Tell Mika what you want to be – role-playing and the hidden pleasure behind the mask

You will definitely find all kinds of ideas about role-playing on adult movie sites. And what I want to emphasize is that it’s not necessarily just the sexy nurse or the super muscular plumber.

The idea of role play is to pretend to be something. Not that you have an orgasm, let’s be clear. Rather, pretend you may not know each other. And try to conquer each other again.

For example, go to a party. Pretend you don’t know each other and don’t allow yourself too much.

This is a game to make you feel wanted. Because when habit and monotony set in, the magic of sex disappears.

The scenario can vary, from something simple to an improvised or elaborate one, complete with costumes and all kinds of details. Almost any role has the potential to become the basis for such an erotic experience.

For example, a role-playing game may involve wearing a costume that is considered sexy, such as a housewife’s uniform, or one or both partners being undressed, which is the dress code for a party. Elements of domination and obedience, passivity, or obedience can also be used.

Many of the most common role-play involve a power differential and are part of a category called BDSM. In these scenarios, the controlling partner is often called “superior” or “dominant”, while the dominant person is called “submissive”. It can be considered dangerous and, therefore, most of those who practice these sexual roles to the extreme, establish a word or safety signal.

10 scenario ideas for role-playing

You don’t need to join a swingers club or start Sado-Maso practices to spice up your sex life. With a little imagination, you can experience hot sex parties in totally different ways! All you have to do is get in someone else’s shoes for one night. Here are some naughty game ideas to try with your boyfriend …

  1. The plumber 

This role-playing works just as well with the plumber, electrician, etc. You choose! Your partner, the great craftsman, is ringing the doorbell. Welcome this man in your new satin nightgown and invite him inside. You flirt with him a little while he rummages through the toolbox. Then, when the master begins to “fix” something, lean over it, touching it with your private parts… an essential step to increase the level of arousal.

  1. Hitchhiker

You can really try this role-playing if you have a car and you know a secluded and quiet place where your partner can shoot at the side of the road – you didn’t need us to tell you that! Just make sure you wear the skirt (it’s easier to go straight to “business” quickly) and it’s much more discreet.

If you don’t have a car – take a taxi. Your partner can take a taxi, meet you on the road and ask the driver to stop. Pretend you are old acquaintances who haven’t seen each other in a long time. You can’t go all the way by taxi, but you can at least start…

  1. The teacher and the student

This is one of the classic scenarios of role-playing. Pretend you’re in a class… dressed in a school uniform, and your partner is a sexy, older teacher. It is often very exciting because many girls fall in love and start having fantasies about a teacher. But you can also reverse the roles and be a strict teacher, seduced by a young student.

  1. The prisoner and the guard

Locked up in a cell and punished, you are completely under the control of your partner, who is watching you. Clearly, the guard is attracted to you. In fact, he is very attracted … Where will this attraction and this domination / dominated relationship lead?

  1. Luxury prostitute and client

You are so sexy and so expert in what you do, that your partner is willing to pay a lot of money to do it with you! For you, anything is allowed: provocative clothes, bold techniques, dirty talking … but without kissing. Why not arrange to find him alone, sitting at the bar of a classy hotel? Play the stage and then return home to close the deal!

  1. The obedient robot

One of you is playing the role of a robot. As a robot, you cannot make any decisions on your own, all you can do is follow the owner’s instructions. It specifies the words you need to say and the actions you need to take to give them pleasure. The robot has no initiative, he/she simply executes the orders.

  1. Role-playing: Sleeping beauty

You are in a very deep sleep and only a very skilled Fat-Frumos can wake you up. This time, however, there is no guarantee that a simple kiss will make you wake up … at least not one on the mouth. It is practical role-playing because Beauty sleeps lying on a bed, which is perfect for the events that follow. And it’s even more exciting if you don’t rush to react to the prince’s kisses and caresses…

  1. Stripper

… or Chippendale! Dressed as briefly as possible, you dance and flirt with your boyfriend, but without him having the right to touch you. As he sits, show him some hot positions and dance slowly as you undress. You know exactly how to turn him on with this role-playing ideea.

  1. Completely tied

Although in reality, it is not a very good idea, in fantasies and role-playing the meaning of this scenario is completely different. In the real world, immobilizing someone is considered aggression or even rape. In role-playing, on the other hand, this means: “I want you so much that I can’t resist you. You have such power over me that I want you at all costs.” And for a woman, this can be very liberating. She might do things she would never normally dare.

But this role-playing must always remain a game and both partners must fully agree to get involved. In the case of a contract, it could become a very unpleasant game. Establish a word of safety if things get out of hand or go too far. It has to be other than “no” or “stop” because you need these words for realistic role-playing – something like “banana” or “bingo” should turn off the hot mood like a stop button. Emergency.

  1. Start and stop

When you have all the time in the world and zero constraints, sometimes this can make you try new and more intimidating things, ironically role-playing. So add some borders. Set a stopwatch every four minutes. Try to excite your partner and even take action, and when time has passed, change roles. This game is about trust and consent, and if you feel safe with the other person, it can help weld the bond between you.

Regardless of the role played, you can be sure that everything can become more and more interesting if you add some such objects meant to explore the sexual side. So, let go of the embarrassment and enjoy the highest levels of pleasure.

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to be open and try new things. After all, you have no way of knowing if erotic games will work for your relationship if you don’t try. However, there are very high chances that you and your partner will want to do this every night.

So, have you made up your mind? What do you want Mika to be for you today? Just imagine and it will happen. Mika takes care of that. Mika takes care of your dirty thoughts!

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