but I didn’t succeed.

My cock was throbbing with desire and I wanted to take it in my hand and rub it, but I couldn’t face him there. He took the bottle from my hand after I gave it back, took a long mouthful from it, and then put it on the table next to the plate with a cake without taking his eyes off the TV. As if in a dream, then I felt the blanket fall from my legs just as the blonde took both cocks in her mouth and anal and sucked them at the same time.

The blonde was struggling to swallow both cocks when I felt Adi’s lips over mine. I flinched and although my first thought was to push him, I still accepted his tender kiss and even responded by running my tongue tenderly through his mouth. We did this exchange by letting our mouths be explored by each other’s tongues. While kissing, I felt him take off his pants and panties, releasing his hard cock and sticking it to my hip. All because of the anal movie.

I was sitting on my anal with my head slightly tilted back when I felt his hand looking for my cock, which he quickly found hard and wet from the juices that had flowed from it for several minutes. He was sucking my earlobe and massaging my hard cock with his left hand while I was touching his chest.

He got up on his knees next to me and started to kiss me again with pathos. I answered him with the same passion while I gripped his hardened club with my left hand. He bent over me and after touching my navel in passing, he approached my pussy with his mouth full of desire.

I couldn’t believe how excited I was about this anal.

I could feel his hot breath over the hardened glans while his hand made a lazy run-up and down my cock. He took eggs in my palm and then slowly, shy as it were, he took my glans in his mouth.


– Mmm, that’s good… I whispered… and that’s how it was. His mouth slid lower and lower towards the spine with every descending movement he made. I was looking for his tool with my left hand to rub it and I was holding his neck with my right hand, without pressing him, but only to caress him and urge him not to stop from the divine sucking he was doing. I just wanted some anal.

I was moaning slowly and playing with his balls, thinking and anal, now while he was in my hand and he was excited to the max…I dared to go further and look for her ass hole to go down with her.

After a few seconds, I found it and started to rub it with the navel of my middle finger, but I couldn’t reach it well enough to be able to insert it into his mysterious anal. He continued to suck me as well as he could, he was sucking tenderly, even with a passion I would say, he was sucking the stick then he released it as if just to feel his breath then he was swallowing it again as if with more passion than before.

I came back again to rub his dick while he struggled to advance with his fingers to explore the anal between my buttocks, but he couldn’t because of the position. I suddenly stopped him:

– Stay!!! I feel like letting go! I whispered more firmly, at which point he stopped. He got up leaning on his hands and kissed me. It tasted like a dick or anal!!! I laid him on his back and he supported himself on his elbows when I positioned myself between his legs.

I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. With my right hand I was holding him from the base, with my left I was massaging her balls and her mouth was doing the job it was there for.

I could feel when on the tongue when on the roof of the mouth how his pulse was pulsating, how his eggs were rising with each impulse that they received, I was very excited by all this.

I could hear him moaning and breathing hard when he threw his head back. She had started to lift her ass slightly and invite me to probe her ass with a finger, an invitation that I did not honor. With the mallet in my mouth, I stuck my index finger in his ass.

He sighed in pleasure. I was sucking and penetrating him at the same time and he was squealing with pleasure under my actions. He liked it and I liked it, and my cock was throbbing with joy and pleasure. I took it out of his mouth and started to rub it while I got up on my knees between his legs, I brought my dick closer to his dick, took both of them in my hand, and started to rub them at the same time.

We were both moaning but we didn’t allow ourselves to do it too loud so as not to wake anyone up… We rubbed both cocks hard and watched Adi as he was lost in pleasure next to me. I leaned over him and kissed him. We joined our lips and tongues in a long kiss.

– Do you want anal, I asked him?

– Yes, I want anal, but slowly… he raised his knees and revealed his intimate hole. I licked it and put my tongue as deep as I could in his anal but it didn’t seem to go in too much and after a few seconds I closed it with the finger that was already playing there.

He was already moaning while rubbing his cock alone. I tried to insert another finger, but no matter how much saliva I put in, it doesn’t seem to go into the anal.

Then I turned my attention to the cake. I took a generous portion of whipped cream with two fingers and put it on his anal and began to rub it with one finger, then after a few seconds, I inserted the second one and continued to penetrate his anal like this for a few minutes. It was more difficult at first, but then the hole started to relax and be more welcoming.

– Now you can put it in my anal! said. I fit the head of my cock in the hole and pushed gently. He came in… we both screamed with pleasure… I started to penetrate his anal in a slow rhythm… his cock hard in my hand… we both moaned… I rubbed it faster… I increased the pace… he covered his mouth with his hand so he wouldn’t hear the moans… I’m biting my lips…

– Rub it faster, he said, looking me in the eyes… I reduced the penetration of his ass a little and concentrated on making his paw the way he wanted… I was rubbing it… he moaned more and more….the transparent liquid made the cock’s head shine in the light of the TV….he also raised his bottom to the rhythm of my penetration…then…he let go… One….two….three….four jets of sperm he threw on his chest ….he bowed and bit the bridge of his palm so as not to scream…He looks good… I was watching him breathing…

He was lost…. In the twirl of the ejaculation I had come out of his ass… and looking at him I started to put my paw over his dick… I was watching him… I was thinking about how to fill it with sperm… He got up on his elbows and looked at me… he reached out a hand and took eggs in my hand… I was rubbing it harder… I felt it coming… He was playing with my skins….

– I feel like it, I whispered with bated breath…

pexels javon swaby 2766392

– Come on…..!!! Give it!! he told me while he finally stuck his finger in my ass… One second… two… three… then a long jet of sperm came out of me… then another one… on both of his abdomens and a third one arrived on his already soft dick.. he took his finger out of me and rubbed my cock a few times, letting a few drops run over his fist…

It was a wonderful feeling. We were floating…we were both floating. I stayed for a few minutes and then I said:

– Let’s go take a shower and then put him to sleep for a few hours. What do you say?

– Ok… let’s go… sleep then coffee…

– I told him later, looking at him.

– Thank you, he told me, taking the cake, and the clothes from the floor and standing up.

– You have no idea why I answered him. It was my pleasure.

– Ours, he laughed.

– It was the first time with a man for me, I said.

– The same for me answered Adi and we both snorted in laughter.

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