One-night stand or a relationship? Let’s talk with Mika

Have you ever had a one-night-stand? But a stable relationship? Did you know that more and more women answer affirmatively to the first question in favor of the second?

When did the one-night stand replace the stable one and, above all, why? Find out with us in the following.

More and more women choose to spend their nights with partners they have only known for a short time, to the detriment of long-term relationships.

Surprising when you compare the results with another, much more romantic statistic, from which we learn that over 80% of the representatives of the “weaker” sex want to meet a perfect man for them.

How to explain the difference? Quite simply, women also began to differentiate between sex and love, and since it is very difficult to find love these days, the scale started to tilt towards one-night stands.

What does a one-night stand entail?

But what is a one-night stand, and what does it entail? It involves having sex with an unknown or barely known person. It is true that there are situations in which you happen to experience a one-night stand with a friend, a work/school colleague, etc.

This means that the person is known only because usually there is no emotional connection between the two.

In general, there are few situations in which the one-night stand remains at the adventure stage if the two know each other before.

Nowadays, the one-night stand is viewed with the same eyes by women and men, even if still men resort more often to this kind of experience.

Men and the one-night stand idea

Why men? On the one hand, because of their choices, men are interested in their physical appearance, along the way getting more involved, which would not be the case in a one-night stand.

Some of the men resort to this type of experience to confirm or reconfirm their sexual performance in front of themselves or in front of their friends, or why not in front of women.

Others see the one-night stand as a way to add as many conquests to their records as possible, which would certify their qualities as don Juan.

Some of the men who call for a one-night stand are single, and not involved in a relationship, others, on the contrary, are in stable relationships or even married.

For some of them, this is a “sport” practiced with great zeal, for others, it happens every now and then, or only once. Sometimes things just happen, and sometimes they are premeditated.

Why do women prefer one-night stands?

As far as women are concerned, there are fewer who resort to one-night stands, and this is because women also need emotional involvement to experience an intimate relationship with a man.

Some do it out of revenge to punish their unfaithful partner, others do it because they are physically attracted to a man, and others because they are not interested in a serious relationship and just want sex without any other implications.

In some cases, women resort to this kind of experience because they feel the need for affection, they feel the need to be wanted, or they are excessively under the influence of alcohol.

Often, the basis of the one-night stand is only the curiosity to find out what it’s like to have sex with another person.

What are the advantages of a one-night stand?

  1. Fast

A one-night stand is much easier to discover. Finding a lover for a few hours to share your bedroom with is much easier than finding one for the rest of your life.

  1. Effortless

You don’t have to make any effort in a one-night stand, on the contrary, everything seems to be as simple as possible and does not require detailed attention.

  1. No regrets

In a one-night stand, you don’t have to do much, apart from enjoying an orgasm for many days. So you don’t have much reason to regret what happened, you won’t think 10 times if your hair looked right or if he felt just as good.

What are the advantages of a serious relationship?

  1. Caution

You are much more likely to enjoy your partner’s attention if he is really interested in you. You will not feel treated as an object of his pleasure.

  1. Liability

If you want to be healthy after a one-night-stand, you must take care of yourself, use a condom, and carefully analyze your partner. In a stable relationship, care is shared.

  1. Love

Yes, we have to admit that in the end, we want love, not sex, but the decision is entirely yours!

One-night stands, dating apps, and stable relationships: how do guys see them?

I’ve often heard that guys are masters of one-night stands, and I actually know more guys than girls who are comfortable with it.

“Because they do not attach as quickly, are not as emotionally available, or do not put as much soul into such a gesture”.

Are the most common lines for which they are connoisseurs of this art of having a “one-night stand” which to me is just another gender stereotype because there are quite a few boys and men who don’t identify with this line of reasoning or prefer a monogamous and/or stable relationship.

So, whether a guy is straight, gay, a fan of one-night stands, or a fan of relationships, like girls, for that matter, everyone is different, with different tastes and different ideas.

I asked several guys what they thought of dating apps, dating, and relationships:

“I never used dating apps, nor did I hook up, given the fact that I was ultra introverted, so most of the time I met people through others. As for the one-night stand, why not if you’re not in a relationship and, lowly if you’re already with someone.”

“I’ve never been the master of flirting, and I’ve never been good at hooking up in the real world. For this reason, I have often chosen to use dating apps.

As for one-night stands, I’ve had enough and I can say that I don’t regret or regret most of them. It seems normal to me that two adults can do whatever they want and not be judged for not looking for something serious. What I’m looking for in a relationship and an affair are different things. I mean, something NSA (no strings attached) has to be based on the first impression and the way you look. In a relationship, the two need to be compatible more than sexually. There must be something to discuss, there must be something more than a simple spark, and only then should the way the partner looks matter.”

“I haven’t really used dating apps, and I don’t really like one-night stands either. I’ve always felt better in a relationship, I don’t know exactly why, I think it’s because it gives me that something that you don’t get with just physical contact.”

“I never had dating apps. One-night stands are fun and I think you don’t have to set your expectations too high, unlike a relationship that builds over time. Besides, it’s about physical pleasure more than an emotional connection or anything like that, although I don’t deny that something more serious can come from a one-night stand.”

“Well, I was mostly trying to match girls on Facebook, on Tinder, for example, but no, when there was a match, I didn’t say no. The one-night stand seems like a cool thing to me, if the desire is mutual and there are no reservations from either side, why not? It’s just sex, no feelings, no strings attached. In a relationship, the most important thing for me is honesty and understanding, and in an affair, I just want to have fun and feel good in the presence of that person, and also to have no reservations about doing what I want.”

“Given the fact that when I was in a relationship I was looking for an affair, and when I was having an affair I wanted a relationship, I’d say it left its mark on me because I didn’t have a serious relationship anymore for 2 years. Regarding dating apps, I have used and still use only I don’t see how I could find a girl worthy of a relationship there, only pleasure.”

“I’m looking for a relationship in general, just about every occasion.”

“I prefer hooking up, one nightstand is ok, they give me the feeling of one-night pleasure, but I haven’t had that many. I’m more of the type who stays in a long-term relationship, and between these relationships, I also happened to have an affair.”

Quite well-known these days and almost as practiced as going out in the club, are the one-night stands. ONS has a lot of advantages if you are a person who does not have childish expectations after a game of sex.

Do you trust yourself, do you like to know new things, to experiment, to live nights full of passion without obligations, jealousy, and non-stop ringing phones? Talk to Mika!

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