Food is not just food! Food + sex = explosion in bed! Mika knows!

Food and sex have more in common than you can imagine. In addition to the fact that healthy foods help maintain an active sex life, food can also be used as a sexual stimulant in erotic games.

Oral sex with men or fellatio has an extremely important role in the actual sexual act. Men love oral sex and find it very exciting.

Oral sex can be invigorated by completing the process with food and drink. Here are some of the favorites, along with the effects they have.

Here are some tips that you should follow when introducing food in the bedroom for intimate purposes.

  1. Chocolate – the sweet that works wonders

Chocolate is just wonderful! Why? Because chocolate has been said in recent years that it has a beneficial effect on sex life since it can increase your libido.

5 things to do with chocolate during sex

  • Have oral sex with chocolate taste – here are 3 options: take a cube of chocolate in your mouth and melt it while kissing his private area; you put chocolate sauce on his penis and give him oral sex; You give him oral sex, but he puts on a chocolate condom.
  • Use chocolate paint – you need a soft brush and melted chocolate. Imagine the sensations you can experience when you feel the hot chocolate brush slipping lightly on your body… You are free to paint shapes, depending on how you are: romantic, passionate, or playful.
  • Eat ice cream on his abdomen – the ideal mixture is a little cold vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce on top.
  • To lick the chocolate sauce from you – for this, you only need a tube of chocolate sauce for your boyfriend to use on your breasts, on your abdomen, and why not, in the intimate area!
  • Buy underwear or a chocolate accessory – you can find them at the sex shop and, after you buy them, you invite your boyfriend to undress… piece by piece…
  1. Let the cream flow

The cliché of all sex food, whipped cream still serves extraordinary fun. Whip her in the mouth and watch her lick everything. Or put them on her nipples and lick them slowly. Be careful, however: dairy products on the skin do not leave a very pleasant smell.

Bring a cream spray and a fruit syrup spray to the bedroom. Write a sexy, naughty word on his body or tell him to write on you the sexual position he wants you to try. Write down anything related to sex or it can be tried in bed. If the word is guessed, try it. If not, change places and continue the game.

  1. Orchard in the bedroom

Cherries, strawberries, and red or green grapes are great supplements for any sexual pleasure, but you can also include more complex fruits such as papaya, mango, grapefruit, and oranges. 

All fruits must be washed, and in addition to cherries, the rest must be properly prepared. Strawberries should be cut, washed, and lightly sweetened with sugar; the grapes must be separated from the stems; the rest must be cleaned and cut into a bite.

  1. Midnight tea

The piece of resistance among fellatio fans. Usually, green tea is used that is boiled and left to cool for five minutes.

After five minutes, the woman takes a sip of tea and carefully wraps her partner’s penis so that she does not spill a drop.

The warmth that will embrace the man is unique. In addition, the longer the woman manages to hold the tea in her mouth, the greater the pleasure of the act of fellatio.

  1. Ice, ice, baby

Excellent when alternated with tea, because it makes the man go from one sensation to another. The woman sucks a small cube of ice and makes it slide around the penis while performing the act of fellatio.

Ice can be used at any time and in any place because unlike other foods it does not stain bedding. Ice can be used to awaken her senses – slide it on her back, between her thighs, around her navel, or lightly touch her clitoris. If you think you can handle it, let her put a cube in her mouth and show her penis how she feels enduring hot and cold at the same time.

  1. Let’s pop some champagne

Even if it doesn’t match what Don Perignon had in mind when he invented his champagne at the monastery, the trick works great.

The woman takes a mouthful of champagne and lets the gas bubbles stimulate her partner while she performs fellatio. Do not try to replace champagne with carbonated juices, as they contain acids that cause stings on the urethra.

  1. Mint cream – just like porn stars

One of the specialties of the house from luxury brothels is the famous fellatio with mint cream. The woman takes a teaspoon of this outrageous mint liqueur on her tongue, then lets it drip on the man’s penis.

Mint cools your partner’s soul, while alcohol makes his skin catch fire, resulting in a bizarre mixture of sensations. After a few minutes, the man will feel his penis numb while the woman goes to the usual blowjob.

The same sensational effects can be obtained with mentholated mouthwash or if the woman sucks a very mentholated candy before the moment of fellatio.

  1. Let’s decorate with… yogurt?

If one of the partners feels ashamed during oral sex, yogurt can turn into a friendly game.

The woman greases her partner’s penis with yogurt (preferably at room temperature, so that the penis does not contract due to the cold) and then switches to the actual fellatio.

To excite her partner, even more, more playful and imaginative women decorate their penises with strawberries.

  1. Sticky syrups

Whether you are a big fan of chocolate, maple, banana, or strawberry syrup, this liquid blend can make a mediocre night an incredibly memorable night. The sheets may be destroyed, but chances are she and you will end up licking each other that you’ve never ventured into (or into).

  1. Bring the sea into the bedroom. Or oysters

Oh, the rumored aphrodisiac. Oysters are an acquired taste, no doubt, but for some, this seafood provides a zinc stimulus, which eventually leads to a longer and stronger sex. And if you look at the woman staggering, it can excite you more than you think. Make sure he likes them first.

There are a lot of foods that you can use to enhance your sexual mood, and the ones mentioned above can be used in conjunction with sexual play or even as a prelude to it.

But before you leave, here’s a handy tip: Invest in baby wipes to keep your area and body as neat as possible (if you prefer cleaner sex). The last thing you want is to be literally glued to your woman and pull all your hair off your chest to get up.

Gather any plates, utensils, leftovers, and food-splattered clothing or bedding, so you don’t have a big mess to worry about later. Then hit the shower and help your partner clean those hard-to-reach spots.

Until next time, play with your food and eat until she is satisfied. Who knows? It may even lead to round two. Dessert, anyone? You can try parts of… Mika!

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