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SexAtCams! Anyone following my reviews knows I love a good live sex cam site with hot models. There is just nothing like being able to see live, sexy girls doing whatever you ask them to, fulfilling your every command. Plus, the fact that on sex cams, you can interact with them makes camming an online experience on a different level than watching a more traditional, pre-recorded porn video.

One of my favorite features of SexAtCams is its private messaging client. I have not seen private chat so seamlessly integrated into any other live camming website. Moreover, the models consistently went out of their way to message me privately.


This feature is a nice touch since it can be a little weird to go all out with the dirty talk when you know that a hundred other dudes are seeing everything that’s said and, in some cases, bouncing off of your naughty ideas. One minute you’re lost in the thought of bending this whore over and spanking her like the naughty little slut she is; the next minute, JohnDoe chimes in with, ‘and then I lick your toes.’ No, thank you. Get out of here, John!

Speaking of private, SexAtCams gives you two options at two different prices. You can watch your girl do whatever you ask for the lowest price, or you can pay a little more per minute and chat with her in C2C (Cam 2 Cam) mode, letting her see you. My girl asked me to strip for her too. This way, we would be more comfortable with each other, which was unexpected and a lot of fun.

Although I had a perfect time in private, I think SexAtCams could benefit from taking another look at their private video chat features. Although I have had the same complaint with every sex cam site I’ve been on thus far—you guys at Strip Chat need to figure out how to make texting more convenient during the private video! It is truly a pain in the ass to have to continually click back and forth from full-screen mode to access the chatbox whenever you want to type something. I know the technology is there; just fix it so I can type in full-screen mode, damn it!

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