My cousin Dawn

It’s been a while since I last saw my uncle and his family. Last time I remember they had 5 kids. 3 boys and 2 girls, one of them Down. Two of the boys were older than me and the rest were a few years younger. I was known to be the bad one of the whole family. My mother had said that I would have to stay with her brothers for the summer. I hope to stay away from city life. It was good that I needed a break from the party scene.

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My mother left me. Here you go. I hope you get something out of this, I don’t know what else I can do. Everything works mom. My uncle came out of the house. Let’s lay down the ground rules. After an hour of work, he said he would be gone for a month and I had to take care of that. He kissed my aunt and said to give it to the children and I love them. I then got down to wood splitting. It was hot outside and I took off my shirt.

Then the children come home from school. My aunt came out and said I don’t know if you remember she’s Dawn. Kari. Dave. This is because of Steven. I said they were his. Man, they’ve grown. Yes, Dawn just turned 18 last week. What by no means yes my aunt said. It only shows 15 if that.

Well, he’s having a hard time at school, why? It’s not great. It will be nice for her to have something closer to her age this summer. After a few days, it continued. I found myself looking at Dawn and thinking how delighted I am that she looks so young. I was working in the yard when Dawn and one of her friends came over to lie in the sun.

Dawn – my favourite cousin

Her friend was smoking hot. But I liked Dawn better. I took off my shirt to show my body. I was 5’10, let’s say 185lb, and all my muscles are torn. Let her friend wet herself, looking at me, hoping Dawn would. I could hear them talking and laughing. I started working closer to here. And look at Dawn. God, he looked so hot. Wearing a hot pink bikini that showed how tanned she was. I decided I wanted a close-up and I was done for the day. When I got to their place, her friend woke up and by dawn, my mothers came.

Her friend looks at me and says you are hot as hell. I said thank you. Showing off Dawn’s perfect smooth skin, so tight it rises when I look at it. What are you looking at she has something on her? He stood 4’9 and looked like he was about 80 pounds. Just enough breasts to need a bra. And an ass that fits in both hands a cheek on the hand. The penis was starting to grow.

Dawn walked up to the house behind which we walked in only to look at her bottom in a bikini as it rode up her cheeks showing off her soft round bottom.

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You like my friend right? You want to shoot her, don’t you? No, he’s not my type. Read that he looked back at me with a look. Her blonde is her part. what is your gender Well, I like blondes and hot? She came in. I wanted to add that look so hot and young like her. The next two days. Dawn would flirt with me. Show my leather bottom a little bit here and there. And talk a lot more. Fun like.

My muscles would really seize up. I think he liked them. The very next day, Monday. Midday Dawn was messing with me. I said you better stop or I’m going to get you.

She laughed and did it again. I ran after her. Boy was she fast and fit. She caught you giggling. As I tickled her. I was touching her sides. And my penis was stuck to her pussy with clothes on you. She moved to where my cock was hard enough that I knew she could feel it growing. Stop, please. I did, and she ran away. What the hell did I do? The rest of the day he said nothing. Even at dinner.

Well, guys, I think I’m going to my room. Which was in the basement. And watch a movie. Dawn says I can watch with you. I looked at her. If your mother doesn’t mind. My head doesn’t work. Remember to get up early. OK, I put on my pajamas. I went to my room, it was more like a small apartment. I sat down on the couch. Dawn did the same. We started looking. And in about an hour Dawn started picking like last time.

So I got to tickle her and she immediately jumps on top of me and sits on my cock. My hands on her small parts moved until my penis was pushed right between the lips of the cat. God, my penis was growing so fast. And I stop tickling. I left my hands on her shirt, lightly touching her skin. Dawn moved up and down my hard cock. Rubbing her tight cunt against me. She was going so hard that I let her do her thing. I didn’t want it to stop. Just then Dawn came out and I was so wet with her.

She got off me and said goodnight. I was so hard after she left, I grabbed my cock and blew my load. The next few days were the same every night, I loved it. She is an adult but looks much younger. Friday is here and I’m going home on Monday. The day was good. But my aunt wanted us to sit on the stairs and watch.

Dawn lay on the floor in front of me where only I could. She was wearing a long nightgown and hot pink panties. And I could see what the bee was rubbing me with. Staring so closely between her tanned thighs. She was rubbing herself, I saw.

The movie is over. I’m going to play a game. Dawn looks back, we can play two players. Sure. I went down to my room and turned on the game system. And he turned and grabbed Dawn in the air and kicked around me my cock was already hard. Dawn says you should be in your underwear.

OK, that would be good. I take off my pants. It was great Dawn smiled and sits on my cock and gets wet so fast. God, she makes you feel so good. My hands go to her ass, which she lifts, I grab her hard and control what I’m doing. Dawn was glad he groped her.

While she was taking a cam, I told her she was going to cum. Really Dawn is moving off my huge cock. I can see how. I’m taking out 9.5″ of solid veins full of blood all over. Dawn’s eyes have grown. That’s so big. I’m jerking. I can help you. Yeah, give me your hand with her little hand on my penis made her so much bigger.

And I couldn’t think how old she is, but how old she looks. Right then I blew my pregnancy OMG that was so cool. I was like yes Dawn in bed I shouted. Zero jumped. I sat down. there what just happened. Zero jumped over the sofa. It was fun, thank you, and gave me your first kiss.


Time passed I went upstairs to take a shower my aunt says she going out with my sisters you can look. Sure no problem. I took a shower she left. When I got out I wasn’t I shouldn’t but my cock wanted to feel the heat again I looked into Dawn’s room to see her sleeping in white lingerie and a crop top that covered just enough. I placed my hand on her inner thigh with my finger touching her tight pussy lip. I say I say. She mmms me your ma went out overnight. You want to play two players again.

She stands up for me to carry her yes. I pick her up, she is so small and she wraps her legs around me and my rapidly growing cock, she moves her pussy up and down as we go my fingers are at her sister-in-law and the head of my cock. I feel her wet like Mons in my ear. And say yes again and again. In the room, we call the bed says, Dawn. I spread her so hot body on her shirt to show her small breasts with dime size nipples. I lay on top of her and kiss her on the lips.

Then you sick every little one. At her tight belly. I reach her sister-in-law. I bite his panties. The dawn rises, and I raise it quickly. And eat her tight pussy as she rises more and more and comes into my mouth. Oh, that tastes so good. Dawn lifts my head. He looks at me and says. I’m 18 years old and I know I look below. But I want you to pull me like I’m your father. I looked at her lying there, I took off my underwear. I put my cock on her belly. Do you want daddy to fuck you, yes daddy fuck my tight pussy.

I put my head on her hole and started thrusting Dawn screams oh damn this is big daddy fuck yeah. As a third is in I think I like this roleplay because Dawn is like and says that’s it daddy fuck her like the bitch you want I just start pounding my cock in and out. cut tight I go as I call. Oh, daddy, I want it in front of me. I pull on her, she moves to take my load. While jerking my huge cock over my open mouth. I see her in the role play she chose and grab her hair.

And he says that’s daddy’s good girl. I put my cock in her mouth as far as I could and pumped load after load until she couldn’t hold it in anymore. I cum on my chin. Smiling at me, Dawn says I like to play a role. We should choose another. Yes for Saturday we can start all day as step-sister and brother

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