Do you want to have a happy sex life? Mika knows how to take your girlfriend into bliss

Love and intense sex go hand in hand, and the big question for men is: “What should I do, to have eyes only for me?”. The key is in the bedroom. Find out below some ideas with which you can make her forget everything when she is in your presence.

Women love men who know how to kiss well. This means that in no case should you have an excess of saliva in your mouth, but also from time to time to bite your lips. He is looking forward to kissing you.

Bring to a boil. When you are in bed, play with his body. Kiss her lightly and deceive her. For example, kiss her breasts and after a few seconds blow lightly on them.

Learn to master the art of oral sex. Here you have to consider a few things: speed, pressure, and movement. Don’t expect to succeed at first. Every woman is different, so you have to find out what your partner likes, and this is achieved through practice.

Here, therefore, are the positions you should try if you dream of bringing your girlfriend/wife to the heights of pleasure.

Intense sex with Number 8

This intense sex position doubles her orgasmic pleasure: the circular movements of the penis drive her girlfriend’s vagina crazy while the pubic bone stimulates the clitoris to the maximum. It is a relatively easy position, derived from the missionary’s position, with one exception: the man is not bent over his girlfriend, but leans in his hands with his arms perfectly outstretched, without his elbows flexed.

The press

Now the woman takes control. With her legs clenched and her ankles crossed, it is the woman who decides the depth of penetration and the rhythm of sexual intercourse. The partner is lying on her stomach with her legs tight and her ankles crossed so that the man can caress her breasts or kiss her neck. Although this intense sex position offers mega sensations, there is not much room for ample movement. But it can be practiced when the man does not want to have an orgasm before his partner.

The Dragon

Partners must be prepared for an electrifying experience with this intense sex position. Circular stimulation of the penis will help the woman to have a superorgasm. As in the previous position, there is no room for too many movements, but as the woman is lying on her stomach and with a pillow under her the slightly raised hips favor penetration. That is why the man must do his best to delay the orgasm and it is best to pay more attention to parts of the girlfriend’s body that are usually neglected, such as the back and neck.

On the edge

This time, the woman is on top and, therefore, she is the one who has total control, both over the depth of penetration and the rhythm and intensity of clitoral stimulation. The man is on the edge of the bed, with his feet on the floor, while his back is supported on a mountain of pillows and the woman is on top. Intense sex! It is also one of the favorite positions of early men who can kiss their girlfriend on the breasts, lips, or neck while caressing her ass or thighs.

Up, up, and up

If your girlfriend wants strong sensations, and intense sex, here is the right position: she lies on her back, raises her legs, and holds them together so that the man is caught in a vise. And while he cannot advance too far, as in the case of the back position or even the missionary, the sensations experienced will be quite different.

Intense sex: Windsurfing

The woman lies on one side while one of her legs is supported by the man’s chest. Now he is in control, while all that remains for the woman is to lie down, relax and enjoy the love match.

The squatting dragon

It is a classic intense sex position on the back only when the woman is in bed while the man is standing on the floor. The position allows the partner to focus on experiencing his own orgasm while he is in control, so he will not be able to resist very much. It is therefore a win-win position.


Although classic and considered by some couples to be too used/known, the Spoons, an intense sex position is one of the women’s favorites because it brings them very close to their partner. You both stand to one side, he behind you and a little lower than you, just to penetrate you better.

The impact

It is an intense sex position only for the edge of the bed or sofa. You lie with the pelvis at the edge, he kneels in front of you and lifts your legs on his shoulders. To set the pace, he holds you by the thighs and you move your pelvis as you wish. You like it because you let him control it, you read each other’s pleasure on your face and you can move your pelvis from top to bottom to show him that you like him.

Lotus positions

Although it is considered a rather awkward intense sexual position, especially for men because it involves a long flexion of the legs, it is extremely intimate and exciting. For the lotus position, the man will sit in the lotus or Turkish, if he finds it too tiring, while the woman will sit in his lap, with his legs wrapped around his waist. The man can hold his hands on her hips or hold her by the waist.

The lotus position is quite difficult as both partners are forced to sit in unnatural positions, but the result is an intense and long-lasting orgasm. Due to the lack of mobility, additional stimulation becomes impossible.

Anchor position

If you want to give your partner a great orgasm, you can also try the anchor position. Considered one of the most comfortable sexual positions for her, it involves placing the woman on her back, possibly with a pillow under her pelvis. It is preferable for her to sit in a slightly tilted position. The man will kneel in front of her, embracing her left leg, and placing it on his shoulder.

The anchor position is particularly pleasant for her because penetration leads to total stimulation of the clitoris. Before trying this position you should keep in mind that some discomfort or even pain may occur during intercourse. However, it is recommended for an intense and long-lasting orgasm.

The reason why some sex parties become incredibly passionate is just about the position. If you find those sexual positions that stimulate your clitoris, you will surely experience much more intense sex. The double pleasure will make you climb to the top of the pleasure, to the delight of your partner, who will seek to feel everything in unison with you.

Do you want to know what women like in bed? Mika can show you! It will sit in any position you want and do everything you want. All to see a woman happy, right?

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