From bi to daddy’s penis slave

If you want to know about me, I’m 25 years old, 6ft 2in, with short wavy hair, an athletic body, with a rather impressive 7.5-inch uncut cock. Also, I am a daddy’s girl. I’m not going to pretend I look like some form of Greek god or anything, which I’m not, but I’m fine.

For the past 4 years, I have been in a relationship with a woman but I always knew I was Bi and she knew it too. I’ve been with men in the past and I’ve always been a fan of bottom touching, but I’ve never been with a man while I’ve been with her because she wasn’t into it.

My ex agreed to indulge me occasionally, though so all was not lost. After the end of my relationship with my ex, I was having a bit of a crisis, not knowing what I wanted after her, and I decided that the easiest way to move on was Grindr, as in the end those who can’t get laid there.


I installed the app and made it clear in my profile that I hadn’t been with a man in a while and wanted someone to handle me. I’ve always been submissive even with women, so I had no reason not to be with men. I have almost no limits other than scatter and gore, so I’m essentially a dominant dream.

How I met the dad

On the first day, I got a few messages but nothing tickled my fancy until a cute 55-year-old dad messaged me. Dad is not what I would say is my type as he is a slightly chubby man and has a very hairy upper torso which is not normally my thing as I like to be smooth and prefer others to be but luckily he shaves off the important parts.

He is shorter than me but not by much at about 6 feet but what he lacks in height he makes up for in the penis department. He told me it was big when we were chatting but he didn’t send me a photo like he said whether I like it or not I will taste it.

That’s what drew me to him. Throughout all of our initial conversations, he had a sexy severity to him where I thought that if we ever met, he would take 100% full control of me and that’s all I wanted. To be nothing more than a sex toy for him. After only a day of discussion, I agreed to meet him at his home that night.

I told him my boundaries which to be honest are very few and agreed to a safe word but I haven’t used it and probably never will. I didn’t go into detail about my likes as I wanted them to be whatever he liked as he is in charge after all.

I was nervous before going on the date because I hadn’t been with a guy in so long and I honestly didn’t know anything about what he had planned for me, except that as soon as I got home I would call him daddy.

Which makes it sexier because even now, after several dates, I still don’t know his real name. I always call him daddy because that’s what he wants. I did the usual prep work and made sure I was clean inside and out, shaved, and warmed up beforehand. We drove up to his house and it was a nice house in a pretty unobtrusive location.

I knocked on the door and there was the man in the photos exactly as I saw answering. He gave me a cheeky smile as if he knew what he had in store for me and ushered me inside. Dad has quite a deep voice which is comforting but very direct at the same time.

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She immediately told me to undress and present her clothes in a folded pile. I stood there in his hallway, vulnerable to this man I barely knew holding all my things in his hand. He put them in a closet by the door and said, “When you’re in my house, you’re empty unless I say otherwise. You’re going to call me daddy, ask my permission to do anything, and listen to my every word.”

I remember only being able to answer “yes dad” as I was too nervous/excited to think. I was already standing in his hall and my penis was pounding hard in front of me. Dad said “you won’t need this” and took him firmly in his hands, squeezing her as hard as he could. He grabbed the top of my head and pushed me to the floor. He showed me where he wanted me to go and told me to crawl so he could see me on all fours. He directed me into his lovely carpeted living room, which was a big improvement over the hardwood floors in the hall. 

Daddy stood in front of me in the living room and slowly began to unbuckle his belt. My cock twitched in anticipation and I almost found myself instinctively opening my mouth to be ready since it had been so long since I’d tasted a real cock. I was instructed that at no time would I touch my own penis unless he said so, which was excruciating throughout.

He slowly unzipped himself in front of my face and revealed what he was hiding in the photos. At no point did I expect what was revealed, Daddy’s cock is about the same size as mine, if maybe a little bigger. He is uncut like me and oh boy is that a lovely cock. Not too thick where a blow is agonizing on the jaw, but thick enough to do a real job.

I sat there staring at his throbbing cock like the law before me. If I stuck my tongue out, there was a bit of cum on the tip waiting to be tasted. Daddy put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my hair. He said, “open your whore wide” to which I did.

Dad slowly and gently pulled my face with both hands on my head into his waiting cock. It wiped as well as my tongue when it came in and it was like electricity went through my body I was so turned on. His sweetness like I can’t describe his, I only wanted more if he would let me at the time.

He continued to slowly work my head back and forth for a minute or two before saying that the slaves should do all the work. It cleared my head and I knew what I had to do. The sub inside me was well and truly released and I began to throat his cock hard like it was my last meal. There was no way I could handle all of them, but I was easily managing 2/3 of it, and Daddy was moaning that I was a good slave. I take him as far as I can with each stroke as he plays with my hair.

I knew after all that sucking she had to get closer and Addy started talking to me. I remember his words were “a good whore loves the taste of cum and knows she should swallow every drop” He asked me if I was a good whore and all I could do was nod my head and moan yes as my mouth mine was full. I waited years to taste a load again and would have done anything to taste them then.

Dad went on to tell me that to this day it may be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life and it shows how good of a dominant he is. Daddy said, “Soon I’m going to cum in your mouth and like a good whore, you’re going to enjoy every last drop of it.”

My eyes were screaming yes, please. “You’re going to show me that you’re willing to serve me, and when I come back into your mouth, you’re going to hold it on your tongue like a good slave, and you’re only going to be able to swallow when I say so.” He had me because he knew how much I wanted it, and he refused the thing I wanted to do most, which was to swallow it all.

Dad told me here he comes and started holding the back of my head micro pushing his throbbing head into my wet mouth. More spurts of his hot juices began to squirt into my mouth as he moaned how much of a whore I was.

All I wanted to do was swallow every drop, but I didn’t, I played with my tongue on his head, swirling my cum around my mouth, absorbing the aroma of his seed as I did so. Dad looked me in the eyes and pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat on the chair in front of me while I still had all his cum on my tongue.

Dad said I wouldn’t swallow his cum until it was hard and ready for round 2. He was very clear in his next instruction. I had to make him hard again without touching him or touching his cock, so I had to perform for him.

I started rolling my hips for him and rubbing my cock up and down. I went back to where I knew he liked before and got on all fours in front of him and slowly parted my cheeks for him, showing him my hole that if he wanted he could have. After what felt like 10 minutes I saw daddy’s cock start to come through again and I was getting desperate at this point. I was literally dripping as well as still longing to swallow his cum. He looked at me and just said one word “Swallow!” that was all I needed and I did.

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I showed him my empty mouth and introduced my tongue. He instructed me to sit in front of him again and grabbed my head and pulled it back to his hard cock again. What followed was what I would describe as him using my neck like a fleshlight with no control on my part. He found exactly what he liked and went for it. Dad told me that this time I don’t get a chance to enjoy his cum and it goes straight to the back of my throat much to my disappointment. 

Dad starts moaning and he squirted his juice down the back of my throat I was trying desperately to get some on my tongue but I couldn’t. He pushed my head away after he knew it was all gone and smiled. Dad said, “You come back tomorrow, don’t you dare touch your penis when you leave because I have a plan for this and you will eat it.” He got up and handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed and go out.

I left so frustrated but so satisfied at the same time. The date was everything I hoped it would be. The thought of this did not leave my mind all night. This man single-handedly reminded me why I love my penis so much and sparked my need to serve and please others. I confess that now I will probably be a whore for the rest of my life.

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