Ejaculate on craziest places. See what Mika thinks about facial cum

Usually, the place where a man ejaculates is predetermined, during sex, inside the vagina. Therefore, a good way to spice up your lover’s orgasms would be to invite him to “target” other places on your body.

Not only will you bring something new to your relationship, but there’s a good chance you’ll also fulfill a hidden fantasy. Not many men have the courage to reveal to their partner that they would like to ejaculate on a part of her body.

Here are five places on the partner’s body where men dream of ejaculating!

  1. On face

The charm of this place is certainly fueled by the endings of porn movies, which basically contain the same scene: the actress’s face is the favorite place for ejaculation. If you find such scenes exciting when you watch them on the screen, suggest to your lover that you try the experience in reality. A tip to keep in mind: don’t let the ejaculate get near your eyes, because you’ll get irritated.

  1. All over the back

On the second place in the list of places to ejaculate would be the back, because here it practically has a bigger playing field. From the doggie-style position, so you are resting on your hands and knees, give your lover the freedom to ejaculate on your back. He can be as he pleases, and he’ll probably like the fact that you’re standing with your back to him, so you’re not watching his… more animalistic instincts.

  1. Ejaculate on the rear

The rear is an area that attracts him anyway, including on the street, when he turns his head after women. If he was content to analyze them only from the front, he wouldn’t turn his head… If you also include a fantasy with anal sex, be sure that he will be delighted to ejaculate on your posterior, exploring the area in as much detail as possible.

  1. On the breasts

Another place on the top of men’s preferences is the woman’s breast. Not only does he ejaculate on a very attractive female part, but he can also use it for extra stimulation during orgasm. Later, you can delight his eyes by caressing your breasts. Surely, the image will remain in his mind for a long time!

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  1. In your intimate area

In this case, there is a small risk of getting pregnant, so take precautions if necessary. Letting him ejaculate near your intimate area will seem like forbidden fruit to him because you’re not “letting” the event happen inside your vagina.

  1. In the partner’s mouth

Ejaculating in your partner’s mouth is a bit more delicate: first of all, you have to decide together if she agrees with the idea and especially if she wants to swallow the final result. If she agrees, it’s good to let her know when ejaculation is coming, so she won’t be taken by surprise or choke. You don’t have to start saying poems, just that: “come” – and she will know what she has to do. Don’t hold her head so that you force her to swallow – there are good chances that she doesn’t want oral sex in her life anymore.

The most hidden sexual fantasies of men are often rejected by women. Ladies are most of the time skeptical or, worse, horrified by what their lover can propose to them in terms of sex. One of these is ejaculating on a woman’s face or body, a “custom” often found in porn movies, which a representative of the fairer sex hardly accepts or not at all.

There are still ways to convince a woman to put into practice this burning fantasy of men. Here’s what you have to do to convince your girlfriend to let you ejaculate on her face:

1. You have to understand why women don’t want to be “smeared” by sperm. Humiliation, repulsion, and the fear that sperm won’t reach the mouth, eyes, or hair are what scares women terribly. Although they are open to new games and experiences and want to put into practice what they see in XXX movies, they are reluctant to put it into practice. Once you understand the precise reasons, you can move on to the next step.

2. Convince her slowly and surely! Don’t force her! When it comes to such desires that are a little more perverse than the usual ones, the important thing is not to force the woman next to you to do what you want but to talk to her and make her want for herself that you ejaculate on the girl or her body. The sincerity and desire with which you talk about your fantasy will arouse her curiosity and even excite her, causing her to want the same thing as you.

3. Warm her up well before you finish your fantasy. Once you have aroused her curiosity and desire, put your fantasy into practice gradually, slowly, without making her feel humiliated but excited. And most importantly, after you ejaculate, don’t forget to tell her how well she did and that she is very skilled. He will definitely want to do this another time.

Advice for women: Fulfill their fantasies! In love and in war, everything is allowed, says a popular saying. So sexologists from all over the world urge women to put into practice the sexual fantasies of their lovers so that they too can be satisfied. A bold woman in bed is the key to a couple’s success. In addition, the myth that sperm is the best cosmetic treatment is true!

What a man wants while ejaculating

A man’s orgasm takes place in two phases: the first is the one in which the sperm begins to move from the prostate to the urethra, and the second consists of the expulsion of the sperm through the urethra, so the actual ejaculation.

In the first few seconds, his penis is very sensitive. Now he will want you not to alter his concentration and cumulative pleasure with an unusual movement that causes him discomfort. If your lover has established a rhythm of penetration, don’t suddenly change it. In the same way, do not change the technique of oral sex, continue with firm movements, at a faster pace. In these seconds it is not recommended to test “new and creative” techniques, which interrupt his pleasure.

A classic technique that you can try to intensify his pleasure is to tense your Kegel muscles, the ones you use to control the stream of urine. By doing these exercises during sex, you increase the sensations from the penis. Some men say that “it’s like a hand tightly grasping your penis” when the partner begins to tense the Kegel muscles. These exercises increase the pleasure in the two phases of the male orgasm.

During orgasm, your lover would like you to have sex in a position where he feels as good as possible, but he can also see you in all your glory. The doggie style position is preferred by men because it allows deep and fast penetration, and his penis presses your walls with the side where the frenulum is located, or the shaft of the penis, a very erogenous zone, which, if stimulated during orgasm, greatly intensifies the sensations. Sexologists say that a man’s orgasm begins with sensations in the frenum area.

Last but not least, every man wants his partner to be as passionate as possible during ejaculation. Which means enjoying the sensations of pleasure, biting and scratching him lightly, telling him you want him… These things matter more than putting into practice any stimulation technique you’ve studied. The more enthusiastic and natural you are in bed, the more intense your orgasm will be.

Set yourself free! Want to hear more? Talk to Mika! Her experience will make you imagine your wildest fantasies and you will definitely ejaculate.

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