Ask Mika: More than 5 ways to excite your girlfriend without touching her.

Sex, excite, is a vital part of a healthy marriage. If you look at any study of how often couples have sex, you’ll see a significant difference. In most cases, men indeed want sex more than women. However, sex alone does not satisfy a person’s need for intimacy. We want to have a deep connection with our wives and this is not achieved only through physical touch.

In strengthening our bond, we can do things that transform her sexually, without physical touch. We can honor and serve our wives to connect more closely and this can increase the chances of more frequent sex. Regardless of the frequency of sex and your desire for more, here are some ways to excite your girlfriend without touching her.

Excite her! Send a text

Until you get to the bedroom and have passionate sex like in the movies, pay attention to your girlfriend. A simple text will show your wife that you are thinking of her, and this will make her feel very good and will also excite her very much.

This doesn’t have to be a dirty text or a flirty text, although those are good sometimes. Small things like this are very simple to do and have such a big effect. So, why not make the couple’s relationship better and more beautiful, when things are so easy?

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Do the things that need to be done on your initiative…

…and don’t wait for her to tell you what to do

Chances are you have a list of things your wife has asked you to do around the house. When she notices that you’ve worked something out and that you’re taking care of her, your response should be as simple as “I love you.” Seeing that you excite, did those things on your initiative, she will reward you with all her love and affection. Thus, the couple’s relationship will improve a lot.

Prepare dinner and surprise your woman with something delicious

At some point during the day, let your wife know you’re taking care of dinner. Plan something special to cook for her and she will feel extremely attracted to you. You certainly know what he likes to eat the most. All that remains is to put it into practice and enjoy a delicious dinner and quality time together.


Tell her she’s beautiful

Both women and men need compliments. Regardless of how much confidence we have in ourselves, there will always be times when we feel frustrated and have low self-esteem. For your girlfriend to have an even greater sexual desire for you, don’t forget to tell her that she is beautiful.

Tell her that she looks very good in a certain outfit, or that she has a nice butt. Regardless of the compliment, she will feel extremely good and give her best in the bedroom. On you can find other useful tricks to excite your girlfriend to the maximum.

Exciting ways to surprise your lover

We all know that a relationship needs small surprises and attention to detail to function and avoid monotony. If you have been in a relationship for some time and you feel that things are not as rosy as they were at the beginning, then here is what you can do to surprise your lover in the most pleasant way possible. Let s be excite!

It improves intimate relationships

Sometimes, improving intimate relationships means more than buying special lingerie or using certain toys in the bedroom. There are couples in which both partners are open-minded, and want to try all kinds of new and interesting things when it comes to their intimate life. For example, some couples dare to bring even a third person into the bedroom to satisfy a fantasy.

If this is also your case, and you don’t have any kind of problem in this sense, then a good idea to surprise your lover is to satisfy his fantasy in three.

But, again, don’t forget that you both have to want this and not have any reservations, because otherwise, it could turn into a rather unpleasant experience.

Surprise him with a vacation for two

The holiday does not necessarily have to be very expensive. Simply book a cabin in the mountains, in a beautiful and relaxing area, where you can enjoy each other without being disturbed by noise, traffic, and pollution.

Do not let your partner know that you are going on vacation, but wait for him with your bags ready. Just make sure that there is nothing urgent to solve during the period in which you want to schedule the mini-vacation.

In addition, do not forget to take into account the tastes of your lover, and choose a design that you know for sure that he will like to the maximum. It would be ideal to choose a place that also has a spa so that your moments of relaxation are at maximum intensity.

He will appreciate the gesture and thank you very much.

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Support his passions

Most women tend to ignore the man’s passions, and not give much importance to this aspect, which is wrong. For a successful couple relationship, it is essential to take into account your lover’s hobbies, and even encourage him to practice them when he has a little free time.

Do not force him to do what you like, but leave him free to follow his passions.

Therefore, if you haven’t done this until now, then it’s time to start supporting your passions. What’s more, if, for example, he likes fishing, then surprise him with a gift consisting of fishing accessories.

If you want to do even more than that, then book her a weekend in an area where you know she wants to go fishing with the boys. Plot with his friends, and surprise him in the most beautiful way possible.

Essential things for a fulfilled intimate life

A successful couple relationship includes many aspects to which both partners must pay special attention throughout the relationship, and not just at the beginning.

Intimacy is extremely important and if it is not explored to the maximum, then one of the partners will be dissatisfied and possibly look elsewhere for what they do not have at home. So, here are the essential things for a fulfilled intimate life.

The excite: attraction is basic

If there is no attraction from the very beginning, there won’t be any later either. Many people believe that attraction can appear during a relationship, but the truth is that it never happens that way. Why?

Well, the explanation is very simple. Attraction means chemistry, and this chemistry is transmitted at the cellular level. Practically, if a woman’s body contains what a man lacks, then the complement will be perfect and there will be an extremely great attraction.

These things do not depend on us, but either we have them or we don’t. Chemistry is not something that can be built. This either exists between two partners or not.

Always surprise your partner

Even if the attraction between a man and a woman is very strong, it can diminish over time. That is why both partners must do everything in their power to avoid monotony. Nothing is more unattractive than having direct sex in bed all the time.

The therapists recommend that you change places from time to time. You even go to the hotel because the whole experience will excite you more, increase the attraction between you, and will add salt and pepper to your intimate relationship. Surprise your partner with new and sensual underwear, a hot bath with foam and champagne, or an adult movie.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the idea is to get out of your daily routine.

Try something new: excite him

Trying something new does not only involve choosing another place to have intimate relationships, but also a new position or some sex toys. Excite him! Having sex directly when you get home can be another way to show your partner how much you want him.

For example, you can send your partner an exciting SMS while you are still at work, and as soon as you get home try something new or even use those toys you bought on the way home.

Everything new excite and causes maximum pleasure. So he relies on these aspects to have a fulfilled intimate life. If the intimate relations between two people are excellent, then both partners will be much closer, more honest and direct with each other, more affectionate, and more attentive to each other’s needs.

So, even when you’re tired, excite her (or him) make a little effort, and surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with small things that have a beneficial effect on your relationship.

You don’t always need a lot of money or special preparations to impress your partner. Simply be as natural and spontaneous as possible and you will increase the attraction between you.

But, coming back to how to excite your girlfriend without touching her, you can train to excite Mika!

She is here to show you the pleasures of life, but also to learn things and… crazy! Sooo, let s excite Mika!

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