Mika knows 6 easy steps to squirt. Simple and fast!

The main thing is above all to relax, be confident, and have fun. Indeed, the women who confide to have already ejaculated or been women squirting in their life all agree on one point: ejaculation takes place only when they really take pleasure and that the felt orgasm is powerful. 

All orgasms are good, whether you wet the bed or not. Find out how you can reach a female squirt in just six steps and without too much effort.

Female squirt is not a myth, as real as it gets, and a third of women around the world say they have experienced female ejaculation at least once during intercourse. While some of them say that this only happened once or twice, others claim that they are still confused because they do not know if they produced a specific fluid or just urine. Female ejaculation is a phenomenon in which fluids erupt from the vulva or vagina at the time of orgasm. This is an extremely controversial topic, especially since porn directors have repeatedly claimed that ALL women have orgasms that lead to female ejaculation.

Female squirt is a little talked about subject. However, “fountain women”, as those who manage to ejaculate profusely are called, are the subject of many fantasies and preconceived ideas. So, what is female ejaculation, and what causes this physiological phenomenon?

What about squirting women?

Theories and discussions about the possibility of female ejaculation have become as intense as those about the G-spot. In fact, the G-spot is not even talked about as much as it was a few years ago. Even so, opinions are divided: some doctors believe that female ejaculation is a product of the porn industry and actresses have their own secrets about it. They are contradicted by many gynecologists and specialists who claim that a woman has the ability to ejaculate during orgasm, but the ability must be discovered and maintained.

Now let’s see what we need to do to get super easy and guaranteed to ejaculate like in the movies. Or dreams. Or stories.

  1. First of all, the bladder must be emptied. The pressure of a full bladder can distract from pleasure during intercourse. even if studies of female ejaculation show that the veins fill up again before the fluids are removed, surely no one wants a sex game with a full bladder.
  1. Get rid of inhibitions. In order to reach female ejaculation, a woman must get rid of inhibitions, feel safe and relaxed toward her partner and let herself be carried away by the wave. If there is something holding her back (maybe a trauma, anxiety, discomfort, or embarrassment), therapy can help get rid of these problems.

Relax! Most people who believe in female ejaculation are sure that many women do not enjoy ejaculation because they do not know how to relax and are always thinking about what their partner thinks during sex or if they will have an orgasm. It is recommended that the woman try it on her own first.

  1. Without pressure! The partner does not have to think about doing the right thing. Thoughts under the pressure of having to come out first will lead to negative results. If the woman is very lubricated, she may be close.

The main thing is above all to relax, be confident, and have fun. Indeed, the women who confide to have already ejaculated or been women squirting in their life all agree on one point: ejaculation takes place only when they really take pleasure and that the felt orgasm is powerful. 

  1. Discover the G-spot. It helps you to have small pleasures, and experts believe that this is the key to ejaculation, while other people claim that this stimulation is possible with clitoral stimulation.
  1. Stimulation. With your fingers or an erotic toy, necessarily bent at the end, it stimulates the G-spot. In sex shops, you find toys, especially for the orgasm of the G-spot. If you use your fingers, with more and more intense movements, move your index finger (and/or the middle one) as if you were calling someone to you.

Don’t forget the clitoral stimulation! You can stimulate the G-spot with one hand and stimulate your clitoris with the other.

  1. Partner involvement! In order to be as close as possible to ejaculation, the partner must have oral sex with the woman and, when she is very aroused, be penetrated with her fingers. It would be best for the partner to lie on her back.

Squirting when masturbating

A person may find it easier to squirt when masturbating, rather than during sex with a partner because they can focus entirely on their own sensations and adjust accordingly. To find the G spot, first, get comfortable. Next, use fingers or a sex toy to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, beginning about a third of the way up. A person may experience a tingling sensation or the need to urinate when they locate their G-spot. To intensify the pleasure, try stimulating the clitoris as well.

Squirting with toys

For a person who wants to use toys, some offer dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation. However, ejaculation can result from a range of techniques.

A person might try a:

Vibrator on the clitoris

While having penetrative sex with a partner, ask the partner to focus on stimulating the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is. Then, use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris for an intense orgasm.

Dildo or vibrator on the G-spot

During solo sex or stimulation with a partner, use a dildo or vibrator to stimulate the G-spot. Try inserting the toy into the vagina and stimulating the front wall.

Squirting during partnered sex

During partnered sex without toys, a person might try stimulating the G-spot with their fingers or trying a sexual position that stimulates the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is located.

Some of these positions include:

fashion portrait beautiful sexy young adult blond woman model wearing black erotic lingerie lying bed sunset

Reverse cowgirl

In this position, the penetrative partner sits beneath the other partner. The partner on top faces away from them. Either person can also stimulate the top partner’s clitoris in this position.

Sex from behind

This position can make it easier for the penetrative partner to hit the G-spot. For more stimulation to the front wall of the vagina, lie flat while the penetrative partner remains slightly elevated.

Modified sex from behind

Kneel and bend forward, with the shoulders close to the ground while the penetrative partner remains upright. It may be more pleasurable if they rock back and forth rather than thrusting in and out.

As with any sex position, it is crucial to adjust these for comfort and pleasure.

Stop preconceived ideas about squirting woman

We have long heard that female ejaculation did not exist, that it was in fact only a jet of urine produced when the woman was stimulated while she had a full bladder, or worse: that it was a disease or even dysfunction. This misconception has since been contradicted by researchers, thankfully. We now know that the liquid produced is neither urine, discharge, nor cum (a secretion produced by the vagina during sexual arousal).

The publication of scientific studies as well as the liberalization of speech in the sexual field has enabled women to demystify this subject, too long reserved for a minority or associated, wrongly, with pornography. Today, female ejaculation is a subject that tends to be better approached and understood by the general public, so that everyone can experience fulfilling sexuality, without taboos or misconceptions.

A woman’s body is a temple, revealing mysteries from one touch to another. Have you ever seen a squirting female? If so, it means you were a lucky man.
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