Wanna play with a man’s mind? Mika will teach you how to be like an amazonian woman in bed

Intended to enhance women’s sensuality, underwear is the piece of clothing that incites men the most and often arouses their imagination without limits.

When it comes to underwear, in women’s sensuality, the saying “less is more” fits more than ever. When you decide to buy sexy lingerie, you must keep in mind that you will wear it for your boyfriend. Therefore, you should try to get into his mind and think about what he would appreciate most.

women's sensuality
Fashion portrait of beautiful sexy young adult blond woman model wearing black erotic lingerie lying on bed at sunset

We also get to the underwear that will drive him crazy in bed, but let’s talk about women’s sensuality and what you have to do before satisfying his most hidden desires.

Women’s sensuality – 5 tips for choosing underwear that will drive your boyfriend crazy

When it comes to women’s sensuality, a sex party can be much more exciting if you choose to wear an extremely sexy underwear set, which will really drive your partner crazy! If you have gone shopping many times, but you do not know what the man next to you likes, I will immediately give you a helping hand, so that next time, everything will be perfect in the bedroom! You only have to use your women’s sensuality.

  1. Choose underwear models in simple colors

Red, black and white are elegant colors that will highlight your shapes and drive your partner crazy. Skin-colored or very light-colored lingerie distracts attention from body shapes and will make your boyfriend lose interest. Therefore, if you want to look sexy and elegant without too much effort, choose one of the following colors: black, red, or white.

  1. Choose exactly your size

It is important to feel good in the underwear you choose, and this will not be possible if you choose a size that is too small or too large. Men are attentive to details like this and will definitely notice if you rearrange your underwear very often. In addition, if you do not feel comfortable, you will not be able to transmit this condition to your partner either.

  1. Opt for a model that is easy to wear and undress to increase your women’s sensuality

When it comes to the long-awaited moment of removing sexy lingerie, it doesn’t have to be very difficult to take off. If your boyfriend can’t handle it and asks for your help, your sexual appetite is in danger of declining very quickly. Thus, you have two options: either choose simple underwear and let your boyfriend remove it, or wear a more complicated model and give your partner an exciting moment of striptease.

  1. Don’t forget about accessories

To spice things up, even more, it is recommended to accessorize the outfit with a pair of earrings or a necklace and a pair of heeled shoes. In addition, you can decide to keep the necklace around your neck even when underwear and high-heeled shoes “disappear” from the landscape. Thus, every time your boyfriend sees you with that necklace, he will remember the hottest night spent together and will remember your women’s sensuality.

  1. Show off your body

Every woman knows what clothes and underwear make her shape and body stand out the most. Therefore, choose the type of lingerie that suits you and that you know will incite your lover the most. Men are not very subtle and go through the visual filter. In the bedroom, your boyfriend wants to look sexy and incite you. Therefore, please him and feel good with him too!

It seems that visual stimulation is extremely important among the sexes, especially when we talk about the sexual satisfaction they want on passionate nights of love. And because they should be as frequent as possible for a couple to work perfectly, it is important what sexy lingerie you choose. Dressed with the right piece, the partner’s imagination can give rise to truly incendiary scenarios. But do you know what incites him?

Here are some secrets about what you should wear behind closed doors in the sanctuary of pleasures!

What kind of underwear do men like you to wear when having sex? Surprise him next time! Explore women’s sensuality!

Believe it or not, men love underwear, even if they don’t have much time to admire it because the craving is great! However, they are crazy about some kind of underwear. Find out now what they are!

  1. Underwear in white or black

Yes, although it seems trivial, men are ecstatic when they see that you are wearing white or black underwear. The two non-colors match extremely well with any skin color and give you extra sensuality, in any situation. However, studies show that of the two, black underwear is gaining ground.

Black lingerie did not evolve overnight, but it took more than a century to take on the shape we know now. Mixing elegance with a bit of naughtiness, black lingerie drives men crazy even today.

  1. Lace underwear

Undoubtedly, lace is a must-have when it comes to sexy lingerie for women’s sensuality so wear it as often as possible in seductive combinations. Bet on the mysterious black and add sparkling accents to shine from head to toe. And red lace is extremely seductive, especially if you want to appear to your partner in an incendiary costume. With a bright red shirt or baby doll, you will set his heart on fire!

Lace is extremely sexy, so next time, don’t be shy to show your partner the shapes you have, in a super hot set of lace underwear. The color, you choose, but we recommend that you bet on red.

  1. Underwear with many straps

Sexy lingerie that includes straps is very popular among men, as it brings them closer to their fantasy. Beyond the fact that their subconscious correlates the underwear with the scenes from adult movies, sexy lingerie with many straps seduces them to touch your hot body. If you’ve been thinking about buying a seductive and daring set so far, challenge it to an intense love session that you won’t refuse.

This type of underwear is very popular with men because I see it detached from adult movies! If you thought for a while before buying such a bold underwear set, do it next time, without hesitation!

  1. Women’s sensuality – men love assorted sets

Although it seems hard to believe that men are attentive to details given their instinctive way of acting, it seems that they are really careful about what their partner wears in bedding. Asked how much they emphasize the appearance of a woman dressed in sexy lingerie, most answered that provocative underwear incites them.

Regarding the winning model, it seems that men prefer the sets of assorted underwear, as the pieces harmonize visually. Specifically, a woman dressed in a black bra and a pair of sexy panties of the same color will be much more attractive compared to another who chose to combine pieces of different colors or materials.

  1. The tights fascinate him

Another aspect that matters a lot in the bedroom when it comes to sexy lingerie is represented by the tights that women wear in addition to the provocative outfit. More precisely, they are encouraged by their partners to wear sexy tights, made of lace, mesh, and metal inserts that give them that cabaret air. Even the most ferocious males can be intimidated with the help of these truly remarkable weapons of seduction, so they confidently wear the symbol of absolute femininity.

  1. Women’s sensuality – sexy adult costume

These costumes are all about one thing and one thing only. Fantasies! There isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t enjoy his partner dressing up in a sexy adult costume to live out their wildest fantasies! Role play isn’t something that many women do regularly, as it’s often seen as silly, or embarrassing. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say, so give it a try at least once!

There are many special costumes for women’s sensuality that you can buy, ranging from pirates to air hostesses, but it’s really easy to dress up using regular clothes too. For instance, you can make a ‘sexy schoolgirl’ outfit just by wearing a white shirt tied up, a plaid skirt, and tights for some DIY fun!

Why not play truth or dare to get to know your man’s fantasies and then surprise him by making them real one day? It will increase women’s sensuality!

Wanna know more about women’s sensuality? Mika loves to please you! If you want to have the most interesting and profound discussions, Mika is here for you.

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