My ex 2: Adventures and fantasies

What the fuck are you doing Silvio, from being a docile bitch to being dominant? Don’t say you want to fuck me? My ex, at which point I take her hair, spit in her mouth, and put the strapon in her mouth, being not very big she swallows it successfully, it was funny how she was sitting with it in her mouth and the saliva was hanging in the corner of her lips.

My ex takes it out and says:

-After I broke up with the guy who fucked me in the ass, I got together with a guy, more like that, who likes to fuck me in the ass, but he discovered that he also likes to be fucked in the ass, plus you only know me that I like sex and I like to discover!

-Um, very good girl, let’s find out then.

We start kissing deeply and passionately, my hands kneading her whole body, her big and beautiful breasts, but also starting to explore her holes.

I put the goat on the edge of the bed and start again to explore my ex juicy and sweet ass and pussy with my tongue.

I take the plug and stick it in his ass and start playing with it, and with my tongue, I fuck it as deep as I can.

I slip my head under her, and let her fuck in her mouth.

My ex is crazy

My ex’s pussy is brilliant, her lips are gorgeous, she has a big dick and she is extremely sweet. She fucks in my mouth, I play with the buttplug in her ass.

She screams and finishes in my mouth and on my face and I am very satisfied with the result. She gets up and we start kissing, licking the traces of her orgasm from her face.

my ex

I take the toy out of her ass and say let’s move on, by further I mean that I put the strap-on down, I take some lubricant and the grease from the toy and her ass.

She eases into him, moaning with every centimeter that enters her.

She plays in this position while I slap her face and spit on her.

He moans and somehow tries to escape from this position, trying to push me with his hands.

– wait, Silvio, you’re going to get a serious dick, I grab my ex by the hair and put her head back and with every movement of her hand, I slap her even harder. She starts to submit to the treatment, and as a reward, I stop clapping and start hitting her face with my dick.

– fuck in my mouth, my ex tells me in a harsh tone.

I comply, I grab her under the chin, put a hand on the back of her neck, and start to fuck her in her mouth.

The image is gorgeous, Silvia stuck in a strap-on, her face red from the palms and her eyes watery from the blowjob she receives, her saliva runs down her big and a bit saggy breasts, but the babe is brilliant.

In order to delay the 2nd ejaculation, I stop the blow I was pulling, take the belt from my pants and tie it around Silvia’s neck, turning it into a leash. I walk her a little around the room on all fours like a dog in heat.

– what are you turning me into, animal? My ex yelled at me

– I don’t turn you into anything, I show you what you are, a bitch in heat, good as a dick!

My ex laughs and raises his mouth looking for my cock. I let her enjoy it for a while, then I lay down on the bed, put my legs on her shoulders, and maneuvering the leash I make her drag her tongue on my dick and in my ass. I enjoy this treatment, after which I mount her on me and insert her into the dick, the leash is still perfect because I can do whatever my ex wants with it.

my ex

I slap my ex with thirst while the bitch does some wonderful dick dances. I take the vibrator in my mouth, pull the leash on me and she starts to suck it firmly. I put the strap on her ass without telling her and I see her looking into my eyes. The whole thing lasts a maximum of a minute, Silvia having the holes full and constantly moving in the dick, we both finish, jets of sperm flooding the pussy.

We stay like this until both of our spasms pass

– you are wonderful, my dear. You are perfect.

My ex laughs and we start kissing.

– take me to the bathroom, she said, with a trembling voice. I comply and take my dog ​​on all fours to the bathroom.

She looks into my eyes and I see her putting her hand to her pussy, sperm, and a stream of urine leaking between her fingers.

I bend down and put my hand on her cunt and feel how the warm jet mixed with sperm drips into my hand.

I was used to sperm, but I had never tried this before, and as there is a “first time” in everything I try…I lick my hand and enjoy this new experience. It feels great, Silvia looks into my eyes and asks too, I fill my hand again, which I bring to my ex’s mouth and let her lick it…the feeling is wonderful and we both kiss passionately, traces of urine and semen running in the corner of the mouth.

Due to the state of excitement, the cock is standing straight, as if waiting to explode. I put Silvia on her knees and jets of urine fly directly on her face.

Silvia, once again showing her love for sex and cock, begins to suck her like only she knew how only this time her mouth was not full of sperm.

I finish the jets of urine and leave it in a puddle like the last bitch. Anyway, the role suits my ex perfectly.

I enter the shower and give way to the hot water that drips over me, reminding me of its jets.

My ex appears behind me and tells me

– let me give you my back

How not, really, please?

Her hands were walking on my back and it turned me on to the max.

pexels valeria boltneva 234883

I feel how he puts his hand between the pieces and a finger slides easily inside me. A shiver goes through me, and I remember that the bitch has a nice strap-on.

I smile, relax and lean over a little. She understands the message and I feel her starting to insist, it doesn’t take long and I feel how she slowly starts to penetrate me.

I groan and bend even harder until I reach the goat position. Something that makes her extremely happy because she grabs her hips and starts to fuck me deeply.

I was not a stranger to the pleasures of anal sex, except that I was alien to this sensation, Silvia that I dominated sexually.

And yes, it was good, I was moaning and masturbating at the same time.

– Give me that sperm, says Silvia as she penetrates me.

– if you fuck me a lot more I will finish, I answer her between moans of pleasure.

– I want you to suck me, my love

– I suck my dear how can I not

Silvia comes out of me and puts me on my knees, I start to please her and kiss her… while I put 2 fingers in her brilliant pussy and start to masturbate. I take my other hand to her ass, where I find that he had put on the buttplug that I’m starting to play with. Silvia was shaking all over and was no longer able to suck.

I switch roles, put her on top, and start to fuck her deep in the ass. Although he is shaking in the last part, he makes some movements in my dick that make me explode, I start to type

-open mouth!!!

She complies, turns around, and takes the cock in her mouth, immediately receiving the jets of sperm deep in her mouth.

-Silvia, I kind of fulfilled your fantasies with me!

– eh yes, although…

– although I saw that when you had all the holes filled you liked it. Haven’t you fulfilled this fantasy yet?

– no, unfortunately not yet. My boyfriend and future husband, I don’t think he is able to accept it yet, although if he brings a pussy he would faint.

– well, make it a surprise, bring a pussy, which will come with about 2 or 3 more!!

– Yes probably.

Let’s see what happens if we meet again.

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