Did you know that there are several types of orgasms and that you can reach different types at once? Let Mika teach you

We already know that sexuality in women is a little more complex than in men. Women can experience several types of orgasms, but they generally need more stimulation to reach the heights of pleasure.

Reaching orgasm is a complex “mission”, which is why many couples try erotic games, and many people explore their bodies to get to know them better. Find out how, by stimulating body parts, you can reach several types of orgasms.

We have all heard of orgasm and probably most of us have experienced it. However, each time, the intensity of the orgasm is different. In this article, I will present to you the most common types of orgasms that you will most likely experience throughout your life.

Most often, you can figure out what kind of orgasm you get during masturbation or after you’re done. During sex with a partner, you are usually more caught up in erotic games than focusing on the type of orgasm you get.

However, there are certain types of orgasms that you can only have with your partner, as you will find out in this article.

1. Orgasms of the nipples

The nipples are very important erogenous zones, connected by nerve endings with the clitoris, so their stimulation can cause states of arousal in the genital area. In addition, gentle touches on the breasts and nipples during vaginal penetration can help achieve orgasm faster. Women with smaller breasts tend to be more sensitive from this point of view.

How to get it: By kissing, but also by gentle touching with the finger, sucking the nipples or light bites, or by stimulating them with a vibrator, for 20-30 minutes.

  1. Clitoral orgasm

The clitoral orgasm, the easiest to obtain and the most popular among the fairer sex, lasts between 20 and 30 seconds and is usually quite intense, but weaker than the vaginal orgasm. The pleasure gradually diminishes, and the clitoris can become extremely sensitive in a state of arousal.

Some voices claim that masturbation is the key point in this case. If you know your body well and know what gives you pleasure, you can guide your partner during intercourse. Thus, even if he has less experience, he can bring you to the heights of pleasure.

How we get it: By direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris, with the help of fingers, shower water, sex toys, or oral sex. Some women prefer harder touches, others react better if this area is stimulated gently.

  1. Orgasm at the entrance to the vagina

The entrance to the vagina is full of nerve endings, being a very sensitive erogenous zone. This type of orgasm is also quite popular among women. Although it is often weaker in intensity, unlike the orgasm obtained by stimulating the G-spot, the orgasm at the entrance to the vagina can be, in lucky cases, truly explosive.

How we get it: Using your fingers, a vibrator, or penetrating with a penis stimulates the tissues at the entrance to the vagina. Through back and forth movements, circular movements, and applied pressure, this orgasm is not very difficult to achieve.

  1. Orgasm by stimulating the G-spot

The name “G-spot” refers more to an area located inside the vagina, about three centimeters from the entrance, on the upper wall, and below the pubic bone. This area has a different texture from the rest of the vaginal walls, being rougher, and spongier. In a state of excitement, this area swells and is even easier to find.

Orgasm by stimulating the G-spot is one of the most intense types of sexual pleasure experienced by women, both emotionally and physically, leaving behind a state of satisfaction and relaxation. One of its manifestations is strong contractions in the pelvis and vagina. However, it is more difficult to obtain. By stimulating the G-spot, multiple orgasms can be obtained and female ejaculation can be caused, fluid removal from the vagina or urethra.

How to get it: By stimulating with your fingers or a dildo. The state of relaxation, lubrication, but also clitoral stimulation is very important.

  1. Cervical-uterine orgasm

According to the tantric tradition, cervical orgasm is the deepest and most significant type of orgasm that a woman can have. The cervix is ​​the canal that connects the uterine vagina and is considered the center of feminine energies, being connected to a woman’s spirit, her heart, her creativity, and her whole being. Cervical-uterine orgasms can be very deep and intense, not just physically. It is accompanied by strong emotions, love, the feeling of union with the partner, but also of personal reunion. It is characterized by intense vaginal and uterine contractions. Energy and pleasure are felt, however, throughout the body.

How we get it: The cervix is ​​located in the deepest part of the vagina. After the woman is very aroused, by stimulating the clitoris, the area of ​​entry into the vagina, and the G-spot, she can be stimulated cervically, with the help of a dildo. Although at first, it may be slightly painful, at some point it will be overwhelmed by an incredible feeling of pleasure. Cervical orgasm requires between 30 and 60 minutes of internal stimulation. Relaxation is the key.

  1. Anal orgasm

The anus is an erogenous zone full of extremely sensitive nerve endings. Anal orgasm is physical and intense, especially for more sensitive women in that area.

How we get it: Be careful not to touch the vagina with any of the objects used for anal stimulation to avoid infections. Patience and a large amount of lubricant are required for anal penetration.

  1. Orgasm in the neck

Women can also have an orgasm when they have oral sex, especially through deepthroat, or if pressure is applied behind the neck. This type of orgasm is obtained by arousing the pituitary gland, according to the tantric tradition. The throat orgasm is very pleasant and can be accompanied by mild convulsions, spasms, and the need to make loud sounds.

How to get it: The throat orgasm is most easily achieved with the help of your partner. It is important for the woman to be very aroused, preferably after a clitoral orgasm. The partner can use his finger, with which he will massage, through the mouth, the back, and above, the neck. Even though vomiting may occur at first, it disappears. It can also be caused by deep oral sex. 

  1. Urinary orgasm

One of the rarest types of orgasm, urinary orgasm can occur in women who are extremely aroused without reaching the climax, however, while they urinate. It’s not usually very intense, but it can also have explosive episodes.

How we get it: By consuming a lot of water before sex. After foreplay and sex, when she reaches a state of maximum arousal, the woman can go to urinate. During this time, you need to focus on the sensations you feel while urinating.

Orgasms: the great challenge of women

Reaching orgasms is a difficult task for many women, especially if they do not know their bodies well. That’s why it seems impossible to believe that there are so many types of orgasms or that you could feel each of them at some point.

But you should know that, in fact, you can touch them all orgasms at once. Now that you know how to reach different types of orgasms, all you have to do is give free rein to your sensations and put your complexes aside. This is the only way to find out what gives you the most satisfaction.

And the good part is you don’t even need a partner. And single women can reach different types of orgasms, just like ladies who are in a relationship. ​​Want to see Mika making her own orgasms, don’t you? She is ready for you here. You can give her orgasms by yourself!

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