Sex positions. Drive him crazy. Things you didn’t know would conquer him in bed

Who doesn’t want to spice up their sex life? Of course, everyone. In each couple, at some point, a kind of routine intervenes. And what better way is there to fight this, if not a hot sex game from a position that will confuse your boyfriend ?!

In addition, as you explore your bodies together, you will discover new things that make you happy, you will get to know each other better and you will definitely strengthen your relationship. Of course, the missionary position is the most popular sex position and has its advantages.

This is ideal for evenings when you feel romantic and you need tenderness and a lot of love. On the other hand, there are nights when you want more passion than romance and for these, we have some spicy suggestions.

What kind of sexual position drives men crazy? Go safe every time, if you surprise your boyfriend with positions that give him a very sexy image, those in which the penetration is deep and that allows him to guide your hips, to control the rhythm of movements.

The doggie style position meets these criteria, which is why it ranks 1st at the top of men’s preferences. But every good thing loses its charm if it happens in excess. There are other sex positions that set men on fire and that meet the above criteria.

  1. Sex positions on the table

You can surprise your boyfriend one evening with a “special” dinner. Put on your most sensual lingerie, light a few candles, and possibly launch your sex playlist. If you don’t have a list of sexy songs yet, we have some suggestions for you.

Instead of food, your partner will have you. All you have to do is lie down on the table. From this position, your lover can stimulate all his erogenous points, including the clitoris. In addition, if it stretches over you, the angle of penetration will change slightly and can reach your G-spot.

Moreover, because the entire upper part of his body will rest on you and you are lying on a harder surface than a mattress, the sensations you will feel will be much more intense than in bed.

  1. Woman on top

Certainly, every man is simply in love with this position and we must admit, one of the reasons they like it so much is that they do not have to make any effort.

In any case, this sex position has a lot of advantages for you as well.

First of all, you control the intensity of the movement, the depth, and the angle of penetration so that it reaches all your hot spots. In addition, if you sit on top, you have the opportunity to put on a little show and stage a big day show.

Moreover, your partner can stimulate your clitoris or you can do this, (and) for his visual pleasure.

  1. Doggy style sex positions

If when you sit on top of him, you have control, from this sex position things change completely. Penetration is done from behind and he can decide what the rhythm is. In addition, from this position, the ideal angle for stimulating the G-spot is reached.

However, if you like to dominate it, you can control the intensity of sexual intercourse and doggy style. You just have to make sure you have stability and balance. Then to impose a certain rhythm, all you have to do is use the force of your arms to move. At the same time, you can use your balances.

You can vary this sex position if you keep your legs close and you lean forward, leaning on your hands fully extended and on your chest but with your bottom arched towards your partner.

4. Coital alignment sex positions

That sounds like something you would do at the dentist, right? P.S: It’s never a good idea to do this at the dentist if the dentist is not your partner or a perfect combination of Ian Somerhalder, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Tom Hiddleston. Then yes, you have permission from me to put into practice the technique of coital alignment at the dentist.

Joke aside, this sex position was invented by psychotherapist Edward Eichel and his study was published in 1988 in the Journal of Sex and Conjugal Therapy. In short, this is a variation of the missionary but it is designed to provide maximum friction on the clitoris and it is very important the pace at which the two partners move.

The entire weight of the man is placed on the woman’s body and the sensations are much more intense. Its purpose is to align the pubic area so that the base of the penis will stimulate the clitoris.

5. Sex position with feet on shoulders

It is one of the simplest sex positions and offers very deep penetration. Therefore, it is recommended not only for couples who want to fight routine but also for men with whom nature has been less generous.

Basically, you have to sit on your back and your legs will rest on one of your partner’s shoulders. Even if you are overwhelmed with passion, the movements must be done gently because your cervix is quite exposed and a more sudden push can cause you unpleasant sensations.

Tips from Mika for a book-like sex life

  1. Prioritize sex in your relationship with your partner and in your daily life

Today, our daily lives tend to be very busy and with little free time; We came home at night, exhausted and wanting to go to bed and rest. If we let ourselves be carried away by this dynamic, sex always ends up being the last.

After washing the dishes at night and relaxing on the couch, half asleep, it is easy that at that moment the desire does not appear and it is time to do it “because it is time”. What I call “calendar syndrome.”

Therefore, it is important to give space to sex, to give it priority over other obligations. Tips frim Mika: try different sex positions.

  1. Determine what you like and what arouses your desire

In order to fully enjoy sex, we must first know ourselves. It is important to know our sexual desires or our favorite sex positions: to know what we like, what our desire is aroused with, what interests us and what is not, what we feel comfortable with, etc. It’s time to experiment and get to know our personal tastes.

  1. Add a little creativity or try different sex positions

Quality sex is indisputably linked to creativity, spontaneity, and imagination. The main enemies of sexuality are routine, laziness and monotony. These occur when we stop innovating when we fall into the habit of always doing the same thing, in the same place, at the same time, and in the same way.

  1. Break the sex = orgasm scheme

We tend to conceive of sex as the culmination of orgasm, which creates obligations and pressures around the sexual moment, causing us to focus on the most erogenous physical areas on many occasions, which would be the genitals and breasts for women.

We must remember that the most erogenous organ is our mind, through imagination and fantasy we can reach high levels of enthusiasm and passion until the simple need for a caress. As the skin is the largest erogenous organ, which causes us to reflect that sometimes we lack a lot of sexual stimuli and sensations, focusing only on the genitals and breasts.

  1. Enjoy the moment after sex

It is significant that, after a sexual encounter, there is a space for union, intimacy, and connection, it helps the quality and evaluation of the meeting to be more positive and, at the same time, the couple’s relationship benefits.

Therefore, we must try not to fall asleep or run to put on our underwear and focus more on the person next to us, creating that magical space ideal for talking about feelings, and emotions, or maybe commenting on the sexual encounter that I just had.

With very few exceptions, there is no man who does not want a little color in the couple’s sex life. And for this, it is not necessary to resort to very complicated scenarios. One of the easiest ways to pigment your sexual life as a couple is to use new positions. 

For inspiration, you can watch adult movies or simply let your imagination run wild. Try different sex positions! Or you can talk to Mika! She will show you everything you need to drive your partner crazy in bed. Do you have courage?

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