My sexy colleague & First day of work

And now I easily remember that day, it was a rainy Monday, at the end of September. I was going to work for the first time and I really thinking if I would have a sexy colleague. I had just graduated from college and I was confident that I would succeed in life. I had heard a lot of advice about how to behave at work, to be serious, to arrive early, to leave last, and to smile a lot.

I had received so much advice and read so many things about how to behave as an employee that I was no longer me, I was a common product of the minds of others, a package of thoughts that did not belong to me. If you slapped me then, I was such a sucker, that I would have said “Thank you”.

I get out of the subway with the rush of people trying not to touch too many people and still hurry at the same time. It was a strange, intimidating feeling like I was suffocating. After about 5 minutes of walking, I arrive in front of the office building. A huge glass building in the northern area of ​​the capital rises above me. I confidently enter and immediately come face to face with the security of the building.

“- Where you go?” the guard asked me, a little irritated.

“- Hello. This is where I work…” I answered hesitantly. “- Let me show you the ID…”

I did the formalities and continued towards the turnstiles. I brought the magnetic card closer, but the gate did not open. I try again, but nothing.

“- The first day?” came a female voice from behind me.

“- Yes, good morning!” I answered promptly as if I were in the army.

“- Let me help you. It’s probably not active yet,” she replies.

The sexy colleague strikes

Now that I’m back I managed to see her. It was a lady or a young lady, I couldn’t tell exactly. I could have said she was around 30 years old, but the way she was arranged made her look younger. She was a petite, thin girl, at least a head shorter than me, and dressed in office clothes. She had black shoes, with very high heels, probably to adjust a little to her small stature.

My sexy colleague’s thin legs were covered by shiny and transparent stockings. At the bottom, she wore a short and bold skirt of a pleasant red, not very typical, but not good either. In the upper part, he had a black shirt, simple and effective. A generous neckline partially hid some medium, round breasts, which made you stare more than you should.

Top it off with a pair of thick-rimmed black glasses that highlighted his green eyes. A red, long, and straight hair adorned sexy colleague’s small head. His beautifully contoured lips hid a vague smile that exuded a good mood, but also seriousness at the same time.

sexy colleague

We reach the elevators.

“- What floor?” she asked me.

“- Ah, I don’t know for sure, I went to the interview at 9, at IT…”

“- Are you the new IT guy?”

“- Yes, Hi, I’m Robert…” and I extended my hand to her to introduce myself.

“- Hi, I’m Ana, from Marketing” and she extended her hand while smiling more at me now. “- Come with me, we are going in the same direction”.

I was already starting to relax. I had met my first sexy colleague and everything was starting to take shape for me. It was my first day at work, I couldn’t believe it. But I still felt like an alien. Yesterday I was a student and all I knew was to go to classes and the dormitory.

Now I was in a new, futuristic place, with glass walls, sensors, cameras, and mirrors everywhere. Yesterday I was free to enter anywhere, today I had to have a magnetic card to enter. Let it be active. It was as if I had emigrated to another country. Everyone in the elevator seemed confident.

One was looking at the clock as if he was in a hurry, two were debating the latest news, and others were relaxing on the phone. Ana was in front, she was also checking her phone. My sexy colleague’s perfume drove me crazy. It seemed like an expensive perfume, with the aroma of musk, which leaves you with an impression of an important person.

The sexy colleague was standing with his back to me because that’s how I had managed to be crowded. It didn’t seem disrespectful to me, I actually enjoyed the view. I couldn’t help myself and look down. Her straight hair stopped above her bottom. She had a rounded butt, well highlighted by her red skirt. It was clear to me, she was playing in another league, I wasn’t ugly either, but I don’t think my sexy colleague would have looked at me.

In order not to leave the picture so incomplete, I will also tell a little about myself. I am a tall guy at one meter ninety. I have black, slightly curly, and wavy hair. I have green eyes, a big and straight nose, I don’t wear a beard and I weigh around 85 kilograms. I like to go to the gym and I have a body that I am proud of.

sexy colleague

As a child I was shy, and I still am, but I consider myself mentally gifted, as well as in the lower part. I have a limb… I know, that’s what I like to call it because my penis seems weak, and mine is not weak. As I said, I have a thick and long limb. When you admire it, it doesn’t seem that long because it’s thick, but it’s 18 centimeters on the ruler, without pushing the ruler into your stomach…

And as I was sitting in the elevator, straight, waiting to get to the 9th floor and it was stopping from floor to floor to go down one by one, Ana was kind of stuck to… my limb. I admit, at first, I didn’t have a place, I mean, you know how it is in Bucharest, here it’s not that you’re not alone, here you don’t have a place to take off your coat when you’re hot on the subway because of how many people there are.

The higher we went with the elevator, the more room there was, but it was as if Ana had fallen into thoughts, … and not only thoughts, and had forgotten to move a little further. You realize, I didn’t say anything, it was just not stupid to complain about something like that. We arrive at 9 and get out of the elevator.

“- Good luck Robert. See you around here,” the sexy colleague said.

“- Good day, thank you too, Ana!”

There were two other boys at the office. One was Marius, my boss, the one with whom I had also given the interview, the other was Alin, an older colleague here. I install myself, configure myself, and do everything I need on the first day. Since we were the guys from IT, we also did our own setup.

At least I chose which laptop I wanted. My boss shows me the ticketing application, see this, see that, here you get the tasks, here you tick when you have solved them, work stuff, you know.

Time passes quickly and the meal break comes. Since the boss couldn’t come because he was caught up with some meetings, only I and Alin went to the table. We take what we need and sit down to eat. At one point a group of 3 girls passed by us. One of them was Ana. I smile at her, and she smiles at me but stops. The others stop with her and Ana greets me.

“- Hi Robert, Big Appetite.”

“- Hello Ana, thank you, sorry, this is Alin, my new colleague.”

“- Yes, we know Alin, he’s our favorite boy from IT” and all three smile. “- Now that you have come too, we will have two favorite boys”.

I was going to drown. I smiled and blushed. They all smiled and left for the food area. I told you I’m still shy. I still am. Alin starts to laugh at me.

“- Why are you so red, you say you are cancer” And he continued to laugh. “- You like our girls, huh? But I see that Ana smiled at you. Well done guys. Ana is the hottest here.”

I pretend to have fun too, but I was super ashamed of myself. Fuck… just now I had to block myself. I didn’t manage to rap anything to either my sexy colleague or Alin. And how optimistic I had come to work. To hell with everything.

It’s two o’clock, I’m still digesting. Taking a nap at work after your lunch break is something to be afraid of. I was still thinking about what happened. I was thinking about a sexy colleague, I really liked her a lot, but I was convinced that she wouldn’t look at me. I mean, besides the fact that she’s a super girl, she’s also probably 7 years older than me. It is clear that she has her own life. As I stand and think about green and dry, a notification appears on the ticketing application.

When I look at the details, it says about some problems with the landline of the user Ana Ionescu. Will it be my sexy colleague? Will it be another Ana? I ask Alin where Ana Ionescu’s office is. He tells me that it’s still on the 9th floor but in the west wing, so on the opposite side from where we were.

I see on the ticket that it was urgent. I take my heart in my teeth and go to the place where my colleague indicated. I get there and see a glass desk. the sexy colleague was our girl at the computer, alone. I thought then that she must have a management position, otherwise, why would she have an office just for her? Let me in.

“- Hi Robert, you should know that I have a problem with my phone and I’m in a hurry to solve it because I have an important call to make”, said the sexy colleague in a serious voice.

“- Ok, I’ll check.”

“- Are you serving something sweet?” and handed me a box of candies.

“- It’s your birthday?” I ask.

“- No, no, this is how I serve the people who come to visit”

I take the candy and eat it so I don’t seem insensitive. I look at her desk on the phone to see what she has. Next to the phone, I see my sexy colleague’s business cards. I look to see what it says: “Marketing Senior Manager”. I say to myself okkk… so she’s the boss.

Ana went to the glass windows and started to unroll the blinds. I looked surprised, I didn’t know why my sexy colleague was doing this. I didn’t give too much importance and bent down to go under the desk to check the plugs, to see why the IP Phone he was using had no signal.

After he finished unrolling all the blinds, I heard how my sexy colleague also closed the door with the key. Then she asked me:

“- Excuse me, I have to send an important e-mail, is it ok if I walk a little to the laptop?”

I didn’t have time to say anything, I was under her desk. My sexy colleague immediately sat down in the chair. At this moment I was perplexed. I noticed that he was no longer wearing the tights that I had seen in the morning. Her legs were bare but close together. Her smooth skin was beautiful and I felt the pleasant smell of the body cream.

I still couldn’t see anything. Not at the plugs, because I haven’t looked there for a long time. I couldn’t see anything between my sexy colleague’s legs because she was holding them together. While typing something on the laptop, he slowly starts to spread his legs apart. I’m really stuck.

Now I could see perfectly. I was actually looking directly at her between the legs and being very close I could see everything. At that moment he asked me without any embarrassment:

“- Do you like what you see?”

I didn’t know what to answer. I was barely breathing under the desk. I was staring at her vagina and didn’t know what to say next. I think I just grunted, I couldn’t say anything else.

“- If you like what you see, I’ll give you permission to kiss everything you like!”, said my sexy colleague with a voice as serious and sure as her.

He was giving me a comma at that moment. She seemed very serious, but I didn’t know if she was serious. My heart was pounding and I think my face turned red again. However, I got carried away by the euphoria of the moment and started kissing her on one knee, then the other. My dick had started to harden. I didn’t really know what to do exactly.

“- You can use your hands to know!” the sexy colleague continued.

With both hands, I massaged her thin ankles while continuing to kiss my sexy colleague’s thighs higher and higher. I slowly took off both shoes. I massaged his soles, ankles, and calves, everything smelled nice and felt pleasant to the touch. She started moaning and spreading her legs further. I could smell her pussy right there. It smelled very good, young pussy. My penis was already so hard that it was pushing into my jeans like a battering ram.

Ana covered my head with her hands. My sexy colleague was playing with my curly hair, massaging my comb. Then she started to gently pull me towards her pussy. I put both my hands under the skirt and grabbed her by the waist. The skirt was now completely lifted so I could see her abdomen. I decided to pull her ass closer to me. I pressed my lips to the lips of her pussy and started licking like crazy.

My sexy colleague moaned once, short and strong. I was afraid that someone would hear us. Then she stopped, a sign that she was probably afraid of the same thing. I was licking her clitoris with lust. I had something to lick, she had a prominent clitoris, a fact that I found unexpected for her petite stature. I started to literally suck her clitoris, I didn’t bother with licking anymore. I was sucking her entire pussy already. My sexy colleague wets herself continuously.

I had started to go down and up with my tongue and suck her whole vulva like a flame. She moaned slowly and often, more and more often. It gets wet more and more. She was holding my head with her hands and pulling me towards her as if she somehow wanted to insert me into her. I understood the message and started to enter the language.

I was making quick movements of sucking, licking, and inserting my tongue, sucking, licking, and inserting my tongue. I lowered one of my hands to the dick. I started to rub it because it was already hurting me, there was no more room in my pants. With one hand I was squeezing my sexy colleague’s butt, with one hand I was rubbing my dick and with my face, I was also stuck in her pussy. For a good few minutes, we were both delirious. We no longer really knew what world we were on.

At one point the sexy colleague started to squeeze my head with his legs and started shaking. I was struggling with both hands to separate them until I could breathe and I continued to suck from her with thirst. I had already swallowed my sexy colleague’s sweet juice several times. Ana’s strong twitches made the chair move.

She squeezed me hard in her now throbbing pussy. At one point he moaned loudly once more and then held his breath for a good few seconds. I could just feel how he was shaking, how he was pulsing, and how he was holding his breath. Then he said to me in a low voice:

“- That’s it, I can’t do it anymore, I’m done…”

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