My uncle and his memories from the 90s

One year, for Christmas, when I was a child, my family took me to the village, where my grandparents lived, and left me in the care of uncle Jimmy, my mother’s brother, a man in his 60s, with an athletic build, tall, well built, who had been given the impression by all surroundings that he was a boundless pervert. I was around 15-16 years old, I knew I was good at everything and was fed up. I thought maybe I would be able to find someone to have sex with while I was hanging around, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen because my uncle was always keeping an eye on me. Hate u, uncle!

My uncle and his stories

One evening, after the grandparents have fallen asleep, Uncle Jimmy sits next to me on the bed and we both watch TV. He asks me if I’m going to college, and I tell him that I’m going to go, but in about two years, I’m still in high school. After a short pause, my uncle asks if I’ve fucked anything so far.

– No, I’m still a virgin.

– Come on, you’re going to fuck yourself in the city. There are hundreds of girls just waiting to pounce on you, my uncle said.

I couldn’t tell my uncle that I’m not attracted to girls at all and that I’ve been gay for as long as I’ve known myself. It would have been a real tragedy for the whole family. So I let him talk, praying to myself that he would get sleepy and go to bed sometime so I could watch TV in peace.

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– What I wouldn’t give now to have your years again… I wouldn’t miss anything. I would take them all in a row, line them up side by side, and then… No mercy!! My uncle said.

– You were great care back in the day, I tell him, amused by the ridiculousness of the situation.

– Eh, how many little girls have I had, you don’t have years to tell, the uncle said. I remember even now that I was in the tenth grade and studying in Iasi, at a vocational school. How beautiful it was there, and the girls, only one and one. In the summer they dressed only in short skirts, I went crazy when I saw their legs. I was your age, if not younger when I fucked a pussy for the first time, my uncle said proudly of himself.

She was a schoolmate of mine, her name was Simona, but she was in a different class. Every time I saw her, my dick would go off instantly. I always wanted to get my hands on her tits, to play with them, to drive her crazy with my tongue, you just know, you watch porn movies, and you can see from your face how lazy you are. I pray, what can I do, one day I muster up the courage and invite this girl, Simona, to a movie.

She looks at me, and she sees that I was already getting up when I saw her, she smiles like this pervert and then tells me that she is thinking about it. I was already imagining how I was going to fuck her in all positions, so as soon as I talked to her, I ran to the bathroom and gave her a paw. Finally, you understand… I went, got a box of condoms, and in the evening I was waiting for Simona in front of the cinema. He was a few minutes late and made me think he was sunning me.

So I thought to myself that I’m going to take revenge for that and I’m only going to beat her with my dick over her face because she was a bad naughty girl. Please, let’s go to the movie, I’ll buy some popcorn, and we’ll sit in the back.


I had only porn movies in my head already, and I felt sick every time I thought of her naked and especially when I smelled her perfume. Virgin, what else… Everything turns me on. At one point, she reaches for the popcorn, but the box was in my hand, so I avoid her, and as she was watching the movie, she touches my cock, which was already concrete.

She freezes, but keeps her hand on my cock and turns to me, looking pervertedly into my eyes again. I smile at him and whisper in his ear that he smells very nice. She then tells me to go to a quieter and less crowded place, that she will see the movie another time, but as I had a bad cock, I was ashamed to get up, because everyone was looking at me, so she please rub my dick a little, to free it of sperm and let’s leave in peace. But how to do it, so that others don’t see?

Finally, she puts her jacket over my pants and pulls my dick out through the slit, and rubs it, still watching the movie as if nothing happened. You realize, I didn’t last long and let go of my hand and her jacket. I quickly closed the slit, she put her jacket full of cum on her and I left there because the smell of ejaculation was already starting to be felt.

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As soon as we got out, I pulled her towards me, put my hand on her ass, squeezed hard, and put my tongue in her mouth. That evening I had to fuck her, I couldn’t stay a virgin anymore. I couldn’t go to her because they were at her house, I was staying at a hostel, with about 3 other boys in the room, so we decided to go after some boys, let her give me a blowjob at least then we’ll see each other again.

All said and done, we go after some bushes, near a pharmacy, and I take my pants down, and she gets on her knees and puts her mouth close to my cock. Instantly, I woke up again. If I tell you what a small mouth she had, and how she played with her tongue on the head of my cock, I think you’ll go crazy. It turned me on to the max that she was also inexperienced, I liked to think that I was the first one to suck her dick.

First, he took it gently in my mouth, then deeper, and I put my hand lightly on his head and started to pull it down his throat. I could see she was choking, but it felt too good to pass up, so I pushed my cock even harder into her throat until I could see she was crying. Then I took out my cock and ordered him to spank my head well and play with it nicely.

She liked to act like a servant. He was rubbing her so well that I started moaning with pleasure, and at one point, I threw my head back and started moaning. But, when I turned my gaze, I saw that a woman was looking at us through the window of the pharmacy. 

I wanted to give him a show in his honor. It was past 11 at night, there was no one around, just me, Simona, and the woman from the pharmacy, who was probably the pharmacist. I tell Simona that I want to fuck her pussy right now.

She takes off her panties and I take them to smell them, glancing furtively at the pharmacist, who keeps her eyes on me. I kiss Simona on her tits, then I go down with my mouth to her pussy and wet her there as well, then I gently insert her. Easy, easy, then louder, until the bitch started moaning.

She wasn’t a virgin, and I wasn’t the first man in her life, but what did it matter? Finally, I will fuck something. And how it felt… It was so soft and wet, I wanted to let go all the time. I remember I forgot to put on a condom, but I’m not stopping now, I want to finish inside her, to feel a man in her now. I slap her hard on the ass, spit on her tits, make her my whore, in the bushes near the pharmacy.

But at some point, I hear police sirens. That pharmacist was not excited by my and Simona’s show, on the contrary, she called the police. I quickly ran from there, I left Simona, but her panties remained with me. Soon, Simona dropped out of school, I heard that she went around Germany on the belt.

I haven’t seen her again, but I’ve made my paws thinking about her many times, smelling her panties. She was the first girl I ever fucked. Eh, memories from my youth. I’m sure you’ll have even more pussy in college. The girls are bad there. For a cigarette and a beer, I jump on the dick like flies.

Uncle Jimmy went to sleep. That night I could not sleep. I hated the fact that I wasn’t straight, that girls didn’t turn me on, and that I would never have a similar experience. I knew I was going to die a virgin, I knew there was no way I could change that, but at the time I didn’t know that life would have other plans for me. In two years, I would start college and I would meet a person who would change me in every way. Unpredictability is always the definition of the beauty of our existence.

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