English teacher: Summer of 2021

It’s August and it’s terribly hot outside.

– Hi Dan!!

I turn around and look at the English teacher. A girl who has not long left the university, with a child, married to a priest, an elegant girl but seems much too thin for my tastes. He smiles at me:

– We haven’t seen each other for a year…

-I didn’t have time. Since I finished, I’ve been working more with the faculty…

– But forget about the old gang…

-Hmmm… Can I redeem myself with an invitation to a juice!?

– Where should we go in this weather that we are baking?

– I know a cool place but… If you agree… We can go to my place.

-Where are you staying?

– I share an apartment with a friend nearby.

– O.K. I’ll let you know at home that I’m going to be late.

English teacher puts her hand on her mobile phone and tells her husband that she’s late, at which point I see a grimace on her face as if she doesn’t like what she hears from the other end of the line. We shared a bottle of “Dry Gin” and some tonic water, and we started for the apartment that I shared with my friend.

We arrive, make ourselves comfortable and she asks me for something to change into because the jeans were not exactly a suitable choice.

The story of me and my English teacher

I’m looking for mine and I can only offer her a t-shirt that can take the place of her house dress. All good and beautiful, we talk about various things and have a lot of fun, until we reach the chapter “love and happiness in life”. I start to feel that something is rattling and that it bothers my English teacher, at which point I remember the grimace on her face during the discussion with her husband, and I try to encourage her.

– A woman like you, young, beautiful, and smart… She cannot be unhappy in love…

– You have no idea… how it feels to be a woman and to walk around the house in your naked pussy, only, your husband just notices you and fucks you. To get out of the bathroom and use creams and oils, to smell nice and the cow next to you to look through you and turn your ass, not even to hold you in his arms at night…

english teacher

– Oh, oh, hold on. What do you mean!!!

– Well, as you hear…

There is a rather oppressive silence. In the silence between us, the TV that was on MTV can be heard in the background. A slow and pleasant song could be heard in the whole room…

– Do you want to dance with me!?

– Why not!? I can’t refuse a beautiful woman.

We start to dance lightly holding my English teacher in my arms. It is so light and thin that I am afraid that it will break in my arms. I try to make her feel better and whisper to her that she is beautiful and smells great…

– It’s clear that I look like hell if my husband doesn’t come to me either…

– Not true. You’re superb…

– You can try all night to convince me and you won’t succeed, because it’s clear to me, my husband made it clear to me through his gestures…

– If necessary, I will stay up all night to give you arguments that he is an idiot.

He pulls himself out of my arms and puts his hand on the mobile:

– Hi! Yes, I saw that it was dark outside. When do you come home?? O.K. I’m not going to wait for you because I’m at Mihaela’s too and I’m staying at her place for the night. O.K.!!! Bull… don’t even try to pretend that I’m not going home. It seems natural to him that he doesn’t get home either. At least I let him know.

– Ooof! Let it be fine.

– I feel the need to take a shower. Can I take a shower at your place?

– Normal!! I will do it too. You go first and I’ll follow.

English teacher goes to the shower and I start to realize that I’m going to spend the night with my English teacher from high school, which I’m not happy about because it’s probably going to be a long night full of sobs and laughter, but… that’s it, that’s it she is a soul and needs to be helped. English teacher comes out of the shower with my t-shirt and her bra and panties in her hand, made into a ball, which she stuffs into her purse.

– I hope you don’t mind that I made myself comfortable…

– Not at all… why bother me?! O.K. I’m going to the shower too.

When I returned to the room, only the lamp and the TV were on and the English teacher was sitting down on the carpet leaning on the couch and listening to music. She was a little dejected. I look more closely and next to her was the mobile phone with the screen still on. I smell a cigarette and realize that he was smoking, I smelled the cigarettes that the English teacher had found at the head of the bed.

– I’ve been smoking for a long time, I just didn’t let it show. Now I’m too nervous, I hope you don’t mind.

– I’m not going to light one myself, but first I’m going to give you a massage, the way you’re sitting there is perfect and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity.

I sit down on the edge of the bed and put the English teacher between my legs. I start massaging his shoulders and neck. I feel that she relaxes and puts her head forward, at which point I can see her breasts from above, through the opening at the neck of the T-shirt. Small rounds and some huge nipples, which, as I massaged her, increased their volume considerably. 

“Oooops, he’s getting excited. What’s worse is that I, with my eyes on her father, start to get excited. And what do I have to lose?!” And look, that’s how I quickly start running scenarios like what if!? And risk!!! I put my hand down on her shoulders and caress her neck, she puts her head back and feels how strong I am.

I’m a little scared that she might get angry, but she moves her head on my cock lightly as if she wants to play with it through her hair. I become even more confident and let my hands slide through the opening at the neck of the shirt and gently caress her breasts and her rock-hard nipples.

The English teacher doesn’t say anything and I hear her moan softly in thanks and relaxation. I think that it is not necessary to be insistent and withdraw my hands.

– Is that part of the massage!?

– Yes, as long as it relaxes you…

– I think it would be easier for you without a shirt.

english teacher

And he takes the shirt off her. I look dismayed. From above I could see perfect breasts and two perfectly shaved and fleshy labia that were already shining with fluids. I muster up the courage and move on to the “massage”. I start massaging her breasts and playing with her hair.

I gently run my fingers over her face and she puts her head back more, I grab her chin and bend her head more and kiss her. He lets me flood his mouth with my tongue and he gently sucks my tongue. He suddenly turns and asks me:

– Listen, don’t you think you’re a little… So cheeky?

– Why!?

– I’m naked and you’re dressed, it’s a little disrespectful.

I smile and execute myself. I take off my pants and release my throbbing limbs and ready to explode. When I take off my t-shirt, I feel two warm and soft lips that cover my cock with great attention but with a desire that leaves no room for resistance.

The next moment I noticed that I didn’t know how to take the shirt off my head and lose my balance even more. I hardly manage to take off my t-shirt and I look with wide eyes at the teacher, who without any kind of nonchalance destroys my cock’s head with his tongue.

– Don’t tell me you don’t like oral sex!

– You’re fantastic, but it’s not fair.

– Why!?

– Only you!?

– O.K.

English teacher gets up, pushes me onto the bed, and sits with his pussy in my mouth.

-You have something to recover.

I can feel her sweet pussy rubbing against my lips and how it starts to smell like sex, like a woman hot and ready to be fucked. I lick the English teacher and feel her bend while she sucks my dick frantically and plays with her hand. He gets up from my face and thrusts hard into my cock. 

He doesn’t manage to put it in the first time. It is tight and it hurts. English teacher spits in his palm and wets the cock’s head a little more, and puts the rest on her labia. Try one more time. He enters easily and lets himself in until he manages to get it all in.

Groan! I can’t figure out exactly if it’s pain or pleasure, the fog in my head prevents me from being rational. We hold hands and she walks faster and faster.

I feel that the English teacher is close and gives way to my hands. I grab her nipples and pray that I don’t finish before her and steal the pleasure she is looking for and that she needs so much. English teacher manages to finish and I hear her moaning, almost screaming, but she refrains.

– No one can hear us except you.

Dude!! She squirms and I feel her nails on my chest.

– Don’t let me go, I want more, I want everything, I’m thirsty for dick, for sex, for life.

I turn it over and put it on the goat. I put my cock in my English teacher’s pink pussy with lips already swollen from the friction between our bodies, now it enters easily, it is wet and spreads around the smell of sex that has the gift of making me stronger. I push myself into her harder and harder and I feel that she can’t get enough. I take it out, I dig a little but… I put it in the hole and push.

English teacher also pushes and we don’t stop until she enters and lets out a scream from her chest. It’s all in her. It entered her small butt and was only good to fuck. I fuck her with frenzy, I have to give way, quickly, I’m afraid of breaking something in her. She gets really excited and I hear her about to explode, she makes her way and I go with her. I want to get out of her butt but she won’t let me.

-Wait, leave her there because I’m going to miss her.

– You don’t have to miss them, because we’re starting over. I just told you that I will try to convince you all night if necessary, so…

– O.K. How do you want me?


We still see each other, rarely, but we see each other and every time is just as good. Too bad that ox doesn’t know what he has next to him. I for one am real and so is she. It’s not a fantasy, it’s an actual incident from everyday life, but I can say that I had a dream come true – “to sleep with the English teacher”.

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