You won’t believe where couples have sex! See what crazy ideas Mika has

Are there times when, no matter what positions or sex toys you try, your sex life seems boring and you want to change something? Well, you are not the only ones with such thoughts.

Bored of the environment offered by their own bedroom, their own house, and even their own yard or car, couples never stop looking for new interesting, unusual adventures to spice up their sex life. Here are the most unusual places where you can have sex!

Regardless of the age of the couple or the length of the relationship, there comes a moment in the life of every couple when the unwanted routine appears and when the couple wants to try new things, especially from the point of view of sex.

If you feel good about sexual positions and despite all that you are still a bit bored in the bedroom, it is time to leave the bedroom. Literally! Here are the most unusual places where you can have sex.

Ideas from Mika for couples to have sex

  1. Underground parking

Obviously, sex in the car would have been trivial if you chose to retreat to a forest or another isolated and safe place, that’s why I recommend couples to go to underground parking. And because sex in public is illegal (the car being in a public place…) if someone sees you, be careful not to get caught. For more safety from this point of view, I recommend that you do it at night when the traffic is almost zero, but if you are brave or want a little adrenaline, try it during the day.

  1. The fitting room

All women know how much men hate waiting for them to try on dozens of outfits, that’s why we offer you a bold idea to make a shopping session more interesting. Sex in the fitting room will be funny, and provocative (the space is quite small) for couples, but above all, dangerous (did I mention that sex in public spaces is illegal?). However… Try it!

  1. On the roof

If you live in an apartment building, the terrace of the building can be a perfect place for a hot sex match. If you want a more romantic evening, take a blanket, some candles, and a bottle of wine with you. Do not forget that this is also a public place. Be careful not to be admired by the neighbors.

  1. In the elevator

Obviously, the space is tight and will limit your options in terms of positions, but for couples, the experience can be funny. All you have to do is block the elevator between floors and enjoy the experience. By the way, if you don’t want all the neighbors to know what we’re doing, either doesn’t make too much noise or go to another block. Night, preferably.

  1. On the stairs

Whether we are talking about the stairs between the floors of an apartment block or an office building, be careful not to get caught. Speed, discretion, and silence are golden in such moments!

  1. In a house under construction

Whether it is your future house or someone else’s house, it is very exciting to make love between the walls of a house under construction. It’s all the more exciting since it’s not your house. The feeling that someone can catch you inside is great!

  1. In the balcony

For couples that don’t care what the neighbors in the next block think, or there is no danger of being seen, but you want to take advantage of the view or the air… Try to have sex on the balcony, but without bending over. Sex must be exciting, but without the danger of a fatal collapse into the void!

  1. In the train

If a train journey becomes boring and you are lucky enough to be alone in the compartment, you can try a game of sex in the swaying of the train wheels… It would be better to avoid this activity during the stops in the stations.

  1. The lifeguard’s place

Yes, I know that the beach is a trivial place to have sex and that everyone has already tried, but you know those tall houses where the lifeguards sit and watch in the summer? Whether it’s night or you try it on a day out of season, it can be a sexy alternative to banal sex on the beach.

  1. In the sauna

With the help or complicity of those from the spa/hotel / etc., couples can have a hot sex match (both literally and figuratively) in the sauna. Be careful, however, that it does not last too long and that you can no longer pay attention to what is happening in the sauna because you can get hurt due to the effort and the high temperature.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do to banish the monotony that has slowly but surely begun to creep into your sex life, one of the simplest changes is where you make love. And if you don’t know where to start, you can be inspired by the discussions I had with countless people.

No less than 1,500 people talked to Mika about their favorite places to have sex. Here they are:

Where do couples usually have sex?

  1. In the shower or bath: 82% of couples

Why not try? You can start by undressing each other and kissing so that when you enter the shower you are already hot. The experience will be fantastic and you will definitely want to try it again.

  1. In the car: 80% of couples

Some people think the back seat is the best choice, but there isn’t much room to put your feet up. It is better to put down the seat in front and try the position with the woman on top.

  1. In the bedroom where you grew up: 65% of couples

If the parents are in the next room, keep quiet and try not to move too much so that the old bed does not start to creak. Even so, the sex will be very pleasant.

  1. In the pool: 54% of couples

Ironically, water sex can be unpleasant as the natural lubrication disappears. Use a waterproof lubricant for unforgettable sensations.

  1. In the forest: 49% of couples

Here you can face two problems: insects and poison ivy. To get rid of insects, use a repellant, but do not spray on your neck, breasts, or any other place where you could kiss. As for poison ivy, don’t forget: if there are more than 3, find another place.

  1. On the kitchen table: 48% of couples

The table top is not just for arranging the cutlery. Place your girlfriend with her ass on her and get down to business.

  1. In a tent: 37%

Since the place is not exactly comfortable, the specialists advise you not to try too complex positions.

  1. In the parents’ bedroom: 34%

Be careful to send your parents to a movie that is interesting enough so that they don’t come home just as you put their bed to the test.

Places give you extra erotic appeal, not being normally related to sexual intercourse. They present an element of risk, which makes them more exciting.

Where do you most like to have sex? Tell Mika too, who knows? Maybe you have more things in common than you imagined! She is waiting for you, ready for deep and super detailed discussions about sex.

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