Why you should have sex during menstruation – TOP 5 important reasons

A spicy topic and of much greater interest than you might think! Let’s talk about the pros and cons of sex on your period.

Doctors confirm that there are no medical reasons that would prohibit sex during menstruation. However, many people are reluctant to have sex these days, and the reasons lie in the concept that this period is “dirty” and unhygienic, but also because of poor information about the risks.

At the same time, many women feel less attractive or experience shame.

Some women say they feel much more sexual desire around this time, while others don’t. If the idea of having sex on your period excites you, then know that you are not alone! In addition, there are explanations and solutions for you to enjoy your menstrual period in complete freedom.


It is normal to have sex during menstruation?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for your libido to be higher during your period than during the rest of your menstrual cycle. And from a medical point of view, specialists say that there is no problem with intimate relations during menstruation. You might even enjoy it, because sex on your period has many advantages for you:

Goodbye cramps

Sex is a pleasant activity during which the body secretes some substances called endorphins which have the role of relaxation and well-being. They are secreted especially during orgasm, which explains a reduction in cramps specific to the menstrual period. Also, the contractions of the uterus during orgasm make the state of pleasure “win” against the well-known cramps.

Shorter menstruation

Regular sexual activity is known to make periods shorter in the number of days and quantity. Why? Because we humans are sexual beings and this function should be used not only for procreation but also for pleasure. There is nothing shameful about enjoying pleasure, even though there are still religions that condemn sexual pleasure and consider it a sin. If God has endowed us with this ability, it does not mean that it is an anomaly to be avoided, but on the contrary, it means that it is not only a normal function of the human body but also beneficial for health.

Closeness between partners

It’s best to work out with your partner that you both want to have sex on your period and get to know this female body fluid. It’s good to know that some men find menstrual blood mysterious, others find it disgusting, others impure, and others really enjoy having sex while you’re bleeding. And they are just like us. So it’s good to communicate and know exactly what your boyfriend/husband thinks about it.

Coming into contact with menstrual blood for the first time can be an unusual and curious experience for a man. And for you, let it be a step by which you invite him even more into your privacy. This experience will bring you closer to each other and you will end up not hiding from him around the house when you are “on a stop”.


It is normal for intercourse to be performed when there is sufficient lubrication, and menstrual blood can act as a very good lubricant during penetration.

Reduction of premenstrual syndrome

Changeable moods, indecision, and even headaches can be harmoniously relieved if we choose to have sex on our period. The well-being created during sexual intercourse relaxes and de-tensions the body, offering us a really pleasant hormonal cocktail that bathes not only our body but also our whole being. The presence of the man we love in our body in those moments of sensitivity and emotionality helps us “gather” and stop getting carried away by the emotional fluctuations that seem to take us up during menstruation.

Sex during menstruation. What happens when you let go of embarrassment

During menstruation, most women feel more eager to have sex, both because the intimate area is much more sensitive, and because sex during menstruation… is like the forbidden fruit: a controversial experience, but one that you feel the need to have. Many women do not follow their sexual instincts because, indeed, sex during menstruation deprives you of the hygiene you want during any sex game.

I presented to you above what are the benefits of sex during menstruation, and now you will find out which sexual techniques and positions minimize the psychological discomfort related to menstruation and maximize the pleasure during sex.

Techniques for sex during menstruation

Sex in the shower

You may have realized this too: while you are in the shower you tend to bleed less. It’s not a scientifically proven fact, but it’s a hot topic on the internet and a finding for many women. Thus, the bathtub can become the ideal place for a sex match, even if you are on your period. In addition, permanent contact with water can relieve you of the fear of getting dirty. You should still know that you need to protect yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, even in this case.

Don’t change sex positions a lot

For obvious reasons, it’s best to limit yourself to alternating similar sex positions, so that your lover doesn’t withdraw his penis completely when you move from one position to another. Here are several variations of the missionary position and the woman-on-top position that you can be inspired by!

Oral sex or anal sex

If you are not attracted to the idea of normal sex during menstruation, you can always resort to fireworks. After rigorous hygiene and possibly inserting a tampon, your lover can give you a clitoral orgasm through oral sex. Women who find pleasure in having anal sex can use it as an alternative if they can’t stand the idea of having normal sex during menstruation.

Sexual positions for sex during menstruation In order for sex during menstruation to be a comfortable experience, certain sexual positions are indicated and others are contraindicated. Avoid those sexual positions that involve a lot of visibility of the intimate area, because the not-so-pleasant image will distract you.

Avoid positions that allow deep penetration, because the cervix is much more sensitive to touch during this period and can become painful. Last but not least, avoid positions that involve extensive penetration, as menstruation will tend to spread. Read the whole news: Techniques and positions for sex during menstruation

For the reasons listed above, the doggie-style position is contraindicated for you: he sees your entire private area, and the position favors deep penetration and wide movements. Rather, go for the missionary position, where you both look into each other’s eyes, and your posterior remains permanently on the surface of a towel.

In addition, lying on your back decreases the flow of bleeding. If you are afraid that you will still stain the sheet, try the position of the woman on top, but sitting completely bent over your lover and moving your hips back and forth, not up and down.

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should have sex during your period

1. Orgasm relieves menstrual cramps.

During orgasm, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins are released in the brain. In addition to the pleasant sensations before and after sex, oxytocin and dopamine act as two natural sedatives and reduce the severity of menstrual cramps, but also the pain that accompanies premenstrual syndrome.

pexels anete lusina 5722941

In addition, it can improve your mood. If you’re feeling low during this delicate time of the month, sex is a better antidote than a box of ice cream. And some women even say that the orgasm is much more intense when they are menstruating. So you can find out for yourself if you are among the lucky ones.

2. Admit it – you are very, very excited.

If you’re feeling a little more aroused as your period week approaches, well, it’s not just in your head. Your genitals and pelvic area are increasingly swollen before and during menstruation. These factors make you physically crave sex.

A few days after the start of the menstrual cycle, the level of testosterone reaches a maximum point, which makes your sexual appetite more intense around the middle of the week when you have your period.

3. Menstrual blood is “nature’s lubricant”.

Menstrual blood is a natural and convenient alternative to over-the-counter lubricants. As the specialists point out, you must remember that “menstrual blood” is not as bloody as you think. Most fluids are made up of endometrial tissue, which can vary in color and texture. So not everything you notice on the delicate days of the month is blood.

4. Sex parties can shorten the menstrual period.

Orgasms cause your uterus to contract, which means that your body quickly removes blood and mucus. This means that, in addition to the fact that the orgasm calms your cramps and menstrual pains, sex during this period of the month can also shorten the duration of menstruation.

5. Sex these days isn’t disgusting.

A 2012 study found that arousal outweighs feelings of disgust during sexual intercourse, which explains why certain sexual acts are not perceived as disgusting during those moments. It also means that your partner will most likely be more turned on than disgusted – even if they may be tired of having sex initially.


Obviously, the biggest disadvantage is the dirt. However, we should redefine this word in the context of menstruation. Menstrual blood is not toxic blood as we are taught. What we eliminate monthly in the form of menstruation is actually a mixture of cervical mucus, vaginal secretions, blood (which contains sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, 14 types of proteins including glycoproteins, water, etc.), and endometrial tissue from the thin walls of the uterus that would form the placenta should we become pregnant.

So menstruation is not a waste or toxic product, given the fact that the fetus is formed in the womb. In the womb, everything is sterile, if we are healthy.

What could worry us would be the dirt on the bed or on the partner’s penis. To make sex during menstruation a pleasant experience and not a stress, here are some tricks we can use:

  • you can put a dark-colored towel on the bed to make sure we don’t stain the sheets and we don’t rub our hands on them afterward. There are even waterproof materials that prevent liquids from reaching the mattress.
  • you can use the condom (male or female) if the partner does not want to come into contact with menstrual blood


It is good to know that STDs can also be transmitted if you have sex during your period, so it is recommended to use a condom. The chances of getting pregnant if you have sex during your period are small, but they still exist, so it is recommended to use a condom. Instead of stressing about risking staining the sheets, you can try sex in the shower, that way you can be sure that everything is more hygienic.

pexels mizuno k 13931314

During menstruation, the cervix can descend, and the consequence is that penetration can create a little discomfort, so it is good to find the right position and angle of penetration to avoid pain.


Some couples even say that sex during menstruation is much more intimate than sexual acts that take place on other days of the month. The reason is that the degree of intimacy perceived by the partner increased, by the simple fact that the woman knew that her partner felt comfortable and aroused, despite the fact that she was on her period.

Sex during menstruation is perfectly normal. Why refrain if we feel the urge to have sex this time of the month? Especially now that there are so many modern solutions for managing this situation. Slowly, slowly, we become more open and realize that sex during menstruation is by no means something shameful, disgusting, or impure, but on the contrary something natural.

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