Finn and the shed club

I told Tash to go through the garden next door and then come and knock on my house as if she were returning from her ‘exile’. Finn and the boys was already there. She again asked me to swear not to tell anyone about her being there on that date, and apart from sharing everything online now (most of the names have been changed for obvious reasons), I held by this promise.

She asked if she could come that evening after the others had left, and we both knew why. I said yes, but I made sure she knew not much would happen because my mom would be home, but we both knew we’d at least be able to tickle each other in silence while pretending to listen to music in my bedroom, and I was both certainly agree with the idea.

I kept an eye out as she made her way to the end of the garden hedge and waited a few minutes until I was sure she had made her escape before heading home to join the other girls who were. now gathered back in the kitchen, listening at the door and trying to hold back their giggles.


I had seen them all turned on in the past, but this had taken things to a whole new level of loud and stupid, and I’m including myself in all this girly behavior and blaming it entirely on our age. That’s my excuse anyway.

“Where’s Jacks?” I asked, suspecting he was up to something.

“They’re all there,” came a reply, “We’re arguing about who’s next.”

I joined the joint listening through the door. They seemed to be singing “One potato, two potato” and quickly realized that the eventual loser would soon be heading down to the shed. Suddenly there was a knock at the back door and everyone jumped.

I opened the door and Tash stood there red-faced, as people tend to be when they commit some sort of deception.

“May I come in now?” she asked all innocently. All the girls laughed and she immediately went inside, she immediately told him the whole story of what they had just seen her brother do. She looked appropriately disgusted and made the right noises when too much detail was given, not daring to glance at me just in case someone might suspect something.

The living room door opened and Jackie looked at me questioningly, so I took the opportunity to walk in and close the door behind me before anyone tried to stop me.

“Who was that at the door?” she asked, almost whispering, “is your mother home?”

I looked around the group of boys and could tell right away that they looked really worried. I admit that mum would have thought it odd that the whole gang were in the house on a beautiful sunny day, but she certainly wouldn’t have thought anything more of it, after all we were all fully dressed and there was no loud music or illicit smoking. However, the boys seemed very uneasy.

“It was just Tash coming back,” I replied, glancing at Tom who could now hear being told all about it in the next room.

A general relief came over the boys and I decided to stay and see what happened. A few coughs and a bit of shuffling later, they regrouped and continued the selection process.

Stevie and Tom stood outside the group with the smallest boy in the group standing next to them. We quickly determined that they were removed from the “potatoes” process and that Tom was not included in the first place, for obvious reasons. He stood there avoiding eye contact with me and to be fair I did the same to him.

It was really strange to think that only a quarter of an hour ago, I had witnessed him in all his glory, masturbating and ejaculating, probably THE most private and intimate of acts, and now it seemed quite surreal to be with him so soon. after, all fully clothed and trying to act normal.

I looked over at the three boys who were now resuming the game and tried not to show too much excitement due to the fact that one of them was Mark, the boy I thought was crazy. The one who had been the recipient of my flash session in this very room while I pretended to be watching TV.

I noticed that he had regrouped in a circle with his back to me and I wondered if that was on purpose. Maybe the red one? If it were ME, I’d be borderline horrified, but I’m probably looking forward to doing it in a masochistic sort of way. I slowly made my way around the ring until I was standing next to Jackie’s shoulder, to see who would be eliminated next.

Mark was the oldest of the three remaining, the other two being the same year as Zoe and both looking like they wanted the earth to open up and swallow them whole.

They were both popular members of the group and very funny, especially Finn. He was the taller of the two and rather chubby with bright red hair and freckles. His mother was a stout, strong Irish lady, and he certainly had his sights set on her.

She always called him by his full name, Finbar, which made us all laugh, but he had a wonderful way about her and was probably the funniest of all our parents. Finn was great at telling stories and his quick wit made him the joke of the group. The last thing I would call it was “sexy” though. Definitely not boy band material.

pexels dainis graveris 5218999 1

The other boy was called Gareth (Gary) and he had just been eliminated. The look of relief on his face was a picture, and I fully expected him to do a lap of honor around the room, pushing the air. He was grinning from ear to ear and went to sit next to the other escapees. That left Mark and Finn. Mark was now working furiously to avoid eye contact with us two girls. The round has begun.

“One potato two potatoes three potatoes four ….. five potatoes six potatoes seven more potatoes” … Jackie’s hand slamming into Marks fist as the last word was chanted.

He stood there for a second, not taking it in… then he looked up from his fist to Finn who was staring back like he’d just been read a death sentence. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

“OK, so here’s the list,” Jackie announced suddenly, breaking the spell. “Finn goes first, then Mark” (he saw me smiling), “then Gary, then Michael” (the youngest) “and finally Steve.” They all looked and nodded at each other, as patients in a dentist might, and they all headed for the door.

Finn show time

Finn held back slightly and I squeezed his arm as he took a few seconds to gather his courage. We didn’t speak, just exchanged glances that simultaneously declared “What the hell am I doing here?” (from him) and my most reassuring look trying to convey “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

The girls gathered around as the list was read, with ‘Ooohs’ for effect at each name, followed by a quick glance at the named victim to make sure they were blushing enough.

After the list was finished and the other boys disappeared back into the living room, I quickly looked outside to make sure there were no neighbors around, and once I rang the bell clearly, the procession, was in a very reluctant tone. Finn was ceremoniously ushered back down to the shed. I checked my watch. I had at least three hours before my mom got home. Enough time.

Once inside, Jackie arranged for Finn to sit on the other side of the table, and as she sorted through the magazines from her backpack again, Zoe hurriedly asked Finn to undress. She just asked out loud and it was clear to everyone that she was really eager to see her classmate naked and fast.

Now considering that up until that point most of the girls there only saw her as an unimportant ‘kid’ in the group, the fact that she was now taking charge by ordering one of the boys to strip completely in front of him. we thought it was very funny. We all stopped what we were doing and looked at her, quite amazed that she could be so naughty.

“What?” she asked, looking at us. “We all want to see, don’t we?” She assumed her boss look again and turned her attention back to Finn, an expectant look on her face. He may have seen it in the past, but today he was going to take this naughty to a whole new level. She took her position in the chair she had before and I found myself sitting next to her again. The other girls all found their seats, signaling for the show to begin.

Finn stared at Zoe for a few more seconds, almost begging her to be released, but he was the first to break eye contact, and knowing the dreaded moment had arrived, he basically did as he was told.

Not having much artistic talent, accompanied by a lot of nervous twirls and fidgeting, she eventually stripped down to just her panties and trainers.

His body wasn’t nearly as freckled as his face, probably due to the lack of sunlight, and his skin was probably the whitest I’d ever seen. Medium legged and surprisingly stocky, he just sat there behind the table looking a little lost while we all sat there waiting. This time, for some reason, it didn’t occur to us to run out of panties for him at this point as agreed. He coughed a few times, both hands firmly placed over his package. He was waiting for something.

We were all sitting there waiting and wondering why he stopped, then the light bulb suddenly went on in Jackie’s head and he started to take off his jeans again. We all realized what was holding things back and stood in unison to fulfill the agreement.

I thought it was a bit strange to think of getting my stuff for a ‘junior’ member and I think Jackie felt the same as she kept giving me an embarrassed look. She removed her jeans completely and we all started to find our underwear so we could all take off together, Tash turning bright red as she was now fully included in the proceedings for the first time.

She probably would have enjoyed doing this whole thing without panties more, if it wasn’t for the fact that it happened to be taking place in front of Finn, her little brother’s best friend!

Jackie was much more exposed than the rest of us who wore skirts, and when she stood up straight after removing her pants, her entire bottom half was bare. She stood in front of Finn with her legs tightly closed, but the V of her dark pubic hair was clearly visible. She was by far the hairiest of us girls, some of whom were still almost naked down there.

Finn stared straight at her with his mouth hanging open. I think he was the first real “adult” she had seen in the flesh.

He looked at each of us in turn, his mouth slightly open. “What do I do now?” he stammered.

“You ask us to do whatever you want, but don’t touch yourself.” Zoe replied, taking control again. “But first you take off your pants,” pointing to the face of his little boy Y. She really couldn’t wait.

Poor Finn couldn’t get any redder. As we all sat back down in our seats, he crawled behind the table and pulled his pants down and down, nearly falling over each of his Nikes in the process. Finally, he stood up to face us with a hand across his legs.

“You can take turns around the circle if you want,” Zoe told her. “And get as close as you like, but don’t touch.”

He nodded and we spontaneously giggled as he stepped out from behind the table and his barrier of psychological comfort vanished. He headed straight for Zoe as she was the one he was most familiar with I suppose.

He asked her to show hers and she immediately lifted her skirt and spread her legs. His eyes widened. She leaned back in her chair, placed a hand on each side of her pussy and gently parted her lips wide. Again, I think the girls, myself included, were surprised at how unruly this little firecracker can be.

We all found ourselves leaning in slightly to look at Finn as he leaned in to get a closer look. His face was now no more than a few inches away from Zoe’s small clit, which sat so proudly and obviously straight for all to see. Total silence reigned.

“Finn, put both of your hands behind you,” Tash suddenly said, making us all jump. “We should see yours too.” We all murmured in agreement.

He was still bent over looking at Zoe and jumped as much as we did when Tasha spoke, but then he did as he was told, straightening up and putting both hands behind his back. An involuntary giggle swirled around the group and we all leaned in more.

Zoe’s eyes were like saucers as she looked straight at what he had in mind. The boy sitting next to her in the class had obviously grown quite a bit since she last saw him. I found myself smiling at the look on her face and I must have felt the vibrations as she broke her gaze for a moment to give me an evil smile before she bound herself back to this ‘penis of a man” that she had right in front of her.

She was still spreading and his eyes were still on her pussy, both somewhat lost in wonder.

I don’t know why, but Finn surprised me (and a few others) by having a full erection, and as he stood up straight, it came out in front of him. Maybe he was doing it on purpose, maybe not, but we sat there mesmerized and bewildered as this full grown cock bobbed up and down in front of our faces. And there I was thinking he would be too terrified to grow one!

It wasn’t as big as Tom’s, it must be said, but it was very thick. It had a light covering of what you would call “strawberry blonde” pubic hair around the base. Just a shade of red, but not as ginger as the hair on his head. His balls, it turned out, were very tight under him and at first I honestly thought he didn’t have any and he had to bend down to look underneath, noticing that the other girls were doing the same.

Lots of giggling chatter ensued between us, all genuinely interested to see how different the two boys could be. Finn sat in respectful silence as we verbally analyzed his fragments.

When I bent down again to look down, I saw him looking down at me and turned his body towards me. “It’s your turn,” he said, almost whispering.

I sat back straight to look at him, the tip of his cock just inches from my nose. I enjoyed it enormously. After all was said and done he was a really nice boy who had been brave enough to keep his end of the bargain and he certainly hadn’t let us down so far.

I felt a genuine thrill at the thought of my impending exposure.

“What you want me to do?” I asked, smiling to try and put us both at ease.

pexels marina ryazantseva 10965109 1

It just turned red. Tash had told me not too long ago that he was in love with me and I think he was standing up now, just like I often did in front of Mark.

“Should I bend over for you?” I asked, loving every second of this wonderful surge of power. He simply nodded. His whole body seemed to turn red. He took a step back as I stood up in front of him.

I turned around and at that moment I had a bit of cheeky inspiration when I saw my chair in front of me and decided to climb on it to give her a better view. I also decided to lose the skirt because it just tripped last time. He shuffled back slightly as I unbuttoned the waist and let him fall to the floor with my ass fully exposed to a boy.

Holding on to Tash’s shoulders and Zoe on either side of me, I carefully climbed into the chair and tried to lean over but almost fell over so I carefully placed one leg between Tash’s legs on the chair them and the same thing. with Zoe on hers, now my legs wide apart. They both held onto my legs to steady me. Once I got my balance, I clung to the back of my wooden chair and leaned so far that I could see Finn’s legs upside down as I looked at him with my head almost between legs.

My back was now spread wide and at eye level for him, and judging by the distance of his legs from my seat, he could easily have leaned forward and given him a kiss.

I watched Finn wrap a hand around his cock and immediately heard the girls make a noise, obviously to acknowledge that he had started masturbating.

I stayed in position and watched his hand work up and down and jumped slightly when the other hand came to rest on my left butt! Immediately there was a cry of “no touching” and he immediately withdrew it. He stopped what he was doing and it was obvious he thought he was in trouble, so I straightened up and turned to look over his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Finn. You can touch it if you want,” and I meant it. The sudden and unexpected hand on my ass was a real turn on for me, to be honest. And anyway, I “touched” Tom, so it was fair.

All the girls went “woooo!” and as I said that and a few seconds after resuming my position, I felt his hand making contact again as he resumed his movements. I looked between my legs again and was just in time to see a hand reach out to the side to take Finn’s balls, still tight as a drum beneath him. It was obvious that Finn was going to do something soon as he really started masking hard and moving.

I got down quickly as I wanted to see and Zoe, her hands now free to soothe me, put them up and together in front of Finn’s fat cock. Three girls were now taking turns to stroke his undercarriage and he had to be soothed by me and another as he reached the crucial moment. I thought it was going to fall!

He jerked and stopped still, he struggled again and shot a small stream of cum into Zoe’s hands. He kicked again a few times, clutching hard with his right hand, his knees giving way completely. Another great piece of cum pulsed gently, much to our fascination, and gradually dripped into Zoe’s palm, and that was it, his orgasm was over.

The girls were huddled and studying how, or should I say lack of sperm, it must be said (compared to Tom and the guys in the magazines).

We looked at each other and I wondered if the other girls were thinking the same thing.

Are we witnessing his first orgasm?

For some reason, I was absolutely fascinated by the possibility and decided to wait until it was all over and he was getting dressed before I asked.

“Have you ever shot?” I asked as casually as I zipped up my skirt. It was obvious that a few others there also found this question interesting as they stopped straightening their panties and waited for the answer.

“Well, yes,” he finally said, after turning all shades of red again.

“When was the first one?” I asked, not letting go.

“Yesterday,” came the reply.

“So this was only your second?” I asked, eyes wide with genuine surprise.

He took a deep breath and shook his head. “It’s the third,” he replied, looking straight at me. “But this is the first time I’ve ever shot anything.”

He looked really proud.

We all gaped and then spontaneously cheered at this impulsive turn of events, little Zoe looking extremely pleased with her afternoon’s work so far…

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