Dad, what is next door?

Growing up, my family lived right next door to a wild tavern. Mom tried to classify it as a bar, but the sign said Tavern.

Our old fence was falling apart so one spring I helped dad put up a new one. The best price for the privacy fence was for five-foot high sections. That wasn’t going to do it for my dad, but financially it caved. What he decided was to raise it eighteen inches off the ground. That way, only people seven feet tall could look over it, and Tavern patrons were usually too drunk to crawl under it. So I put up almost seventy-five feet of fence. I dug big holes in the ground, planted four-by-four posts, and set them in place every eight feet. It took us almost three weeks, but it looked good when we finished.

Saturday nights were when things were always loud there.

Dad came in and said

“Get your camera and come over here and hurry up.”


I hurried and got out. It was about five o’clock and still quite bright outside. Dad pointed to a place in the fence with his feet exposed. Suddenly the legs spread, the panties reached their ankles and a pussy fell into view. Dad hit me and I started taking pictures.

Then Dad asked, “Does that thing film?”

I nodded and changed the setting. I saw a whole line of women standing by the fence, sticking their pussies out and starting to pee. Almost all the birds were bald. Every now and then a tuft of hair from their mounds would come into view. Then a big hairy pussy appeared. There was an endless line of women urinating on our fence. Then I lost my memory. Dad sent me into the house to dump it on the computer and come back out.

As the day went on, I saw more and more tattoos on women’s pussies. The same tattoo would come back every half hour or so.

Dad said, “I wonder who that yellow smiley belongs to.”

I said, “We could put a surveillance camera”

Dad lit up and asked, “Can we hide it so they don’t know?”

I replied, “We can put him in a birdhouse.”

Dad smiled.

The next day he bought me a real video camera and two surveillance cameras. He bought two birdhouses and a lot of cables that I buried under the grass a few inches. Sunday was not a very good day, so I had enough time to install the new equipment.

Mom was unaware of our voyeurism. In fact, she liked to hang out with her girlfriends on Saturdays, so that gave Dad and me plenty of time to enjoy our new hobby. He liked to go to bingo and then have a few drinks at one of their houses.

As we watched pussy after pussy being emptied in front of us, I was recording it and dad was directing me to a certain woman. He liked them young and pretty. As it turned out, so did I.

We had been dealing for a while when Dad said, “I know her. Zoom in on those shoes. Yes, those. Come closer. She is one of your mother’s girlfriends. I wonder why he’s here. He probably let the others go to the party.

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A few minutes later, Dad said, “Wait a minute! There is another one of her girlfriends. Grow one of these blue shells.”

Then Dad said, “You’re not going to believe this. Zoom in on those black flats with the tiny bows.”

I zoomed in! It was a nice fat pussy, completely hairless, with two gold rings in her outer pussy lips. The fingers came down and opened the lips even more. The nail polish was bright blue with white tips. There was a third gold ring through the hood of her clit. Then the darkest golden liquid began to flow. I captured everything.

Then dad said, “That was your mom.”

I was shocked, to say the least. I had just seen my mom’s pussy and it was pierced and bald.

Then the yellow smiley face appeared.

Dad said, “This is Tracie.”

I knew Tracie. She was my mother’s sister. Aunt Tracie was peeing and I had seen her do it several times last Saturday.

Then a hand with bright blue nail polish and white tips reached down and rubbed Aunt Tracie’s clit. Mom masturbates her sister while she pees.

Dad was close to the fence taking pictures as fast as he could. I knew most of it would be blurry, but I didn’t care, I had it all on video.

We watched for the next few hours and took a special interest in Mom, Aunt Tracie, and her three other friends. I was able to attach the video camera and both surveillance cameras to the laptop. From there I was able to flip back and forth to show who was curled up on the other side and then a close-up of the pussy on our side. Dad was impressed with my math skills and promised to buy anything I needed in the future.

A few hours later, my mother returned. She was pretty wasted. When Dad asked her about her birthday, she lied through her teeth. He told her that the Tavern had been very noisy that night. She told him she wouldn’t be caught dead there.

Mom went to her bedroom to change and take a long bubble bath. The bathroom is at the far end of the hall above the kitchen. Dad followed mom and after some time he came back.

Dad had beaten mom in the bathroom and pulled out all the towels and anything else she could cover herself with.

Then I waited.

Sure enough, about an hour later mom said, “Honey, can you get me a towel?”

I followed my father up the stairs. I had the video camera on and followed him into the bathroom. Mom didn’t see me behind her because dad was distracting her from the front.

Dad said, “You were with me tonight.”

My mother replied, “No, I wasn’t.”

Dad said, “Yes, you were. Tracie was also there and three other of your friends. When did Tracie get a yellow smiley face tattooed on her mound?

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Mom said, “You must be wrong.”

Dad grabbed one of Mom’s hands and said, “Your son and I watched these bright blue nails with white tips reach down and rub Tracie’s clit. He watched you part your cat lips and show us your three gold rings.”

Mom gasped and said, “No way. I’m telling you it wasn’t me.”

Then I said, “Yes, it was. We have evidence. I registered you.”

Mom rushed over and I got a great view of her breasts. Her nipples had the same gold rings in them.

Mom said, “Stop that and get out of here.”

Instead, I moved in with dad and got a very good view of a mom trying to cover up all her good parts while dad drained the tub.

The defeated mother said, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry I lied to you. What happens now?”

Dad said, “You keep doing your business as usual. That’s all. I want to see you masturbating with your other girlfriends, maybe even strangers.”

“Oh yeah, and I want your sister in our bed for a threesome sometime soon.”

Dad looked at me and then said, “One more thing. Your son wants to see you naked after dinner. I think he wants to drag you too. Cooperate with him.”

Mom looked at me, looked at me, then smiled and said, “Okay. No time like the present.”

Mom got up still wet and took me to my bedroom. She closed the door on dad and told me to put the camera somewhere. I took my bedside table out of bed and placed my video camera on it.

Mom smiled and sat on my bed.

I undressed and watched her squirm. She was pointing her pussy straight at the camera and spreading her legs for me. I climbed up and positioned my cock at her drip hole. Then I pushed it inside.

Mom said, “Your Aunt Tracie will want to join you and me in bed. How do you like it?”

I barely heard a word she said. I messed up too constantly. It was my first time and I was in a hurry. I emptied my balls into my mother’s pussy and lay on her breasts.

My mom hugged me and said, “Wait a minute and you can do it again.”

She was right, I entered her pussy four times in an hour. My penis was painful and very sensitive.

Mother said, “I’ll be back in the morning. You guys always have a woody in the morning and I want it.”

Mom looked at the video camera and asked, “Do you want to see me dripping?”

I took the camera and she laid back and spread her knees for me.

When I had enough, my mother left. I got dressed and found her naked in the kitchen. He looked at me and said, “I thought since this is our first night, I’ll get undressed before dinner. If you like, I can be empty when you get home from school. If you pull me right away, it will bring new meaning to coming home.”

That’s what he did!

Every day I did it with my mother, every night I saw my mother naked, and on Saturday I got to watch her pee and finger, other women, under the fence. Aunt Tracie joined us in my bed about once a week. Oh, Dad used to bed her too from time to time, but he liked the young cock much better.

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