Olivia – an unexpected affair

The breakfast was just what we needed. Toast, bacon, and eggs. All are made with the right spices. Bacon that’s crispy and tinged with brown sugar is delicious. It is easy to cover and put in the oven for a rich taste. The toast was made using a French loaf cut on the bias. It is lightly fried on both sides and then butter is spread on one side and melted. Eggs should be soft-boiled and fluffy. And with a sprinkle of cheese, it adds a nice flavor. Of course, I could eat plenty.

We all sat down and enjoyed the breakfast made by Robin. Olivia was going shopping with Julie later and I was going back to my apartment. I had some work to do and the general cleanliness of the apartment. Then I was probably going to swim a little.


“Robin, everything is delicious. You’ve perfected breakfast.”

“Mark, thank you. I’m sure you could do better.”

“No, that was very well done. I think I try to cook things too quickly for breakfast most of the time.”

“I’m happy that you liked it,” Robin said.

“Olivia, what are you and Julie going to look for today?” I asked.

“I wanted some sandals and a newer bikini. Julie was talking about covering up her bathing suit and maybe some hair ties. But we may find other things as well.”

“I thought your bathing suit was new.”

“I got it last year and I think a new one would fit better.”

“Don’t spend too much,” Robin said. “You need to save some money for the trip in July.”

“I put it away. Besides, Uncle Mark gave me a nice present.”

“Oh really?”

Oh, dear Olivia…

I only gave Olivia $50 more than the necklace. Then I thought about the red light. “I wanted to ask you, Robin, about this red light I saw in the spare room. Do you know what causes it?”

“I am not aware of a light. Where is it?

“It was near the return vent. I’ve seen it a few times, but only for a second, then it’s gone.”

Robin asked Olivia, “Have you ever seen a red light in the spare room?”

Olivia hesitated and then said, “No.” He had a puzzled look on his face that seemed to change to concern. But then she went on to say, “I don’t remember seeing any lights near the vent.”

“Well, I guess it will be a mystery. I might try to work it out next time I’m done.”

After breakfast, Olivia and I cleaned up the kitchen and then headed off to our respective activities. Julie’s mom picked Olivia up right at 10:00 and then I said goodbye to Robin so she could go to work. I cleaned the apartment. There is no need to run the dishwasher more than once a week. The clothes had to be washed. Fortunately, the apartment included a small washer and dryer.

In South Korea I treated myself to a cleaning service, again paid for by the company. An additional advantage was that some of the cleaners enjoyed a little extra money. They did some extra work when I was home. It can be quite fun to see a naked girl cleaning the house.

pexels ronin 10671615

Bending over to pick things up off the floor at just the right angle made it all the more enjoyable. A few of them would give me special attention by cleaning me in the shower with some added handwork or plug. They never shot me because that wasn’t their role, but being naked and doing manual labor was considered okay by the company.

The next two weeks were busy. With work most of the time my free time was limited. I was working on a new manufacturing process that I had to explain to the South Korean contingent. I called Robin and Olivia just to check on them. Robin had been called by a guy she had been flirting with and they went on their first date. I asked if Olivia needed supervision, but she was going to Julie’s for a nap, so there was no need.

Eventually I slowed down and because of the extra work I got a few extra days off, allowing me to have a four day weekend. It was nearing the end of July and I thought it would be nice to visit my sister. Although we lived quite close, it was still nice to stay there. So I packed for a long weekend.

Robin received me as usual. We spent some time catching up and then had to go shopping. I offered to go with her, but she said it would be fine. She told me to relax. Olivia was out shopping with friends so the house was quiet.

I thought about that red light. So I decided to do a little investigation. I went to the spare room and looked around. I didn’t see anything. I took Robin’s ladder and climbed up to take a closer look. Still nothing that looks like a light. So, I went upstairs and measured where the vent was. I didn’t see the vent because there was a closet in that location. I started to go back up the stairs, but then I thought I should look in the closet.

The closet had a light so I turned it on and moved the hanging things out of the way and noticed the vent. I knelt down and looked through the vent and you could clearly see the desk in the spare room. Then I noticed that a couple of the blinds were a little further apart. Nothing that should be visible from the spare room. I searched a little more and found a pillow propped up against the side wall.

I was still puzzled by all this when I heard someone coming up the steps. I crawled out of the closet as Olivia reached the top of the stairs. I started to say something, but then I saw the panic on her face. I put the clothes back in order. Then I turned to her, frozen and looking at me. I spoke to her, “Olivia, what do you know about red lights?”

She stuttered and stopped. She started to cry, “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. I will delete the files. Please don’t tell mom.”

I still wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. I think I was dense. “Olivia, what files?”

“The video I made stalking you.”

“Bring them here.” She went to her room and came back with a video camera. “When my father left, he gave me his video camera. The files are on the camera.”

I told him to come with me to the spare room. I had the cables to connect it to my monitor. She reluctantly followed. When I got there I connected the video output to my monitor and found the files to play. I chose the most recent one to play. What I saw shocked me, not by what was seen, but by the fact that my niece had filmed me.

The vents blocked some of the views, but that small space allowed the lens to zoom in and catch me masturbating at the desk where I put my computer. He had seen me masturbate three times. Olivia sat on the bed with her head down. I was surprised.

“Olivia, why?” He could barely speak. In a soft and fearful voice, she said, “I’m sorry. I was just curious about boys and one night I heard you making noise. I knew you could look into the closet room and I went up there and when I looked through it I saw you, um, masturbating. I just couldn’t stop staring and stayed there until you went to bed.

Then the next time you were here I thought about the camera and when you went to bed I took it with me. I was surprised and delighted to see you playing with your work. I almost couldn’t sleep that night thinking about it.” She stopped. He looked at me and lowered his head.

“Well, tell me the rest.”

“There is not much more to say. I did the same thing twice more so that the video is better. But the light was never good enough to see well.”

pexels marlon hochmann 7215070

“What did you do with the video?”

“I watched it on the view screen.” She looked up and pleaded, “Please don’t tell mom. I will do anything to fix this. Please?”

“I do not know what to do. You shouldn’t have made videos.”

“I know. I was just…curious.”

“I will think about it and let you know my decision. And I’m holding the camera.”

Olivia went to her room and stayed there until her mother called her for dinner. Dinner was very modest. Olivia almost cried every time I said something. Her mother asked her what was wrong and she said it was that time of the month. i knew better.

At least now I knew what was causing those red lights. And, I had the room. And Olivia was willing to do anything to keep her mother in the dark. I had a lot to think about. And think I did.

What should I do about Olivia’s movie escapades? There had to be something to stop further intrusions. Something that was equal to or worse than what she had done. The more I thought, the more my thoughts drifted to those naked girls running around playing by the pool. Olivia didn’t know I watched her and the other girls lose weight.

A plan began to form; a plan that would be fun for me. I might implement it the next time I go swimming in the pool. The next time would be soon.

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