I violently fucked Cristina again and again

Cristina is about 35 years old and married. She’s a bit fat and the man neglects her. Honestly, her big fat ass deserves a big dick like mine. I like desperate women because you fuck them easily. Going to them, I know their schedule. So on the weekend when her husband was not at home, I went to their place.

She was just coming out of the bathroom in the hood. I told her she was cute. I asked about Radu who was not at home. He invited me for a coffee. We stayed a little longer and she said she was going to change.

The most beautiful ass


I followed her and saw how she undressed. And she put on a dress but didn’t take on panties. Honestly, her big ass turned me on. It came back. I turned on the TV and when it came back I was watching porn in a group. He sat next to me and I wanted to move but he said he wanted to see.

Then he got up after 10 minutes and left. I saw a wet spot on the back of the dress. She was super excited because she got wet on her dress. I realized that it was an opportunity to fuck her.

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I watched her in the bedroom through the window and saw how she took out a huge black dildo and put it in her pussy, rubbing it desperately. I came in on top of her. I took out my dick and took her by the hair. I gave him a violent blow. It was as if he was in a trance.

She sucked the dick with enormous pleasure until she had an orgasm in her pussy with the dildo filling it with white loose. Then I put the oiled goat on the rosette with her pussy and put my cock in her ass. It entered f. hard.


He explained to me that he had never done anal with anyone but that he really wanted to. Radu hadn’t fucked her in 6 months and she was crazy. He wanted maximum sex in the ass. She said that she wanted me very much and that my big cock, much bigger than her husband’s, would make her happy.

After I put her in, it’s hard to describe what happened next. She screamed and struggled in the orgasms dick, she squeezed my dick hard as in a vise and had multiple anal orgasms. And I slapped her big and fat ass and pulled her hair. I put my dick in her pussy and fucked her until she gave me womanly pleasure on my dick, filling it with white foam.


I tied it to the bed and fucked-violently by slapping it everywhere pulling it hard on the huge tattles and breaking its rosette and they liked the fuck combined with violence. ass and I rubbed her as much as possible until she had an orgasm in her vagina anal orgasm.

In the end, I released myself violently in her ass while I was pulling her hair hard and she was screaming with pleasure. That’s how I fucked my sister-in-law Cristina, giving her the maximum pleasure that she had never felt with her husband.

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