Jim and the change

Switch produced a second blade with a click and I turned to the truck. Jim and they didn’t even seem to notice me much. They were all between seventeen and twenty-six years old. They all shared a strong, powerful figure, dark eyes and hair, and a mischievous disposition.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” Said Reed Hardy, the eldest. Switch snorted loudly.

“You beat your brother.” This was the Switch. Jim stepped forward.

“None of your business, Reed, leave her alone,” he said calmly. I opened my truck door. However, no one noticed me.


“Really? I see it differently. I heard your whore came on Sid,” he motioned to the beaten guy, “and you’re confused about it.” Reed said.

Jim stepped forward. I leaned the seat of my truck forward and felt behind it, grabbing the long cold metal I’d been looking for. As Jim angrily stepped forward, the other Hardy boys made as if to jump him.

– Hang in there, dammit. I said loudly, calmly. They all stopped and looked, not at me, but the twelve-gauge rifle in my hands.

Reed raised his hands and stepped back as the others followed suit. “Wait Deadshot, I didn’t do anything to you, buddy,” he said.

“Fuck that!” I screamed. “Take your worthless brother and go. Now.” I said in a lower voice.

Presently two Hardees came forward, lifted Sid by the shoulders, and walked away with him. About twenty yards away, they loaded him into the back of Reed’s truck. Reed started the engine, but before roaring into the dark, gravel road, he stuck his head out the window.

“By the way, Jim, have you seen your Pretty Lady lately?” Here he laughed and dashed across the grass and dusty road. The party music could be heard again, as it had been ignored before. Jim turned around.

“Have any of you seen her?” he asked desperately. Then he left for the cabin.

June 29,

2:04 a.m.

Jim, Switch, and Slicker

Lady had been taken to the hospital yesterday, still in shock, and had some head trauma or some shit I couldn’t figure out. Jim, Switch, and Slicker were all sitting in the back of Slicker’s truck. Slicker stared into oblivion, his black hair tousled and hanging around his eyes. Jim was doing the same, haircuts like mine and Switch. The boy cuts himself. Relatively nice, we should have been looking for chicks. But not now, maybe never. Things had changed. Things were very different. Jim suddenly perked up.

– We’re going to get them, aren’t we? he asked. Did he need it? The Hardy boys were in the deepest shit ever.

July 3,

12:45 a.m.

The Hardy house was almost empty. The only man was Sid. The only others were the Hardys’ mother and their only sister. The rest were outside. We were seeing the house in shifts, making sure everything was going well. We were dressed in our hunting camo, with our faces painted in grease.

The moon was extremely bright, shining down on us as we crept homeward through the tall hayfield that surrounded it. Jim raised his fist and Slicker and I fell. In the distance, I knew Switch was sneaking up on the huge rottweiler that Hardy was holding. Soon there was a quick flash from a flashlight, nothing more. That was the signal. We started moving again. Through the only window that opened slightly, we crept into the house.

I waited for the glow on the warm wooden floor of the cozy farmhouse. I thought of the broken body of the poor Lady, violated by every feeling and warmth. Anger rippled thickly in my gut and I thought about what I was doing. Jim was probably into it for the same reason I was. I loved Lady and the Hardees had hurt her. Slicker was only in it to help us. And Switch has been completely loyal and crazy to us. Kind of crazy. Perfect combination.

pexels sergey meshkov 8481478

We know the house perfectly. We snuck in many times when the Hardees was away just to do the house plan. Everything was just perfect.

Like shadows, I glided noiselessly up the stairs to the second floor. The door immediately to our right was the boys’ room. Only Sid was sleeping there tonight. Jim leaned toward me,

“Do it Deadshot”. he whispered. I let myself in the door and moved to Sid’s bed. Seeing his head, I brought the butt of the sawed-off rifle to his temple, bringing him down. I checked his pulse to make sure he wasn’t dead. I took the covers off of it and took the roll of duct tape out of the bag.

July 3,

1:32 a.m.

Sid was now wrapped head to toe in gray tape, unable to move. I closed the door behind me and found the guys still waiting for me. I nodded to them and Jim led the way to the next door. He opened it and there, on the four-poster bed, lay a rather small girl of fifteen. It develops well with curves, beauty on the face, and dark curly hair. I ruthlessly walked over to her bed without making a sound and slapped a piece of tape over her mouth. He woke up and saw my face and started trying to scream. Working quickly, the others grabbed his hands and feet, tying them to each of the posts.

I bent down to her rather frightening face and said:

“You can scream, or you can enjoy it dearly. It’s going to happen either way.” I giggled. She seemed to calm down now. Jim got up on the bed, crawling between her bare thighs. She was wearing only a thin nightgown and no panties. Jim took out a knife and cut the dress, showing us all her young body.

She had close-cropped pubic hair and a beautiful figure. At the sight of her tied up like this, I began to harden under my camouflage. The moonlight streaming through the darkness of the two windows illuminated everything as Jim climbed down from it. He knelt and faced her spreading pus. It was a dark area that I couldn’t see well, but it was still exciting. Jim surprised me by immediately burying his face in her legs, licking her young sweetness. I got even harder.

A small moan escaped. So, enjoy!

Jim lifted his face and looked at me. “She’s wet as hell, Deadshot.” He wants us! He laughed cruelly and stood up. He dropped his camouflage overalls along with his boxers. Ah, he was smaller than me! I thought! Slicker walked over to the side of her bed and started caressing her neck and breasts. Finally, he put his hand on her neck and whispered:

“I’ll take the tape out, but if you scream, I’ll choke the life out of you.” He was extremely serious. She nodded slowly. He yanked the box off and she whimpered a little. I turned my attention back to what Jim was doing. He slid his hard cock into her, making a squeezing sound and drawing a moan from her. Slicker now had his pants down and his dick out, waving it in front of her face.

“Open baby, I know you did it to your brothers. I’ve been watching you.” Slicker said. She opened her mouth and he slid his cock inside. He moved his arm behind her head and began to pull her mouth, his thick cock filling her mouth at his own pace. Jim, meanwhile, was struggling to fuck her pussy, cocking for all he was worth. It wasn’t long before her moans and tight wet pussy made him spasm and cum.

Just then, Slicker had gotten up on his knees on the bed, twisting the girl’s head up so he could pull her mouth better. He was making her suck and throat him so fast I was surprised she didn’t fall.

But it was true, I had seen her head, Reed, through the window two nights before. She was a house whore.

And he finally came, spasming hard and shooting her mouth full of his cum. Surprisingly, she swallowed every drop, sucking it. I could see his neck working to get as low as possible.

Jim moved away from her and I took his place, unleashing my thick cock from my camouflage and looking down at her erect body. Slicker removed the shaft from her mouth and she turned to look at me. I looked into her eyes and pushed my cock inside her. It was sweet and tight. Tighter than Lady’s had been. Her cloth was dripping wet and her beautiful slim body heaved and shook, gasping for breath as I began to see my cock in and out of her. It was incredible. So wrong, but incredible. She started moaning and I went faster. She was having trouble breathing and I pumped faster into her and her.

I spasmed and shot my first tampon into her love hole, filling her pussy. The cream gushed out and she let out a scream, playing on my cock. I let the last drops out of me and pulled out. Jim had already pulled up his pants. So is Slicker. I smiled at them and pulled my bibs off and stuffed my sensitive cock back inside. We walked out the door, having done what we came to do. I was at the top of the step when I said:

“Wait. Where’s the Switch?”

We looked around and couldn’t find him. Then we turned around and saw that the door at the end of the hall was slightly open. My heart sank. It was Mrs. Hardy’s room. Thank God Mr. Hardy was long dead. We moved towards it, filling slowly. I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Mrs. Hardy’s slender figure bouncing up and down on Switch’s hard cock, moaning in her throat. They were both naked on her bed with her on top of him. He turned slightly and gasped at the sight of us. Switch grabbed her shoulders and looked up at her,

– They are with me. He said.

He relaxed instantly. Who did we think we were? It didn’t matter. She pointed to the bedside table and said:

“Take KY, will you?” She asked. Surprised, I put my gun down and went to get the bottle of KY liquid. Now she placed her attractive body on Switch’s body and beckoned me to come closer. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a porn star!” she said breathlessly.

pexels jeferson gomes 6956909

I almost laughed. So that’s what the Switch told him! I nodded and she whispered:

– Go ahead, take my ass.

I almost dropped the bottle, but instead, I dropped my pants, my cock already hard again. I got on my knees behind her and was met by her ass. She rose to her knees and Switch’s thick cock slid out of her. I didn’t quite know what to do, so I spread her cheeks, and put the nozzle in the very opening of her ass hole. I pushed it inside her and she moaned a little. Then I squirted some of the lube on my hand. My hard feather was swinging in front of me, ready as hell. I slid it up and put my head on the tight bud of her anus.

I didn’t waste time, I pushed forward. It was as if I had never done anything before! It was so tight I could hardly breathe. Once I was inside her completely, she was moaning loudly. I grabbed her hips and pushed her on top so we were lying on the beds, I pressed up behind her, and my cock was in her tight ass. Because she was over forty years old, her body was smooth and supple, and her face was pretty. I cupped her breasts and pulled them out of her ass, only to thrust them back into her suddenly. It was quite soft and warm, not much like a pussy.

Switch rolled between her legs and managed to stuff his cock inside her. Now she was moaning. Almost screaming in pleasure as we both hit her body in both holes. The bed shook as we both pulled her hard against her body. He was loving it, a huge smile on his face and small giggles slipping through the moans. Soon she was playing loudly, shouting,

“Oh shit, studies… . . .Oh shit! That’s dear, give it to me, I…I . . .oh, give it to me… . . . .Oh!!!” I didn’t even slow down as Switch gave in to the pleasure and entered her pussy. I hit her bottom hard, squeezing her slim hips hard. I buried it inside her faster, harder, thicker, until she swallowed again, rubbing her clit fast and hard. I finally came again, shooting every bit of cream into her tight ass.

I left her lying on the bed, asleep, quietly leaving the room. I walked into the teenage girl’s room and kissed her cheek, whispering:

“I’m sorry dear, but I have to leave you like this for your brother to see,” I said.

“But why?” she asked quietly, her pretty face full of confusion.

“It’s hard to explain. This is the first act of revenge against him.. . . . .it’s just… ..hard to explain”. I said as fast as possible.

“Oh, well, thanks. That was nice. Except for the tied-up part.” she said, looking into my eyes. I giggled, surprised by her words.

“You are something, aren’t you, baby? Well, when this is over, I’d like to be with you again.” I said with love. She laughed and I ran out of the room before I could be tempted to pull her again. The boys were waiting for me outside. I flew through the forest, running and laughing. And it was just the beginning. All the Hardy boys had girlfriends.

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