Let’s fuck: Adventures and fantasies with the ex 3

In the previous lines, I told you about my reunion with Silvia, part of it being real and part being fantasy. Silvia, a 33-year-old girl, taken as a woman, a little crazy, hysterical after being married, but hungry for cock and fuck. Somehow, due to her insanity, I couldn’t even continue the relationship with her.

She is the kind of curvy/chubby woman, with huge breasts, and big boobs but very horny. Somehow her girl only asks for “facials”. What I am going to tell you about, takes place about 2 months after the magical night spent with her.

10 o’clock in the morning, at the office in an impossible mood, to work, but I didn’t have much to do either. The phone rings and Silvia’s name appears on the screen, hmm, I think, maybe I’ll get something nice.

– Hello Silvia, I answer a little dryly, not knowing exactly what he wants.

– Hi! What are you doing?

– At the office…

– Perfect, do you remember that you told me that if we met again we’ll see what happens?

– How could you not? I can not wait.

– I have a surprise, and to cut it off quickly, let me know if you can come to my office in 4 hours, more precisely in the underground parking lot at the mall, I have a car there, at -2 place d36, call me when you arrive, kiss you.

– Ok and I hear a tiiiit sign that it has closed.

What the hell was the bitch thinking? I say to myself… finally I start to put things in order at the office, and ensure my departure.

Of course, you’re about 5 minutes late, and the phone rings.

– Come on, where are you? Are you still coming?

– Calm the fuck down, I get here.

– Come on, get in the car, in the back on the left side.

I could feel his voice a little shaky, I thought he was with someone and we fasted in the car.

I hurry up, I see the car, an older Range (the girl had some financial situation), I open the left rear door, with my dick up and big emotions.

Silvia was alone, with her back to the door on the right, in a dress neither long nor short, with her legs up and her hand on her cunt.

– Let’s go in faster, I comply, I go in on top of her, I start kneading her breasts, let’s kiss and I put my hand in her pussy, she doesn’t let me go and says:

– Lick me!

I don’t think about it, I kneel down, I put her legs on my shoulders, I can’t say that I was sitting great, but her pussy was the one that mattered. An impregnating smell of liquids hit me and her pussy was wet.

– You fucked yourself a whore!!!

– Yes and I want her to lick me, she takes me by the head and pushes me towards her pussy.

I fuck my ex more than once

I grab her and slip her tongue between her minute labia and feel the taste of sperm, it excites me even more and I start to clean her, lick her and fuck her with my tongue.

Silvia moaned and began to tremble, I lifted her even higher and in surprise, the bitch had bitten the plug, I take it out with back-and-forth movements, and start to lick her rosette and penetrate it with my tongue.


– Didn’t you take one?

– No, she says between moans and a little disappointed. Seeing that she was ready, I tell her

– Let me fuck you, let me fuck you!

– Do what you want!!!

I run my tongue a little more in her ass and in her pussy, after which I stand up, look into her eyes, spit on her and burn some palms on her face

– What an ordinary bitch you are, what a good memory, she starts to laugh and wipe that smile off her face, I put my hand around her throat, squeeze her, and spank her, I put a little cock in her pussy to wet her well, I kiss her and take some extra saliva from her.

I stand up, I spit her rosette and dick, I fix her, I hold her neck again and I thrust her hard from the first, it hurt the bitch but I also liked it, to fuck her deep in the ass, so I keep her so tight and give her a palm, only that Silvia got used to the fuck and gave some extraordinaire, and I was about to explode, I get out of her bottom, I quickly put in pussy of 2 pussy.

Times in her, after which I quickly come out, hold my cock, and somehow I stand over her and let go of my face until I enter her mouth to fuck her, I spray her with about 2 jets (I don’t know how I managed, that position, none of us being really slim fit), I lay down on the sofa passed out, Silvia comes over and kisses me, practically fills my mouth with saliva and sperm and says that she is not finished.

– Fuck me in her mouth, I say, we find a position that is as practical as possible, and she puts her pussy on my mouth and starts to rub, the sensation was wonderful, I find that by a miracle she drank the plow, I put it in the ass and you will start having I play with him, and she rubbed harder and harder, it was a sensation of Silvia’s pussy, fucked full of liquids, tastier than ever, over my face, over my mouth, and I was just enjoying it.

I feel her contractions and I grab her big boobs with my hands, I pull her even harder over my face, her tongue enters her pussy and I feel how it makes its way…brilliant. Everything was great.

He gets up and we kiss for reconciliation, in fact, we were desperate to exchange liquids.

We calm down, I light a cigarette and I hear Silvia say:

– You know I also fuck my boss.

– Wow, you don’t have to be a genius to figure it out and laugh.

– Come on, you’re a donkey!

– Suck it!!

– Can you still needle?

– Yes, more burnt, and we both laugh.

– I prepared this surprise for you because I would like to fulfill my fantasy, of being mailed, and I wanted to be sure that you react well. I just wanted a good fuck….

– You hear my dick, tell me about that dick you have or what my dick is, couldn’t you test it?

– To understand that you didn’t like it?

– Yes, and you know clearly that I would like to fuck you until the dicks jump out of you, but that way you could also attract that one.

– More, I don’t know what to say, I love him, even if I’m not the way I want to be with him sexually, but I wouldn’t want to lose him either because.

– Because you are hysterical after we got married, that’s why it didn’t work out between us either, although sexually you are the strongest cunt. You fuck like a whore.

– Yes, I know, but I wouldn’t want to lose it, because I do almost what I want with it…

– Yes Silvia, you know, I’ll fuck you, and with the boys, if you want I’ll bring them, you bring them, I’ll give you how the USA gave in Bosnia in 92. We will fuck you if you want.

– Well, yes, look, I’m also having a go with my boss, don’t laugh again like a fool, he also practiced before, I told him about our adventure, and he gave me this idea.

– It seems that the boss is getting his head… well, let’s make a group, if you want if you don’t arrange a meeting, see when you can, how can I, and that’s it, we’ll get down to business.

– That’s how we do it, Silvia creates the group, we greet each other, we wipe each other and everyone goes his own way.

After about 3 days of obscene jokes and teasing, I receive a call from her boss

– Hello, do you have a few minutes to spare?

– Hello, yes I have, please…

– Well, look why I called you, although it’s a bit of a risk, it seems like you’re up for the job, well, let’s surprise our favorite whore, let’s not just be us.

– Hmm, you say we shouldn’t fast her, but give her a real gang bang?

– Exactly!

– Yes, why not, no matter how hungry for fuck she is, she will be pleasantly surprised.

– Yes, only there is one more thing….and he stops for a bit.

– Come on…let’s just now know each other’s “dirtiest” secrets.

– Yes, that’s right, he says in a more lively tone, you know, she told me about your adventure, about absolutely everything.

– What a bitch! and I laugh. She really likes to fuck.

– And I had 2 goals when I proposed that you come and lick her in the car…

– You wanted to see if I avoid someone else’s sperm…

– Yeah.

– Know that I’m no stranger to such things, I’m bi, so I don’t stand aside.

– Perfect, he says, because I would bring about 4 or 5 other handymen, all of them open-minded, and open to new things and we are all.

My thoughts run away quickly and I remember to tell him:

– You know that I have a dick now, right?

– Oh me too!

– Let’s say we are 2 lost at the beginning of the journey…

– Let’s have a beer, he says, leaving no room for other interpretations.

– Come on, where will we meet?

– Do you mind if I call you to my place?

In my mind, the taste of his sperm appears and I say to him:

– No, how can he bother me?

– Perfect, I’ll send you the address, I’ll be waiting for you tonight around 7, can you?

– Of course not.

We close, and I start counting the hours.

I didn’t know if Silvia would come, I left him to see if he said something to the group, as he didn’t say anything, I left it like that too.

At 7:00 p.m. I show up at his door, to fuck together my ex.

He opens the door, and in front of me a well-built guy, a little taller than me, with a little belly, but well-groomed, well-groomed, he looks 40-43 years old.

He was dressed quite casually, with some short gray sweatpants, and a simple t-shirt on. My gaze goes straight to his cock which seemed semi-erect, the thing quite visible through his pants.

We entered the room and sat down on different armchairs, an apartment in the city center, was quite cool, you could see his financial power

– Do you want a cognac or a cigar?

– Oh yes, what a treat!

– Well, yes, it’s a bit late for beer, but I also have a beer if you want.

– Of course, I prefer cognac.

While he was putting in glasses, heated glasses, a sign that the man knew what he was doing, I was following him the whole time, my eyes being fixed directly on his dick. Which seems to be more and more obvious. We light a cigar each and enjoy the cognac.

We gossip a bit, I find out with amazement that he is 53 years old, something that excites me even more.

– I assume that Silvia does not appear.

– Yes, you’re right, I didn’t write anything in the group, I wanted to let you see what she says, I wouldn’t have bothered if she came too, but I would have liked to get to know each other better, considering that Silvia is no longer an enigma for any of us.

He says all this from his feet, in front of me.

– You know when you said that we should get to know each other better, I already know you a little, considering that I licked Silvia after you filled her pussy with sperm, and I look carefully at his reaction in his pants, in my mind you are you really, yes, I’m not ashamed either, the goal is achieved, observing how he fucks.

She gets up more and more, I put my hand on her, which excites both of us even more,

– I say let’s take advantage of the position while rubbing his dick through his pants. Does he want to fuck?

He smiles approvingly and sips a mouthful of cognac, and I pull his pants down, and I was enjoying what I had in front of me, a gorgeous dick, almost fucked, some wonderful hair not left, and very proud, I can say that it was bigger than mine, a little longer and a little thicker, but it was nothing to be afraid of.

I start by rubbing his dick, and caressing his balls, he takes me by the head and brings me even closer to him, I start by licking his balls and rubbing the egg at the same time. I draw phlegm for him to slide more easily and I actually enjoyed him.

I put my tongue under his skin and start to lick them upwards, I reach the cock which I lick with lust, and when I uncover his head, I give him 2 or 3 tongues all around, after which I look into his eyes, I see him like this gorgeous with the glass in his hand as he looks at me while the cock slowly but surely disappears in my mouth:

– Oh how well you suck me!

I am provoked by this and by his image, and I try to give him the best possible blowjob that I can do. In a sexual relationship with a man, I don’t like to be dominated, but at this moment I would have done whatever he asked of me even though I was afraid. But let him fuck me in my mouth worse than I fuck pussies in my mouth. My luck is that he wasn’t the type, he liked to suck well and be kinder.

I take his dick out of his mouth and enjoy his first liquids, and I also start masturbating quickly, he takes me by the head, hits me 2 or 3 times with his dick on the face, and says:

– Don’t hurry, because I want to taste you too, I don’t like being in debt.

I take the glass of cognac, take a mouthful of it to temper myself, and light my cigar again.

He gets down on his knees and starts kissing my neck, something that excites me to the max, I have no patience and push him straight to the dick. He starts sucking me directly, playing with my skin.

The feeling was wonderful, I was in an armchair, with a good cognac, a good cigar, and I had an extraordinary blow.

– Ah.. that’s good, it’s sensational, but I can’t anymore, I’m going to explode soon, at which point he gets up, grabs both my hands and starts to fuck me in my mouth again in a very pleasant rhythm, I enjoy again his cock and suck it as best as possible to feel the taste of his sperm again. Something that doesn’t last long and I hear him say it.

-Ahhh ahaaa ahhhhb I feel like it…

He puts his dick on my tongue and jets of warm sperm flood my mouth and face, that feeling I felt at that moment when his dick pulsed on my tongue was brilliant,

I enjoy his sperm for a few moments and get up because I was about to explode, we switch places, this time he was in the armchair and I standing, he rubs my dick a few times and then starts sucking it, no I pump 3 or 4 times in his mouth because I feel like I’m shaking, he grabs my butt and pulls me deeper into him and enjoys my sperm…

To be continued!

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