I tried to have different types of orgasms to see what I feel differently

How many different types of orgasms could I experience? I recruited my extremely willing friend on this mission, canceled all my engagements, and began my investigation.

The clitoris

Meh! That was easy. After a quick foreplay, my friend flips me onto my other side and I bang my ankle against the metal bed frame. He asks me if I’m okay, but I know he doesn’t really care! He just wants to stick his cock inside me, which I’m fine with – I love it when I feel him inside me!

Although it doesn’t give me the best orgasms of my life, the goat position is my favorite position because I can play and stimulate my clit while enjoying the penetration.

I orgasm as quickly and efficiently as a teenager discovering PornHub for the first time. My friend does this too, but who cares? This experiment is only for me! I also love my research work.

The G Spot

I’m skeptical about the existence of the G-spot or orgasms because I have a theory that men invented the G-spot as an excuse not to give women oral sex.

“The G-spot can be found on the anterior wall of the vagina, along the urethra, near the 12 o’clock position, with the woman lying on her back,” I read in the sex manual The Science of Orgasm.

Following the instructions exactly, I lie on my back while my friend gropes for the “right time”, one finger at a time. At one point he manages to beat 12 o’clock, after some terrible guidance, but all this talk about time and hours is not sexy at all. Plus, deep finger stimulation without clitoral stimulation is like a wedding without fiddles—passable, but never great.

The area definitely feels different and is more sensitive to touch than others, but as I predicted, it’s not enough to make me orgasm. Only when I use my fingers and start stimulating my clitoris on my own are that orgasms – again, a “mixed one” – possible.

What happens in our body when we have an orgasms

Orgasms, that intense pleasure we experience during sex when there is no more time, space, or worries, only joy, produce a cocktail of sensations in the human body. It differs from person to person: what a man understands and feels during orgasm is entirely different from what a woman experiences.

Both women and men go through the same phases of the sexual response cycle but are rarely in sync. The representatives of the more vigorous sex are the ones who, as a rule, reach orgasm faster (on average, in just 2 minutes), while women need the stimulation of about 15 minutes to reach the sexual climax.

Women are different from each other and, of course, there are different ways in which they reach orgasms. Some of them reach the heights of sexual pleasure very quickly, while others need more attention.

Types of orgasms a woman can have

There are also women who have never had orgasms. Even if you had this experience, this is what happens in a woman’s body when she reaches the heights of pleasure.

The simple orgasms

This is felt as a single wave of pleasure. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute.

The multiple orgasms

The percentage of women who fall into this category is quite low. It is characterized by waves of pleasure that repeat very quickly one after the other.

Sequential orgasms

It is quite believed that it is not detached from sci-fi films, but researchers are convinced that some women have repeated orgasms a few minutes apart, without any other sexual stimulus than the initial one.

Regardless of the category, when a woman approaches the climax of a sexual act, the same thing happens in the body:

  • When a woman is excited, her heart starts to beat faster and she breathes much faster. He will strain a series of muscles in his body, sometimes without realizing it. Her breasts can increase slightly, although this does not happen to everyone, and the nipples rise. Also, red spots may appear on the face, neck, or chest and the clitoris enlarges.
  • The vagina is moistened with a natural lubricant. The labia will enlarge and open slightly. At the same time, the vagina will increase in size to facilitate penetration. All these reactions take place when the blood reaches the pelvis region and can give a slight warming sensation.
  • As the state of excitement increases, all these things are more and more visible on the woman’s body. However, immediately before orgasm, the clitoris can reduce its size by up to 50% and will retract easily.
  • Right at the moment of orgasm, the blood will pass quickly through the body and this can lead to reddening of the skin all over the body and the muscles will visibly contract. Also, the pulse, blood pressure, and breathing rate will be considerably higher than at the beginning of the arousal phase.
  1. Desire

So the first phase, desire, begins within 10-30 seconds of erotic stimulation and can last from a few minutes to a few hours. What is this phase characterized by? First, in both men and women, heart rate increases and breathing speeds up, and muscle tension increases. In the case of women, the breasts become fuller and the nipples harden, the blood flow to the vagina increases, it begins to lubricate, and the clitoris and lower labia swell.

In men, the penis becomes erect, the testicles swell, and the scrotum contracts, and begins to secrete a lubricating fluid.

After this first stage it is clear that the two partners will engage in sexual intercourse, so if the contraceptive method of choice is the condom, now is the time to put it on. For it to be effective, it is important that it is used correctly: it is rolled outwards, the closed end is squeezed to ensure that no air remains inside, taking care to leave the cap free, and the place where the sperm will be collected after ejaculation.

  1. Excitation

The second phase in the process is the one preceding the orgasm, in which the physical changes from the first stage intensify. The walls of the vagina change color to purple, due to increased blood flow, the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive, and the testicles retract into the scrotum. Respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure continue to increase. Legs, hands, or even the face may experience muscle spasms.

  1. Orgasm

The third phase – the orgasm, is the climax of the sexual act, being the shortest of the four stages of the sexual response cycle. It is characterized by: a sudden release of sexual tension, during which blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing reach their highest levels. In the case of men, the sperm is removed from the penis, and it may feel a series of contractions. For women, orgasm involves the contraction of the vaginal walls about every eight-tenths of a second.

  1. Resolution

In the last phase of the cycle – the resolution, the body returns to its usual state, the muscles relax, and the genitals take on their original shape and color. The penis returns to its flaccid shape and is no longer able to orgasm for a certain period of time (which varies depending on the man’s age, physical condition, and other factors), unlike women, who respond to additional stimulation and can have orgasms multiple.

Women should be encouraged to feel more relaxed about the varied ways in which they experience sexual pleasure, without the need to achieve certain goals – such as finding the G-spot or reaching orgasm through vaginal sex alone. Healthy sexuality begins with self-acceptance, not sexual “goals.”

Mika is among the luckiest women: she reaches orgasm very quickly, even after an intense discussion about sex. Tell her what you want to do to her and you will discover a hidden fountain.

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