All about swingers! What they are, and what principles are they based on?

Everyone is curious to know what swinging means. I tried to answer this question with the help of a couple of experienced practitioners. R. and P. are two beautiful people from Berlin, married for 17 years, whom I met in a girls’ club in the capital. I knew that he loved sex and that he practiced it… in the team. But I wanted to use them to understand the meaning of a “hot game” for a couple passionate about swinging.

Swinging has been a practice since time immemorial, but few people really know what it entails. To the question “What are swingers?” the answer is very simple: swingers are those people, those couples who have sex in the same room, with or without changing partners.

Your sex life could become truly incendiary once you’ve decided to try a super spicy activity: partner swapping. Mika gives you some information about what swingers are and what they do.

What are swingers? People without inhibitions

From the very beginning, you must know that swingers are those non-conformist people without prejudices and who do not know the concept of jealousy. Swinging can be that “breath of fresh air”, or, simply, an unstoppable desire to try strong sensations and feel another type of sexual pleasure. What are swingers? Swingers are those people or couples who are looking for new ways to get sexual pleasure.

Not many people have the courage to talk about this sexual practice, but that does not mean that they do not have fantasies in which they see themselves having sex with several partners. Some really want to have an experience like this.

Swinging is not only about satisfying sexual needs but also involves getting to know each other, participating in conversations, and making friends. Usually, meetings between swingers do not happen by chance but are the result of long-term socialization and conversations. About what swingers are, I can tell you that they are those people without inhibitions.

What should you consider before going to a swinger club?

Hygiene is very important

The person must pay great attention to personal hygiene.

It is very important for people to understand that bacteria allowed to accumulate in the genital area can be a source of infections that are difficult to get rid of. They must shower before and after sex to prevent infections.

Dental hygiene is also important. Bleeding gums and sore lips increase the chances of transmitting infections through oral sex. To prevent infections, people should visit the dentist annually and have a proper brushing routine.


Partners should choose something interesting, but elegant, clothes in which they feel sexy.

When it comes to lingerie, women should not look for something too extravagant, but something that they can feel comfortable in throughout the evening.

When it comes to shoes, ladies must keep in mind that they will be standing for hours dancing, so a pair of comfortable, but also tasteful, shoes are needed.

You must be sociable

In such a club people must socialize, and smile to be more confident. If the person looks unhappy, it will discourage others from talking to them.

When the person wants to socialize, it is recommended not to cross their arms and legs, because it will convey that they are not willing to communicate.

Don’t overdo it with alcohol

In order to have some memorable experiences, it is preferable that the person does not exaggerate the consumption of alcoholic beverages, because he could get drunk alone, not being able to carry out his plans to the end.

Work on increasing self-esteem

With the help of this food supplement, the person will be much more confident, the sexual act will be prolonged, and the erection will be long-lasting.

On a chat with my swinger friends

Everyone is curious to know what swinging means. I tried to answer this question with the help of a couple of experienced practitioners. R. and P. are two beautiful people from Berlin, married for 17 years, whom I met in a girls’ club in the capital. I knew that he loved sex and that he practiced it… in the team. But I wanted to use them to understand the meaning of a “hot game” for a couple passionate about swinging.

What did we find out? In short, this “sport” is, by far, a distinct branch of sexual art. A bizarre one, I can say, but one that we all dreamed of, in certain erotic moments of our existence. Because it is not uncommon to be able to make love with different partners, with the consent or even under the eyes of your husband. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, yes. That’s what swinging means: the exchange of partners during sex parties. Here is what the two told me:

What does swinging mean?

It means a formula to get out of everyday life and feel good together with your partner. Mainly, you have to feel free, to know that you don’t have to lie and “cheat” on your partner. We have free discussions at the level of the couple about fantasies, eroticism, and everything related to the sexual side. What must be understood is the consensus between the partners and the other participants in the swinger formula. Everything is free and nothing is mandatory.

How long have you started?

For 14 years. What we practice has nothing to do with sex, it even represents a way of life. We are not interested in what he does and what area the others come from. Having the opportunity to travel all over the world, we met with all possible nations in certain clubs dedicated to Swinging. If I said we’ve been doing it for 14 years, that doesn’t mean we made a sport out of it. It happens anytime without planning.

How did you end up in this world?

It all started with a friend of mine. I was in a hotel by the pool and this asked me a very strange question at the time. “Don’t you want to take a shower together?” I accepted not thinking about anything else. The drops of water, a few innocent touches, all this ignited us and we started kissing. The feeling of the moment and what followed made me tell my husband about the whole experience I had. We discussed this topic and tried as a couple with a woman. Then came the question why with a woman and not with another man. That’s how it started.

Is there jealousy in swinger couples?

No, there is no jealousy between us. But be careful! Couples who want to become swingers just because they have problems in their marriage and hope that this way they will solve them, are wrong! They do nothing but deepen them even more, even reaching the point of separation. I have known people who went to swinger parties only because they hoped to please their partners. Big mistake! If there is no consensus, if both partners don’t want to do this, they end up breaking up. Fortunately, we both want the same thing.

Are there any restrictions? And if so, why?

Everyone sets their own rules. From our point of view, there are two very important things: water and soap, which in Romania is consumed very little, and not because it is expensive, and the second, the mandatory use of condoms.

What was the most beautiful experience lived by the two of you?

The most beautiful moments were spent at every successful game, together with special people, with whom we could give free rein to our imagination.

Is there any difference between the “first time” and the current moment?

Every time is like the first time. It depends on the fact that you have the opportunity to meet people and most of the time it doesn’t lead to sex, but only to a free discussion about everyone’s sexual fantasies.

What manners and customs do you have after a love match?

The two of us talk after each meeting about how it was and what exactly we liked about the other partner, or what we would have expected to happen.

If a couple is thinking about going to such a club but is afraid of the risks, they need to understand that the “swing” does better than harm.

People will get rid of complexes, and fear and mental, physical, and emotional health will be improved.

People in these clubs like to involve strangers in their sex life, or they like to see their partner having sex with other people.

Couples can join in the group sex, just watch, or simply enjoy their drink.

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