Who want s a sexual feast?

I’m going to tell you about an incident that I remembered after discussions with one of my loyal readers. It’s a story that I’m sure you’ll like and that readers of the cuckold genre will love!

I was in France on some business and I met a nice French girl, and the parties we went to together were memorable. She used to gather friends at her home and not infrequently, in the end, she left with common fucks, we liked to see each other, and we excited each other, but the world was in the couple without an exchange of partners. One evening, a guy, Pierre, dead drunk, approached me:

– Hey Andrei, you know, I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time and I don’t know how!

-Tell me directly! I answered him just as drunk

– Well… look, I kind of have a fetish, I’d like to see Ana, my wife, fuck me! If I didn’t drink, I wouldn’t have the courage to tell you! I’ve been wanting to approach you for a long time…


Ana, his wife, a thin, blonde, tattooed woman, was not very good, but not bad either! Normal, but with wine.

-You shouldn’t have waited so long, Pierre! If you know for sure that this is what you want, I will gladly help you!

– Ok, but know that I want to assist, to see up close what you are doing! Is this a problem for you?

– No, if you want you can participate because she’s your wife!

-No, no, at most I can give him tongues, I like to watch, I feel very good like that… Look, after 1 o’clock, when people won’t know much, come to the attic!

The evening continued with the party, everyone happy, music, dancing, whatever you want. I noticed how Pierre and Ana disappeared at one point, I stayed a little longer, grabbed a bottle of rum, and went up to the attic. I found them in the last bedroom, with music on the phone, and diffused light. When my eyes got used to the semi-darkness, I saw Pierre lying on the bed and Ana with her pussy on his face. She came back with the face of a drunk and excited woman, with red eyes and said to me very casually:

-You didn’t come anymore? Pierre is preparing me for you… Come closer!

Pierre got up immediately and sat down in an armchair, politely, without saying anything. (cuckold is a fetish in which men love to see their wives fucked by others, but unlike wives shared, they want to participate somewhat, to tell their wives how good it is when they are fucked, to give tongues while another fuck her, to feel somewhat dominated)

Arriving at the bed, Ana took me over. Standing on all fours, she started to untie me and to her surprise, I was almost hard!

-Wow, did someone prepare you too? he said laughing and cupping my penis with his lips, sighing with his eyes closed. And he started sucking me slowly, swallowing me more and more. He took it out a little, flipped it on his head, and lightly spread the saliva with his tongue along the entire length of the member vibrating with excitement.

-Pierre, you know what a sublime penis he has, I don’t think I can swallow it, although I know that’s what you want! he said to his beard without looking at him, but I’ll try for you…

Pierre responded with a sigh of excitement and I saw him out of the corner of my eye start to rub his erect but small penis.

I put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her a little towards me, trying to get in as deep as possible. He was making sounds, specific to being fucked in the mouth, something that excited all three of us.

-Fuck in her mouth, please! said P in a hoarse voice.

I grabbed her by the ears and pushed her faster and faster. I would stop, she would stick out her tongue, I would slap her across the face spreading her saliva all over, then I would continue to fuck her in her mouth!

I lay down on the bed and Ana sat down in such a way that P would have maximum visibility. Now he was sucking me long and hard, he was getting more and more, he was struggling to swallow me, he was stopping to draw air and the tight saliva was dripping on my skin! Wonderful! I could feel his neck pressed against my cock, almost as if his lips were touching my skin.

We get what we want

P was in the 9th heaven, he had come closer to see better. Come slowly, from top to bottom, with thick lips perfectly molded, long session, and when he took it out of his mouth, he moaned for a long time and looked at the cock with admiration, took a deep breath, and took it from the end! Spectacular!!!

Suddenly her moans intensified and I realized that P was licking her behind. He was sucking me even more!

– Mom what a dick you are! I like to suck her!

And I activated it! Well, if it’s crazy, let it be until the end!

-Suck my balls! Take them in your mouth in turn! You suck it when I permit you! P sat down again in the armchair with a transfigured face:

– So, do whatever you want, take advantage of this little whore!

pexels victoria akvarel 10229004

He sucked my eggs with gusto, swallowed them one by one, and all the while he was making my paw slow.

– I want to suck you, please, let me…

– Only your head is allowed, I’ll tell you when you can get off…

Her tongue was flying on top and as she wanted to go down, I was holding her hair, something that excited her terribly.

– Please, I want to swallow it, let me…

-Only if I will feel your lips at the base and you will hit me with your tongue! If not, no!

He moaned loudly and I felt his lips sliding to the root. P approached at speed and pressed her on the head with force:

-Suck it all up, I know you can, go for it! So, now take out your tongue, lick his skin, as he told you!

I couldn’t believe it, Ana, red in the face, barely breathing, tried to stick out her tongue next to the dick stuck deep in my throat and lick my bum! Tears were running down his face and he had no more air to breathe! After some time, P released her and sat down on the chair. Ana was crying and breathing hard, but her face showed that she was at the peak of happiness!

– I want you to fuck me! I want you inside me!

He climbed on top of me and caught my hands to rest in them. He looked for my concrete cock and without hands, he fit it between his big lips. His head entered slowly, stopped, sighed, and let it come out. He looked sweetly at P and asked him:

– Do you want me to put it in, my love?

He didn’t even have the strength to say anything, he was so excited.

Again the member disappeared between her pussy lips, but the movement was the same, slow, it was driving me crazy! She let herself in more and more until I saw how her juices flowed on my dick, and Ana trembled briefly, with her eyes closed, experiencing the first orgasm of the evening, penetrated with half of the penis! I let her recover a little, then I started to strain the member. I could feel her feeling him and in a short time, she started to let herself in him down! So yes! Too bad, wonderful!

The pleasure girl moves fast, I could feel her hot vagina surrounding my penis and how she experiences every penetration! I hired her. I was moving at speed and the sound of bodies colliding filled the room. He was squeezing my hands harder and harder and I understood that the orgasm was coming; I tightened my abdomen and moved faster until I felt her vaginal spasms, strong now, she got all wet and collapsed next to me on the bed shaking and breathing hard! P ejaculated masturbating, moaning loudly!

I got up to look for the bottle and P approached Ana, spread her legs, and started to lick her.

-So my love, lick me! Go deep, collect my sweet nectar! The evening is just starting, I want to fuck exactly the way I know you like it! I won’t miss a hole!

After a few minutes of cunnilingus, P got up and I clapped:

-You are cool! Many are embarrassed by my presence! It will be a long night, I hope! I want to fuck her in the ass, she likes it a lot!

I didn’t say anything. Ana rubbed her clitoris looking at me awkwardly, she bit her lips and motioned for me to go to her. Sir, how do you know me, I didn’t let her wait and sat down on my knees next to her, spreading her legs as far as possible. I touched her clitoris with the tip of my penis and moved slowly, to harden her. He laid his head back, and with his eyes closed, his moans increased in intensity.

I continued the movements, and the dick walked between my lips, without penetrating her, I stopped, slapped her slowly over the lick, then continued the slow rubbing. He was shaking all over, straining, trying to move his legs, but I held them tightly in my hands, separating them as much as possible:

-Why am I struggling? I want you in me, please! You are driving me crazy! Fuck me! Do what you want to me! Pierre was not angry!

I was very excited by her words, I swear! From the movement of the pelvis, I fit the tip in her pussy and pushed hard, entering all the way; I stopped there and strained my member several times! He was in a trance! He involuntarily tenses his whole body, bites his lips, and lives the moment to the fullest! Too bad! And I started to give them; we kept going in, faster and faster, I could feel how the shells hit her gap and how she cambered with each penetration.

I wanted to fuck her badly, without mercy; she was in my hand, I held her legs tightly, apart, I moved as I pleased, the lips of her little pussy perfectly molded on my penis and when I came out of the vagina I could hear sexy sounds released by her hot pussy. I was pushing even harder, she got very wet, she screamed with every penetration and I felt her exploding!

I did NOT stop immediately, I fucked her deeply, I could feel her strong vaginal contractions, the juices invading her tight pussy, and her tense body; she screamed, mumbling something incomprehensible, then her body softened, I freed her legs, and took the cock out of her pussy! He stayed on his back, breathing hard, with his eyes closed! Sublime!

I had forgotten about P! He approached her and kissed her long, caressing her loose hair and whispering in her ear. I let them live the moment and sat down in the armchair. My dick hurt. I had fucked for almost an hour and I felt the need to let go. Ana sat on her stomach and P spread her legs apart, then put a pillow under her abdomen. He started to lick her slowly from the heels up before he hurried up.

He reached the nipples, spread them elegantly with his hands and his tongue briefly entered the perfectly epilated rosette. It was a pleasure to assist! I came closer to see better; He walked his tongue slowly around the edge of the brown ring, felt her nerves with the tip, played with it, gently bit her buttocks, then suddenly he stuck the tip in strongly and kept going back and forth for a few minutes, driving Ana crazy, who was moaning louder and louder, with her face in the sheet!

He stopped again and smeared it with his tongue around the rosette, took each striation one by one, perfectly fitting his lips on her gauze pulling gently, as if he wanted to suck her ass, which, after the treatment, protruded a little outside, opened, like a flower! Sensational, I have never seen anything like this in my life! It was super exciting, Ana was on the verge of fainting, purring slowly, like a mother in heat!

Pierre, after slowly sucking the rosette and managing to pull it out, watched with pleasure to see his finished work, then forcefully stuck his tongue in her ass and penetrated with power until his throat hurt! I have never seen so many tongue-in-ass orgasms in my life! What more can I say, P was a real master of the anilingus!

pexels eric deine 12826048

He got up and with his voice hoarse from so much excitement, he said to me:

-Ready! She is ready for anal sex! Fuck her, I want to see her wide at the end, give her no mercy, she likes to break her ass!

Normally you don’t expect a husband to tell you something like that about his wife, but in the given situation, everything seemed natural; I sat behind her, and feeling myself, Ana spread her buttocks with her small hands. My dick was about to explode, I fit its head in the brown eye and pushed slowly… I felt the tightness of the ring for a moment, then the heat of the anal walls, and… in a second I was inside!

An indescribable feeling, soft, warm, molded! I pushed slowly gaining centimeter by centimeter; my cock entered more and more until the shells touched her pieces. I was completely in her, in Ana, who was living the moment in silence. I tensed my pelvis, and she jerked briefly, she tensed as well and spread her legs as far as she could, as an invitation; I caught her hands and stuck them to her back, like a prisoner of pleasure… slowly I started the movement.

We entered slowly, a little, then more. In a short time, we penetrate it from top to bottom! It drove me crazy how easily she received me in her ass and I wanted to dominate her; the pace increased, and the penetrations were already at full speed. And it was unleashed…

Fuck me! Come on, make Pierre happy! Do you see my love and how he fucks my ass? Are you happy now?? Do you see how everything gets in my way? It’s strong and thick, you know, how I like it! I feel it up to my neck, it’s going to turn my ass upside down until the end! You will never fuck my ass again, I will be too big for you!

P masturbates like a madman, right next to us on the bed, looking at the transfigured scene! I wasn’t interested in him, I just wanted to fuck her until she passed out. I was giving it hard, at speed, and felt it widen with each penetration; after a long session of coming and going, I suddenly stopped and pulled his pieces apart, showing the widened ring, a little red from the friction!

I admired the view and P poured anal lube in abundance, then inserted two fingers to make sure the gel got all over her. He leaned towards Ana, kissed her, and said in an authoritative tone:

– He will fuck you hard, long and hard, when he stops, spread your buttocks alone, we want to see your ass spread!

The poor woman agreed without words, nodding her head. I put it in again, and this time it went in without any problems, like grease, the lubricant did its job! I was moving freely looking with pleasure at the brown ring molded on his dick, something that made me give him even harder.

My stomach hurt terribly, but I didn’t care! I turned her on her back, P grabbed one of her legs and I grabbed the other, pulling them apart; his cock entered in one movement, without bothering me, in a kind of craggy shoulders in which his beard held her by one leg watching the action from close. We penetrated her at speed a few times, we went all the way in, we were tense in her ass, then we left again in the same way! What can I say… fantastic, I was doing what I wanted with her butt:

-Piereeeee, it’s killing me! Wow, how to fuck my ass! God, I love it… Don’t stop, Andrei, show him how to fuck a bitch! Make me as wide as you want, I want my fist to fit at the end, Pierre, you’ll never fuck my ass again, I’ll be that wide!!

Her words were killing me too, what can I say about Pierre who I thought was fainting with pleasure! I lay on my back and climbed on top of myself in reverse cowgirl. I saw her face, she was full of pleasure, I think she liked being fucked in the ass more than I did!

He adjusted it easily and started to move hard, from top to bottom, eights, rhythm changes, what can I say, show. Pierre took her from time to time to admire the hole, then he pressed her shoulders to enter her as deeply as possible. Ana was moaning as if she had been seized and was talking to Pierre to drive him crazy:

– It goes up to my throat, mother, what a dick! He gave me everything, but I can’t stop, I want him to destroy me! Look how wide they are, then he stopped a little, took out his dick, and showed the wide rosette to Pierre, who bent down moaning madly, gave him a few tongues, spat, then fit it to me:

-Fuck her like a whore! No mercy, he likes it!

He got out of bed and came with a bar stool, I don’t know where the hell he found it, but I’m sure he had it ready! He lifted ANA and sat her on the chair with the backrest close to her chest and motioned for me to come behind her. What can I say… great position, Pierre was not stupid!

He pulled her butt back a little, just enough to exceed the seat of the chair, so that I could penetrate her at will. Sitting like that, with her legs apart and her bottom slightly pulled back, it was a splendor to look at: the small and convex pieces, far apart, showed the rosette… widened, ready for the final penetration!

– Andrei, please fuck her as hard as you can! Don’t stop until you finish, even if you faint! Fill his hungry ass! I want to see her shaking and hear her scream!!!

You say the chair was measured! Sitting behind her, my dick reached the ideal height. I rubbed my penis a few times, I spat on the head out of habit (although it was no longer necessary) and I pushed with force! I stayed there for a few seconds, deep inside her, and said softly in her ear:

-Squeeze it out, I want you to feel how I’m going to fuck you! I will be ruthless…

Ana moaned and obediently complied, letting me feel her ring trying to squeeze my penis. Without too much force, she couldn’t do more, she was widened to the maximum!

– That’s all you can do?? I asked her smiling.

– I can’t do more, I’m sorry, but you made me feel bad, I can’t do more! she answered resignedly, with her head down, without opening her eyes.

Her words drove me crazy! Excited to the max, I grabbed her by the shoulders and started to fuck her hard, at the maximum speed I was capable of! I can’t tell you what I felt, like a trance, I had detached myself from time and space, and I was going hard, with all my dick!

Her gait was no longer resisting at all, Ana would have fallen off the chair if I didn’t hold her! Pierre squeezed her pieces with his palms trying to mold her more on my dick! I felt a pain in my skin and felt that the moment was approaching; infuriated, I intensified to the maximum, no more was possible.

Ana was screaming, Pierre was saying something indistinct, and I was moving like an animal in her big ass! The pressure rose from the shell to the tip of the shaft and when I released the first deep jet in her ass, I thought I was going to pass out!

The others followed, as a relief, I didn’t think it was possible to ejaculate so much! I filled her ass, I moved a few more times, to free myself for good, then I suddenly pulled back and looked at the demolished rosette… wide, the sperm was leaking directly onto the carpet. Pierre had also let go of his paw… Ana, exhausted, was breathing heavily with her chest resting on the back of the chair…

I lay down on the bed and I think I fell asleep in 10 seconds.

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